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Marks and Spencer Count On Us Chocolate Overload

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Brand: Marks & Spencers / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      16.06.2008 17:05
      Very helpful



      wish i'd have had a kit kat instead!

      I nipped into Marks & Spencers on my lunch break to pick up some veg for tea. While I waw there I thought I'd get myself a little treat to eat after my sandwhich. While browsing the dessert aisle I noticed their count on us chocolate overload. It looked very nice and was much healthier then the chocolate dessert I was originally going to get.

      So after lunch I reached into my bag for my dessert. The description on label said

      'chocolate and vanilla mousse with chocolate sauce, chocolate sponge and white chocolate chunks with suger and sweetner
      ...what a delicious way to diet!'

      So I took off the lid and tucked in.
      At the bottom of the tub is a thin layer of chocolate sauce. you don't get very much of this but it is incredibly sweet so any more of it would be too much.

      Then there is the layer of vanilla mousse, this makes up most of the dessert. It is a very light mousse and has a really nice texture. This is also fairly sweet but not too much and it has a nice delicate vanilla flavour. then there is a layer of chocolate mousse, this also has a light texture though not quite as light as the vanilla layer. It tastes very nice and chocolatey but isn't very rich, more like cocoa powder then milk chocolate.

      on top of the mousse was six small white chocolate chunks and a piece of chocolate sponge. The sponge piece is about an inch and a half long (about the size of a domino!) and was a little bit soggy. It did have a nice chocolate taste though.

      This dessert did taste nice although it was a bit too sweet. Unlike a lot of chocolate desserts it did not leave me feeling sick, which in an odd way made me feel a little cheated! I don't think you can call something a chocolate overload if it doesn't leave you feeling slightly ill after eating it, but then again I am a little odd :-D

      Plus I think a 165 cals is a little high for a diet snack. I could have had a kit kat and saved 65 cals, '...what a delicious way to diet!' - i'd rather have had the Kit Kat!

      On the side of the tub it has the phrase 'isn't dieting easy?', but I was still hungry after eating this so I went to find something else to eat.

      Personally I find that when I am dieting it is easier to cut out chocolate altogether. All desserts like this do is remind me that I want to eat proper chocolate. Still if you have more will power then me and want something to satisfy a sugar craving then this could be the thing for you.

      --- Info ---
      Each pot contains 165 cals and 2.9g fat.

      It has no artifical colours, floavouring or preservatives.
      It is made in a factory which contains nuts

      It contains cow's milk, eggs, soya, wheat and gluten
      sweetened using sucrose

      Each tub costs £1.49


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    • Product Details

      Not just chocolate but a reduced calorie chocolate overload.

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