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Movenpick Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream

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Brand: Movenpick / Type: Ice Cream

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2009 22:04
      Very helpful



      Try it - you'll see

      I have always said that my favourite ice cream was Phish Food by Ben&Jerry's. However, I am reviewing that statement after sampling MovenPick's Swiss Chocolate Ice Cream.

      Yes they are both chocolate ice cream, both come in little tubs - which you could eat in one sitting if you're a pig like me! That's the basis, let me start the review.

      The ice cream has a lovely creamy texture, melts nice on the tongue. It's chocolaty in flavour, without being sickly, which I think shows the quality of the Swiss chocolate that is used to make it. I've tried many ice creams over the years, and the cheap ones have that icy texture, with that bitter, sickly choc after taste. The Movenpick variety is as far from this description as is possible.

      What makes this ice cream extra special, is the chocolate layers in it. The layering effect reminded me of Vienetta's! If you're eating from the tub, it does add a lovely dimension to it, as you crack through the choc layer, and then get the combination of chocolate and choc ice cream in the mouth. If you're eating from a cone, you'll probably find the choc layer is broken down into thin chunks, with adds a firm-ness to the texture.

      Although you can buy this ice cream from good supermarkets, you can also buy it from counters and in good restaurants as dessert.

      I suggested this product to DooYoo after eating a tub. Once they'd gotten around to agreeing it, I'd forgotten the pleasures so had to go and buy another! Typically, I couldn't find a tub in my supermarket, so spoilt myself with a cone from our Movenpick counter - purely as research for this review, you understand....

      One tip for buying from the counters. As I love ice cream, I thought I'd have two scoops. Being a fully grown adult, you'd think this to be a normal size to ask for. BEWARE! They are HUGE!!!! The scoops I was served where bigger than tennis balls. I felt such a pig eating that lot. If I'd have known, I'd have had a single scoop and would've been completely sated. Mind you, £2.35 for that lot was pretty good value for money. £1.60 for a single scoop sounds a little expensive, but believe me, it is worth it and you will be happy with the size.

      Afraid it's been so long since I bought the original tub that started this all off that I can't remember how much it cost, or the calorific content, which I was going to mention. Sorry.

      Summary: if you fancy a good quality ice cream as a treat, buy Movenpick. If you find yourself in a restaurant that serves this as a dessert option, save some space for it. You won't regret it


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