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Müller Corner McVities Jaffa Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      11.02.2010 14:39
      Very helpful



      Not a great yogurt from Muller!

      I love Jaffa cakes and I enjoy yogurt so I am going to love Müller Corner McVities Jaffa Cakes yogurt right? No wrong, very, very wrong, this is a perfect example of why great snacks and chocolate bars and biscuits should not give their name to other items.

      Things like the ice cream bounty bars and the cream egg ice creams should have been fair warning to me that this would not necessarily be that good but silly me tried it anyway.

      As with all Muller corners you get the yogurt in one pot and whatever is to be added to the yogurt in a smaller pot, in this case what was to be added was chocolate covered rice balls, personally I think sponge balls would have come closer to resembling Jaffa cakes but what do I know.

      In the creamy white yogurt is a tiny blob of orangey jammy like stuff which I guess is to act as the smashing orangey bit from Jaffa cakes.

      It actually tastes ok but there is much too little of it to give a proper orange taste to the yogurt over all and the chocolate rice balls actually take over the whole thing and as they have no place there in the first place that is a real shame.

      You can either tip the contents of the small pot into the yogurt and eat like so but I would suggest if you are having these at all that you dip the yogurt covered spoon into the chocolate balls only picking up a few at a time in order to stop them drowning out the taste of the rest of the yogurt.

      These are not disgusting by any stretch of the imagination but they are nothing like Jaffa cakes and therefore were a big disappointment to me, I also found the amount of calories and fat in them to be a very off putting for a yogurt, I could have enjoyed a packet of Jaffa cakes for the calories and fat in what you would normally expect to be a better for you snack.

      There is over 235 calories to a pot of this and nearly nine grams of fat and a whopping 30 plus grams of carbohydrate, so if it is a low calorie or low fat option you are looking for then look away.

      Personally I would not recommend these to anyone and especially not if they are expecting it to have a Jaffa cake taste to it, these are fattening and not that good tasting and best left alone in my opinion.


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        17.02.2006 15:09
        Very helpful



        A yogurt that thinks it a Jaffa Cake


        I am going to be completely honest, I bought the Muller Corner McVities Jaffa Cakes because it has been reduced from 49p to 39p and I was looking for a little something to treat myself. I do not normally buy reduced yogurt products but the expiry date was 2 days away.

        The other thing that tempted me to purchase this was because I love Jaffa Cakes and enjoy the Muller Fruit Corners. Did I need any other reason?

        Nutritional Information

        Right because I have been reading reviews, there seems to be a number of members losing or watching there weight so I thought I would get the painful part done first so that you can enjoy the rest of the review.

        These values are based on 100g of this product but the whole pot is 150g, don't you just hate it when packaging does that. If I want to know the calories, I want to be able to read it as per item not per 100g.

        Hold you breath people, 158 calories per 100g so approximately this pot is 237 calories, so glad I did not read that before I purchased it. However a plus point, this pot does contain 19% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and 103g of calcium.

        Energy = 664kj
        Protein = 4.0g
        Carbohydrates = 24.6g
        Fat = 4.8g

        Yogurt, Water, Sugar, Glucose - Fructose Syrup, Cocoa Mass, Puffed Rice (with Wheat Flour), Orange Juice from Concentrate (1.6%), Modified Maize Starch, Cocoa Butter, Fructose, Dextrose, Whole Milk Powder, Flavourings, Glazing Agent: Gum Arabic; Lactose, Citric Acid, Emulsifier: Lecithin; Stabilisers: Pectins; Colours: Carotenes, Carmine. Orange Sauce (13%), Milk Chocolate & Orange Flavour Plain Chocolate Coated Rice Balls (9%).

        The Product

        Now that the painful part os over with lets get stuck into the tasty part. The pot is the standard Muller Corner type with a large yogurt compartment and the smaller part filled with chocolate covered rice balls (tastes just like rice crispies with chocolate on).

        You can either tip the chocolate rice balls in to the yogurt and mix in or use your spoon to choose how many chocolate rice balls you want on the spoonful of yogurt. I always choose the latter, don't ask me why.

        I was disappointed when I first opened this and look at it as the picture on the front showed the smashing orange bit that Jaffa Cakes are famous for. All I could see was white yogurt, milk and dark chocolate rice balls, though I could smell the orange.

        As I dug my spoon into the yogurt I noticed that the smashing orange bit was under neath all the yogurt, I added some rice balls on top of the yogurt and took my first taste. It was heavan, the yogurt was rich and creamy just like it is in the other Muller Corners, even though the orange bit is looser than a real Jaffa Cake it still taste the same. The chocolate rice balls were a bit disappointing they did not have the crunch I expected but this may be due to the fact that I purchased it as a reduced item.

        Dispite the lack of crunch from the rice balls overall it had a very nice refreshing taste which was not too heavy either. The pot is not filling either as I found once I had finished one I could have quite easily eaten another, also within an hour and a half my stomach was growling again.

        Further information on this and other products from the Muller range can be found at www.muller.co.uk.


        I did enjoy this product but it is not something that I would buy everyday as the amount of calories per pot is just horrifying. For anyone who is currently trying to lose weight then I would recommend you stay away from these as it will make you feel guilty.

        However I bought this product as treat for myself and I did do the trick as I found that did take care of my craving to have something sweet and rewarding. The taste was heavenly, rich and creamy and it slid very easily down my throat. There was a wonderful orange smell and the taste was not over powering at all.

        I highly recommend this product but just becarful or you will like the saying "a minute on the lips, a life time on the hips".

        Enjoy and thanks for reading.


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