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Matthew Walker Traditional Christmas Pudding

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Brand: Matthew Walker / Type: Puddings

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    2 Reviews
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      20.01.2011 14:43
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      A wonderful pud from Matthew Walker

      Matthew Walker has been making Christmas puddings since 1899. I am afraid to say that I only know that because it tells me so on the box! Christmas pudding is not to everyone's liking, many would choose a lighter dessert that contains far fewer calories. We had one of Matthew Walkers puddings on Christmas day and then I found that our local food discount store were selling off their remaining puddings for the princely sum of 99p. ( normal price for a 454g pud is around the £6 mark). Hence the steamer came out again for pudding number two.

      Matthew Walker state on the box that the pudding is baked to recipe number13 and by no means is number 13 an unlucky number for this company. The pudding is placed into a plastic basin that is covered with a film lid. Then it is slotted inside of an elegant box that befits the contents.

      The Christmas pudding has already been cooked so you are only steaming it to reheat it. If you prefer you can microwave it. I am slotting this snippet of information in the middle of the review so that it can easily be by-passed...one quarter of the pudding contains a whopping 326 calories and each and every one of them is well worth it. The pudding is suitable for any vegetarians in the family.

      Take the film lid from the Matthew Walker Christmas pudding and you can smell the glorious mixture of hot sultanas, raisins, cherries, nuts, peel and spice. Turn the pudding out onto a plate and the crust glistens. The texture of the pudding is wonderful, as you guide the blade through the maze of fruit you soon realise that there is far more fruit than pudding. The old fashioned pudding that I knew and loved had a much firmer texture and it was far more stodgy. The Matthew Walkers Christmas pudding crumbles under the knife whereas the pudding of yesteryear used to stay firmly in place when it was sliced.

      Matthew Walker have added a drop of sherry, a little cognac and some stout to the mixture. The alcohol enriches the pudding but it is by no means overwhelming. Traditionally Christmas pudding is served with cream, brandy butter or brandy sauce. Each and every mouthful of the pudding offers you lots of juicy fruit that is interspersed with the odd good sized chunk of nut. The cherries are hidden in the mixture but you are far too busy enjoying the whole experience to go hunting for the odd cherry.

      Strangely enough this Matthew Walkers Christmas pudding is not filling. It is rich and sweet but it does not make you feel that you have overindulged. The fruit, nuts, cherries and spices are encased in a light suet pudding mixture that is really only there to bind it all together. This pudding is fit for royalty and is a must have for any Christmas pudding worshipper.


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        25.01.2010 18:13
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        My husband went up to Asdas to get meat fro the childrens packed lunch yesterday. I have been having a few dark days recently and yesterday i was feeling very low. My sweet and caring hunky hubby came home and said that he had a treat for us for after. He knows how much I love Christmas pudding and he had picked this Matthew Walker pudding up for us to share. We have both made a deal now that this is the last naughty thing we are going to eat for a long time as we both have been major pigs over Christmas.

        I had never actually heard of Matthew Walker puddings until yesterday. However it is a name which is very famous in the world of puddings. Matthew Walker has been a family business producing award winning Christmas puddings since 1899. Using the family recipes which are being constantly tweaked in order to produce the most succulent and delicious pudding to its customers.

        The Christmas pudding is packaged in a chocolate brown cardboard box which oozes quality and luxury. The gold lettering on the box accompanied by mouth watering descriptions of the pudding is a real treat in its self. The back of the box provides the customer with information regarding the history of the puddings, cooking instructions, ingredients and nutritional values. There is also an address of the Matthew Walker website which is full of information, recipes and nostalgia. Which certainly adds to the endorsement of this pudding.

        We cooked our pudding in the microwave and its rich and spicy aroma soon filled the whole of the downstairs area. The cooking time was only three minutes and i was more than ready for this delicious treat by the time the microwave had bleeped. I felt like one of the bisto kids following the waft of pudding into the kitchen.

        The taste of the pudding was simply nothing that i had experienced before. It was rich and hearty. The plump and juicy fruit was mouth wateringly delicious. I truly have never tasted such a delicious pudding in my entire life. The deep dark flavour of the award winning local stout which is used in this recipe was so fantastically balanced out by the sweet and succulent sultanas and cherries. There is also a small tarte zingy afterkick which i am assuming is from the lemon and orange peel used in the ingredients.

        The best thing of all though for me in the tasting experience were the whole almonds which were dotted through the pudding. These almonds provided a great crunchy texture to the pudding that accompanied with the full and juicy texture to the mixed fruit was simply perfection on a plate.

        This pudding in my opinion is the most well made and simply perfect Christmas pudding. You can not eat too much of it as its richness becomes too intense for your tastebuds. However it is totally delicious and certainly worked as a taste bud prozac for me.

        I cannot rate this pudding highly enough. I dont think any words can do this pudding justice as it is simply the most stunning and goosebump provoking pudding i have ever tried. I will certainly be looking out for this in the shops next Christmas and i would strongly advise you do too as it is the business, the daddy and the champ all rolled into one!!!!

        Nutritional values(per 1/4 pudding)
        energy 326kcal
        protein 3.4g
        carbohydrates 64.0g
        of which sugars 46.5g
        fat 6.2g
        of which saturates 3.3g
        fibre 5.0g
        salt 0.1g

        I have kept the best bit of news till last. This pudding is currently on sale in Asdas for £1 this is for a 454g box. I believe that the normal retail price for this pudding is around £4. Either way fantastic value for money and quite frankly even if it was £30 i would still have to buy this again for a special occasion as it just sublime!!!!!!


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