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Marks & Spencer Count On Us Probiotic Yogurt Selection

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2011 17:12



      Treat yourself to something edible - not this.

      I've eaten 3 or 4 of these (we bought a multi-pack of some sort).
      The quality - i.e. the amount of fruit and texture of yoghurt - is the same for each flavour.
      There is a small amount of 'real' fruit in each pot and the yoghurt itself is rather watery.
      For me, the real problem is that the aftertaste of each is so unpleasant. It is the nasty taste of sweetener.
      If you take sweetener regularly in drinks, etc., then you may be used to it. For me, however, it has just meant that I have had to eat something else - which is probably not ideal if you are eating this yoghurt to help with your diet! - or immediately brush my teeth.
      I'm sure the calorie count - at 65-75 per 145 gram pot is very low, but ff I was dieting, I'd much rather have less of a better-tasting yoghurt.
      My advice would be: avoid.


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      11.02.2009 12:39
      Very helpful



      I won't be buying these again!

      Recently I wrote a review about M & S Count On Us Vanilla Yogurt and I have to say that I wasn't too impressed with it. As part of the same shopping visit we also purchased two packs of four yoghurts.

      To be fair I don't normally shop for food in M & S quite simply because I can't afford it but I had £10 left on a £30 voucher that I had been given for my birthday at the end of last year and I was spending this.

      I wanted to stock up on fat free yoghurts as Dave and I are following the Slimming World diet plan and finding it really good so I had looked in the book giving the lists of branded foods that were OK to eat anytime and found that M & S Count On Us yogurts were all listed there.

      The packs of four M & S yoghurts currently retail at £1.69 per pack. The ones that we purchased were the Thick and Fruity Summer Prebiotic Selection which comprised raspberry, peach & apricot, strawberry and black cherry and the Thick and Fruity Tropical Prebiotic Selection which comprised orange & mango, papaya & banana, pineapple & passion fruit and exotic fruit - whatever that was!

      The yoghurts come stuck together in sets of four surrounded by a cardboard sleeve showing pictures of the fruits contained in the yoghurts therein.

      The notes on the sleeve inform us that the yoghurts are fat free, only 75 calories per pot, suitable for vegetarians, free from artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings and that they contain friendly bacteria.

      You will be pleased to know that I am not going to bore you all to tears by reviewing each of the eight flavours individually! The pots are all the same and the qualities of the yoghurts are the same for every flavour too.

      Each pot contains 145g of yoghurt and is square and made from plain white plastic with a plastic peel off lid.

      Sadly it is when you peel back the lid that the problems begin the yoghurts looked okay, nothing special, but okay and the aroma of fruit was pleasant enough.

      It is the taste that is the problem.

      As with the vanilla yoghurt that I have already reviewed these yoghurts were not what I would call thick and creamy, especially when compared to the Muller Light ones that we normally buy.

      The yoghurt is smooth and creamy in texture but it is thin and almost watery. We ate ours poured over a raspberry sugar free jelly with fresh raspberries in it and it tasted alright but nothing special at all.

      As for the fact that the yoghurt was prebiotic with friendly bacteria I certainly didn't notice any difference either to my digestion or my general well being.

      The average nutritional value of a pot of yogurt is;
      Calories 75
      Protein 6g
      Carbohydrates 11g
      Of which sugars 6g
      Fat 0.2g
      Salt 0.15g

      As I said earlier this yogurt is suitable for vegetarians and must be kept refrigerated but not frozen.

      The plastic lid and pot can both be recycled so that's another point in its favour as far as I am concerned.

      In conclusion I have to say I was disappointed in these yoghurts. I expected M & S products to be something special but these were nowhere near as good as Muller Light which is what I shall be buying in future!


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