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Morrisons Ready to Serve Custard

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Custard

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2009 17:04
      Very helpful



      A thick creamy custard without all the hassle.

      A few weeks ago I had done all the main shopping on Saturday morning and it wasn't until I was preparing Sunday lunch that I realised, with horror, that I was out of my usual Birds Custard. So I sent hubby back to Morrisons to pick some up, but as always, if you want a job doing properly do it yourself! He said he couldn't find it and ended up buying 2 packs of Morrisons ready made custard for 52p each.

      Now the container is about 14cm x 8cm x 5cm and contains 500g
      It is a very pale yellowy/cream colour featuring a jam roly-poly on the front being drenched in gorgeous custard and looks very appetising. The writing is in brown font and simple says "Morrisons ready to serve custard - delicious hot or cold".

      Skimmed milk
      Modified maize starch
      Colours - annatto, curcumin
      Stabiliser- pentasodium triphosphate

      Nutrition facts per ¼ pack
      Energy 129kcal
      Protein 3.6g
      Carbohydrates 20.3g of which sugars 14.5g
      Fat 3.8g of which 2.4g saturates
      Fibre nil
      Sodium trace
      Salt equivalent 0.1g

      The carton also sattes that it is 100% recyclable and there is an allergy warning that the product contains milk.

      How to cook
      Cooking instructions are given as a guide but the consumer is advised to ensure that the product is piping hot throughout before serving and for best results it recommends a hob. This is a little strange as it says on the front "delicious hot or cold".

      Empty the carton contents into a pan
      Heat gently stirring continuously. Do not boil.

      Empty the contents into a microwaveable container
      Heat on full power as per guide which is 3½min for a 750W and 4min for a 650W
      After heating allow to stand for one minute and stir before serving.

      Cold Serving
      Use straight from the pack

      Once opened refrigerate and us within 3 days.

      To open the pack I had to lift the flap on the top of the package and with a pair of scissors cut along the dotted line. I then have to squeeze the contents out of the container. This was quite easy to do only be prepared for some very flatulent noises. It was difficult to assess if I got all the custard out, as the carton felt as though there was still a quantity left inside, probably stuck to the sides. However, the custard is yellowy, and has a sweet pleasant smell associated with custard and of a very thick consistency, so much so that the last few squirts of custard sat on the rest of the custard without dispersing and mixing.

      I decided to microwave the custard and emptied the contents into a glass jug and covered with cling film. As my microwave is 850W I just put it on high power for 3 min working out that there was ½ a minutes between the two given guidelines. After 2 minutes I stopped the microwave to give the custard a stir and could see that the custard was already bubbling and so tested it. It was already hot enough for me but hubby likes it piping hot, so I put it in for another 30sec. I also noticed that the custard was not as dense had it had been when cold but it was still a very good consistency and with a very smooth texture.

      So having cooked it I poured it over the apple crumble and to be honest it looked just like my normal custard. It was easy to pour with a nice and creamy texture. We had one carton between the two of us with hubby getting a bigger portion and I think I would be pushed to get 4 servings from this sized carton certain in this house.

      It tasted fantastic - thick, creamy and smooth not overly sweet but certainly custardly.

      Would I buy it again? - probably as there is along best before date - this one was Sept 2010.

      Cold custard very dense and would definitely compliment a trifle.
      No mixing and preparing.
      No lumpy custard.
      Quick to heat up.
      Tastes like custard.

      Cost - Birds Custard powder costs 77p for 300g and lasts longer.
      Scissors required to open it
      Only gives 2 generous portions - with Birds custard powder you can make as much or as little as you require.
      Hard to remove all the custard through the designated hole cut along the dotted line. Felt as though some custard remained inside and would have to cut across the top to extract all the custard - Birds container easy to open and reseal
      Only one consistency - Birds powder enables you to vary the thickness of the custard according to how you like it.

      To summarise - definitely worth a try.


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