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Müller Rice Smooth Toffee

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Brand: Müller / Type: Yoghurt

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    2 Reviews
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      14.05.2010 13:27
      Very helpful



      Eat it HOT, HOT, HOT.

      I am a fan of the Muller Rice range and I love toffee anything, so when I saw this new Muller Rice product on the shelf I had to give it a go!

      ********** Packaging and availability ************

      This is a relatively new addition to the Muller Rice family, so it isn't widely available in small convenience stores yet. However you will find it in all the big supermarkets, located in the chilled section.

      Some supermarkets are running introductory offers on this product at the moment. I bought four of these for £2.00 from Asda, they were also priced individually at 52p per pot.

      The packaging is a pretty standard plastic pot with a foil lid - its cream coloured with toffee and yellow writing.

      ************ Taste test ************

      As I mentioned earlier I am a big Muller Rice / toffee desert fan... so nothing could go wrong with this product, could it? I was bound to love this product, wasn't I? ...

      When I opened the pot I noticed that is had the usual Muller Rice consistency... it's a creamy rice product with a toffee sauce in the middle.

      When I started eating this product I quickly became disappointed, for some reason the combined flavours really didn't inspire me. The toffee sauce was nice enough but it didn't seem to compliment the Muller Rice base.

      I was left feelingdisappointed and annoyed that I'd purchased four items instead of one. Then I had an idea, maybe heating the product would make a difference?

      To warm up the desert from chilled you have to remove the foil lid and heat on full power for 70 seconds, stirring half way.

      When I removed the desert from the microwave and began to eat it I was rather shocked, it tasted completely different from how it did cold, almost like a completely different product! The smooth toffee sauce and the Muller Rice flavors merged perfectly and it reminded me of eating a 'real' desert - like hot rice pudding or sticky toffee pudding, rather than a low fat snack from the chilled section.

      *********** Nutritional Information *********

      Per 100g:
      Calories: 106;
      Protein: 3.3g;
      Carbohydrates: 18.0g; (of which are sugars: 12.4g);
      Fat: 2.3g; (of which are saturates: 1.4g);
      Fibre: 0.3g;
      Sodium: 0.1g;
      Calcium: 91mg.

      Ingredients: milk; sugar; water; rice (7%); egg; modified maize starch; milk powder; stabilisers: carob bean gum; guar gum; carrageenan; flavourings; glucose syrup; salt; caramel.

      Other nutritional information: This product is suitable for vegetarians, it contains eggs and milk and it is free from artificial colours and artificial preservatives.

      *********** Overall ***********

      I usually eat Muller Rices chilled during the day at work, but I won't be buying this product to eat cold again, because I didn't find it appetising. However if I was looking for a hot desert to eat then this would be an option.

      If you buy it - heat it!


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        16.02.2010 16:34
        Very helpful



        Enjoy (when hot)

        I am quite a big fan of the Muller rice range of products, with Muller rice original being a particular favourite of mine. It is a very appetising and soothing experience eating a warm rice pudding on a cold Winters day. So with much anticipation, well a bit at least, I was looking forward to trying a new but fairly simple flavour of Muller rice, smooth toffee flavour.

        This new variety has only been on the shelves at my local Tescos for the last couple of months, and we decided to buy 4 Muller rices for £2 at our weekly shop. This is not bad value, but there have been better special offers available in the past on this range of products (e.g. 6 Muller rices for £2).

        The smooth toffee flavour is packaged in a standard pot, that is the same size and volume (200g) as other Muller rice products. To denote the toffee flavour, the text and product information is provided in a mostly tan colour. After pealing back the foil lid with pictures of teeth crunching chewy toffee, I was greeted with a strong sweet aroma but perhaps with a hint of an artificial smell. The colour of the rice was off-white with noticeable pieces of rice. The toffee part of the product was inter-dispersed within the rice, and a good stir evened out the colour of the rice into a shade of light brown.

        After trying a spoonful of the product whilst cold, I was not particularly impressed. The toffee smell and aftertaste was too strong and for some reason, did not really make me believe it was toffee. Undeterred from this initial setback, I decided the only course of action was to stick the product in the microwave for 70 seconds and see if this made me reconsider my opinion. And you know what? It did. After pulling the product out of the microwave I tucked in to a delicious warm and aromatic product where the initially strong toffee smell was perhaps neutralised by the aroma of the rice pudding. So in my opinion, whilst this product can of course be eaten hot or cold, there is only one serving recommendation for me - HOT.

        For the nutrition conscious amongst you, this product contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is low in fat. Full details are given below:

        Typical values (per 100 g)
        Energy 457 kJ/108 Kcal
        Protein 3.3g
        Carbohydrate 18.6g
        Of which sugars 13.0g
        Fat 2.3g
        Of which saturates 1.3g
        Fibre 0.3g
        Sodium 0.1g
        Calcium 95 mg (23% of RDA per pot)

        In conclusion:
        This is a bit of a first giving 2 different ratings for the same product. But anyway:

        When served cold = 2 dooyoo stars
        When served hot = 4 dooyoo stars

        And of course, this means an average of 3 stars for the purposes of this review. Enjoy (when hot)!

        © CJG, 2010


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