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Morrisons Low Fat Custard

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Custard

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2010 12:25
      Very helpful



      Better than I can make myself!

      PRICE: 52p for 500g (4 recommended servings)

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per serving):

      Calories: 112
      Kj: 4,474
      Protein: 3.6g
      Carbohydrates: 20.0g
      (of which sugars): 14.2g
      Fat: 1.9g
      (of which saturates): 1.1g
      Fibre: Nil
      Sodium: Trace
      Salt equivalent: 0.1g


      Skimmed milk, sugar, modified maize starch, flavouring, annatto, curcumin, stabiliser (pentasodium triphosphte)


      Contains milk
      45% less fat than standard ready-made custard


      I'm one of these people who doesn't like to eat fruit without something else, and most things which make fruit taste good for me are loaded with fat and calories - plus, I'm too lazy most of the time to make my own custard.

      I've tried quite a few brands of ready-made custard and though most of them are indeed OK, they are only what I'd describe as adequate.

      Lured by the "eat smart" and fat-reduced claims on Morrisons' carton of ready-made custard, I decided to give it a try to see if it was any better than other brands.

      Morrisons "Eat Smart" Ready-To-Serve Low Fat Custard comes in a container which is the same as one of those flexible milk cartons. The carton is pale yellow and pale blue in colour, with an image on the front and rear of a bowl of fruit salad drizzled with a little of the custard, and a claim that the product contains 45% less fat. The sides of the pack show nutritional information, ingredients list, storage/heating instructions, allergy advice and Morrisons' contact details.

      As well as the low-fat claim, I was attracted to the very innocent-seeming list of ingredients which appears to contain nothing too synthetic or evil.

      The custard can be eaten hot or cold, and all you need to do is just snip off one of the corners with scissors, then squeeze out as much or as little as you want.

      Colour-wise, the custard is a very pale, creamy yellow. The consistency is thicker than that of most other ready-made brands, and it sort of dollops out of the carton; but I must stress, my use of the word 'dollops' in no way is meant to refer to lumpiness, as there are no lumps at all in this custard. There is a moderate vanilla smell when the custard is being poured, which I found delicate and not too overpowering.

      On my first taste test, I sampled the custard cold with a sliced banana mixed in. I found the custard to be thick, delightfully smooth and deliciously creamy - with a subtle vanilla flavour. I truly felt as though I was eating something luxuriously substantial rather than a low-fat product, and I hungrily devoured the whole dish of banana & custard.....having to use a lot of willpower to prevent me from having second, third and fourth helpings.

      For my second taste test, I decided to have a portion of the custard heated, yet without anything else. I whizzed the serving in the microwave for 4mins as advised on the carton (you can, if you prefer, heat in a saucepan on top of a conventional cooker, but I try to make as little washing up as possible). Once heated, the custard was still that lovely pale yellow colour, and the consistency was still thick and creamy. The taste was beautiful - that delicate vanilla flavour caressing my taste buds - and I greedily scoffed every vestige, licking the plate and the spoon afterwards.

      Morrisons "Eat Smart" Ready To Serve Low Fat Custard is truly delicious and is by miles, the very best ready-made custard I've ever had - whether high fat or low fat. It's smooth, thick, luxurious, creamy, not overly sweet, and it both looks and tastes just like home-made. I'd even take it a step further and say it's better than home-made! It's scrumptious both hot and cold, as an accompaniment to things like pies and fruit, or simply on its own. The product doesn't contain any evil additives (those shown in the ingredients list above are colourings, and an innocent stabilizing agent), and is packed in an easy-to-open and use carton. Also the price won't break the bank either - if you can manage to stretch the whole contents of the carton into 4 servings (could be difficult due to the deliciousness of the rich, creamy custard), then it works out to 13p per portion, which in my opinion is extremely economical.

      I certainly shall be eating a lot more of this custard in the future. The only problem I see with it is that it's so very very moreish and heavenly, the recommended single-serving is by no means enough for me, and I'm certain (though I haven't tried to.....yet!!!!) I could easily polish off the whole carton all to myself at one sitting.

      Very well done Morrisons.....this custard is indescribably beautiful, and I just don't want to stop eating it!

      Thanks for reading!

      ~~ Also be published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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