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Marks & Spencer Melting Middle Puddings

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    4 Reviews
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      19.02.2013 12:31
      Very helpful



      lovely puddings from M&S - definitely recommend

      I work near a M&S so more often that not when I can't decide what to have for lunch or generally feeling a bit peckish I will wander in and see what catches my eye. Years ago I remember having these fab desserts at my friends house and it was the most gorgeously chocolate dessert I had ever tasted! When browsing the aisles in M&S recently I spotted a pack of 2 melt in the middle chocolate puddings and decided to treat myself....yumm what a treat indeed!

      - The Dessert -

      These are essentially round chocolate sponge cakes smothered in a rich, milk belgian chocolate sauce, and once you cut through with your spoon you are greeted with a gorgeous, spillage of delightful warm chocolate sauce. Mmmm! To cook them is really easy, I am lazy so they come in small black plastic pots with a film cover. Simply remove the film cover, place the pudding face down on a plate/bowl and place in the microwave for about 60 seconds. Voila! Remove from the microwave, lift off the plastic casing and the pudding will stay upright on the plate/bowl and it's ready to serve.

      - My Opinion -

      Without even a slight exaggeration or hyperbolic effect these cakes look and taste absolutely amazing! You can smell the rich, chocolate aroma emanate from the cake as soon as you take it out the microwave and you know you are in for a treat. I like to leave mine for a minute or so to cool down, as I have been too eager to eat this on many an occasion and burnt my tongue in my greedy anticipation...ouch! The cake itself is rich and moist, and melts in your mouth heavenly. The sauce is really chocolate and thick and for chocolate lovers out there you will find yourself wanting to lick your bowl clean! It looks exactly like in the picture above and tastes so good you will find yourself giving evils to anyone asking to taste a bite (my other half has been on the receiving end of this look on more than one occasion haha!

      - Overall -

      In all honesty, I am no big time chocoholic, I can eat the odd bar now and again, but these puddings are just something else and I love them. A pack of 2 costs £1.89 or M&S usually do deals where it is 2 packs for £3 but sometimes having 4 makes me feel a bit sickly as it can be a chocolate overload. These are lovely as a decadent treat and eating one a week is a nice reward for all the hard work I do (lol!). I would definitely recommend these, and I am now thinking to go reach for one after writing this review!


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        13.09.2006 11:13
        1 Comment




        My boyfriend bought us these melting middle puds as a saturday night treat, OOooohhhhhh, WHooooow, what a treat too!!!! we don't do things by half when we have a treat, so we had the pudding with, M&S vanilla ice cream and a few M&S english strawberries, what an absolutely devine combination.
        If you deserve a treat? this is the one to have,
        I'm sure you'll love this; " Sit back, relax, and tuck in".


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          29.04.2006 19:09
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

          We've all seen the adverts that M & S are running at the moment "This is not just food it is M & S food"… Well quite simply this is "not just chocolate… it is chocolate heaven!"

          Yes… I succumbed to the advertising… and the melting middle chocolate puddings were on a BOGOF! So I decided to give them a go, what with my birthday coming up and all chocolate was a necessity!

          Melting middle chocolate puddings…. Just the name rolling off the tongue gets the taste buds waiting in anticipation…. And let me tell you it is worth it!

          Right… supper is, you guessed it a salad and then a pudding… well I have got to economise on the calories somewhere!

          Mmmmmmm….. They are heavenly!

          Each pudding comes in it's own little cuplike container - even these are a pale charcoal colour with a sophisticated look to them - M & S really have made this look good… but does it taste as good as it looks that is the question???

          Now how you cook these beauties depends on how long you can wait for your chocolate indulgence… me as little time as possible so I went for the microwave option and at 50 seconds for one pudding it is not bad! (They take between 1min 10s and 50s depending on microwave wattage.) For those of us without a microwave the wait is a little longer at 20mins in the oven… but still worth it.

          So I removed the lid, placed the pudding on a microwaveable plate, set the timer and off I went! 30 seconds into the cooking time the most amazing aroma of chocolate began to permeate the kitchen. As the timer went off and I opened the microwave the full effect of the chocolate aroma hit me… not one for the chocolate novice, this is pure chocolate indulgence!

          Five senses?
          Sight - At first glance, when turned out of the container this simply looks like any other dark chocolate sponge pudding. But break the surface of the pudding and a dark, rich Belgian chocolate sauce runs down the side of the pudding. The sponge looks moist and the chocolate sauce looks rich and seductive.

          Smell - Quite simply chocolate. If you have ever visited Hotel Chocolat this is the smell you get in here… All I can describe it as it chocolate - good quality rich seductive erotic chocolate!

          Touch - When breaking the surface of the pudding you can see that the sponge is moist and light. Ingredients include syrup, brown sugar and cream and this is obvious from the consistency of the pudding. The sauce pills seductively down the side of the pudding when you break it, the sauce is not anaemic and runny but a deep rich dark chocolate that slowly wends its way down the pudding to the bottom of the bowl.

          Sound - the chocoholics in the flat next door banging on the door to get at the pudding! (Sorry for the poor attempt at humour here!)

          And finally...............

          That first taste - I am quite simply in heaven! Not too sweet and sickly as many chocolate puddings can be, but a rich dark chocolate with enough bitterness in the chocolate to offset the sweetness of the sponge. The sponge is moist and not heavy or cloying, it doesn't leave that horrible coating in your mouth that some cheaper puddings can… it simply melts on the tongue. The chocolate sauce can be a little on the hot side to begin with so I would give this a moment too cool down, it then becomes a little thicker as well. Again the sauce is simply perfection - dark rich chocolate with a hint of cream to counteract the bitterness that seriously dark chocolate can have. As food porn goes this is triple XXX rated!

          M & S' description " A rich fudgy pudding made with fine ingredients such as brown sugar, cream and golden syrup, hide a secret pocket of dark Belgian chocolate sauce, which flows smoothly and seductively across your plate once broken into. Incomparable comfort food for all chocolate addicts!" This doesn't do the pudding justice - it is more than this… so much more… heaven made from rich dark chocolate sponge, served with warm melting luscious delectable chocolate sauce… you have to eat one to know what I mean!

          Recommendations: serve with extra thick cream and either strawberries or raspberries…. YUM!

          If you can't manage 2 these can be frozen. The only thing to remember is that they must be defrosted before cooking!

          As I bought these on BOGOF I can't remember the exact price but the number that springs to mind is £1.99. And even if they are not on BOGOF I am still going to be buying them....

          And for those of you that have to know… here comes the calories bit… boo hiss!

          Calories: 315
          Protein: 5.1g
          Carbohydrates: 34.4g
          Fat: 17.4g
          Fibre: 1.4g
          Sodium: 0.22g


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            25.02.2006 20:03
            Very helpful



            Tastes nice, very morish.

            I recently decided to make a ‘special’ dinner for my boyfriend and me – a sort of belated Valentines. When I was shopping for ingredients, I realised I hadn’t even thought about a pudding, I was so busy concentrating on the main course. I knew my dinner would be quite substantial, but thought I had better get something just in case. As I was already in Marks and Spencer the first thing that sprung to my mind was those ‘melt in the middle chocolate puddings’ from the advert. I hunted all over the shop for them, until I eventually tracked them down in the chiller cabinet. I don’t know why but I’d always expected them to be frozen.

            The first thing that I noticed about these was the size of them. They are smaller than I expected, about 8.5cm diameter, 5cm high. They come in a pack of two, which costs £2.49, so I added them to my basket.

            As I thought, we didn’t actually get round to eating them that night, as I had made far too much, but my boyfriend ate his the next day and I left it another couple of days before eating mine, as it looked so sickly!

            **WHAT IS IT**

            These puddings are chocolate puddings which, when you break into them, contain a ‘pocket’ of Belgian chocolate sauce.


            You can heat this either in the oven on 180C/350F for 20 minutes, or, as I did, microwave it for 1 min (750W microwave). Or 1min 30 for both puddings at the same time. My kitchen was filled with the smell of chocolate before this had finished cooking – yum! You must then wait for 3 whole minutes while it cools before eating – you won’t want to wait that long it looks far too good!


            As soon as I took this out of the microwave, my first thought was ‘Oh, sugar, I’ve burnt it.’ It was a very very dark brown colour, to the point I actually thought it was black. My boyfriend had a look and said I was wrong, and once I tapped it with a spoon I realised he was right, it was still lovely and soft

            **TASTE (The important bit!)**

            Yummmmmmmmmm! VERY chocolatey and rich. As I bit into the cake, I was pleasantly surprised at how moist it was, almost to the point where it melts in your mouth. The ratio of sauce to cake is perfect, and there is a good balance between the sweetness of the sauce and the cake, which is a bit blander.
            The sauce reminds me of glace icing, as it’s quite thick, and not at all runny. The one negative thing I can think of about the cake, was that there were tiny little lumps in it, which I think may have been un-sieved cocoa. I asked my boyfriend if his had been like that, and he confirmed it had been.

            **OTHER INFO**

            The puddings are suitable for home freezing, but need to be eaten within one month of freezing.

            Not suitable for people with Nut Allergies

            These contain 510 calories and 28.1g (!!!!) of fat per pudding. Not great for a calorie controlled diet!

            Suitable for vegetarians

            All in all, I would definately recommend trying these for a special occasion, but they’re slightly too expensive for everyday.


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