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Muller Amore Peach Yoghurt

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7 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    7 Reviews
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      28.11.2010 22:15



      Let me begin by saying how much I LOVE this yoghurt.. not this just flavour but the strawberry and the orange too but this has to be my absolute favourite. These yoghurts are thick and creamy and so flavoursome and probably the best i've tasted. Only problem is the price so I really don't buy them unless they're on special offer! Very self indulgent too I must say- but who cares when they taste this good?!?I can't seem to find the peach flavour anywhere though which is devastating to me. Anybody know if they've been discontinued?Bottom line folks? - this is the yoghurt to beat with a doubt.


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      19.03.2010 15:54
      Very helpful



      A delicious treat.

      The range Of Muller Amore yoghurts are good but in my book they are self indulgent and I only buy them if I see them on special offer.
      Muller have so many different types of yoghurt on the market, some I like and others that I am not so keen on. But I will say one good thing for the Muller company they market their goods well and in most of the major stores and supermarkets you will always come across offers on the Muller products.

      The Amore yoghurt's look quite different, they are not packed into a run of the mill plastic tub instead Muller have designed a good looking thick cardboard carton that has a peel back foil lid.
      The royal blue cardboard carton is decorated with succulent looking peaches that have so obviously been hand picked for the occasion.

      Maybe one of the first things to strike you when you peel back that foil lid is the consistency of the Amore yoghurt, Muller have made it extra thick and extra creamy.
      When you stick your teaspoon into the yoghurt is is like spooning out extra thick double cream.

      The peach Amore yoghurt is the palest peachy colour that you could ever come across but straight away you can see that the thick creamy yoghurt is loaded with good sized chunks of fresh peach.
      The yoghurt is sweet without being too sweet and it just slides off of the spoon because it is so creamy.
      If you look at the list if ingredients then you can see that Muller have created quite an extravagant product, 18% of the total pot consists of whipping cream.
      The chunks of ripe peach make up for another 11% of the contents of the pot and the rest of the flavour comes from natural sources.

      One small pot contains 150g of Muller Amore yoghurt, for every 100g of yoghurt there are 144 calories, so the pot contains a total of around 216 calories.

      Muller Peach Amore yoghurt is suitable for vegetarians but it not a product for anyone who is allergic to milk or anyone who is lactose intolerant.
      Once you have purchased the product then as long as you store it in the refrigerator it will keep for up to a week.
      On average you can expect to pay around 62p for a pot of Amore yoghurt.
      Muller have produced a high quality product that is delicious even though it may not be the healthiest yoghurt around.

      Other yoghurt's in the same Muller range include Greek honey, Luxury Orange, Strawberry and Morello Cherry.


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        02.03.2010 09:15
        Very helpful



        Muller Amore Peach

        Ah, the penultimate Muller Amore flavour. Having enjoyed the previous three flavours that I'd tried I had high hopes for this one as well.


        Muller Amore pots weigh in at 150g and therefore contain less yogurt than the Muller Light and Muller Fruit Corner brands. Predominantly navy blue in colour the Amore pots stand out amongst the rest of the yogurts in the supermarket fridges. The pot is covered with the usual foil lid and has the ingredients and nutritional information listed on the side. The website address: www.muller.co.uk is listed on the bottom of the pot.

        The ingredients for this flavour are: Yogurt, Whipping Cream (18%), Sugar, Peach (11%), Corn Flour, Lemon Juice From Concentrate, Natural Flavourings, Natural Colour: Carotenes

        Nutritional Information per 100g

        Energy kJ: 603kJ
        kcal: 144kcal
        Protein: 2.6g
        Carbohydrate: 17.0g
        of which total sugars: 15.9g
        Fat: 7.3g
        (of which saturates): 4.5g
        Fibre: 0.2g
        Sodium: trace
        Calcium: 91mg

        Allergy information: contains milk.

        The Yogurt:

        Once you've pulled the lid off you'll see the yogurt just looks like double cream or whipped cream in colour. You can see bits of peach nestling in the yogurt and, like the fruit in the other flavours that I've tried so far, these look to be fairly sizeable.

        At time of Morrisons were selling these for 64p on a buy two get 3 free. So, in other words 5 yogurts for £1.28.

        Taste and opinion:

        So, we come to the peach flavour in the Muller Amore range. Like the three previous flavours I've tried the yogurt part itself was rich and creamy, but then you'd hardly expect anything else when it contains whipping cream, would you? The peach pieces were of a nice size, not too big and not to small, but somehow these seemed to be a bit more overwhelmed by the taste of the yogurt than the other flavours I've tried. Perhaps this is because peach has a more subtle flavour than things like cherry?

        Like the rest of the Muller Amore range there's none of the artificial sweetener taste that you get with some of the Muller Light flavours which contain aspartame or acesulfame K which is what makes these so much nice than the Muller Lights for example. You really can taste the difference in taste, quality and smoothness between this and the Muller Light version of the flavour. Needless to say that this one wins hands down.

        This peach flavour really does taste like an indulgent, premium dessert and, as such, contains more sugar, fat and calories than you'd find in a Muller Light yogurt, with nutritional values almost identical to the Muller Amore cherry flavour. Whilst most Muller Light yogurts come in at around 100 calories per pot this Amore flavour comes in at around 216 calories. It will also provide you with 17% of your recommended daily amount of calcium. The only downsides to the Muller Amore range are the price (not sure that I would buy them unless they were on offer) and the fact that there's just 150g in a pot which means that the eating experience is over rather quickly.

        If you're looking for an indulgent, tasty yogurt with none of that artifical sweetener taste then look no further than this.


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          07.04.2009 12:07
          Very helpful



          Gorgeous but watch your waistline!

          "Amore...for me, Indulgent spoonfuls of peach yoghurt"
          Sounds good to me so far!

          These are the yoghurt version of Walkers Sensations; Posh.

          Amore yoghurts all come in a dark blue pot with a blue foil lid, they do looks classier than the usual yoghurts on the supermarket shelf and stand out as something luxury.
          They are quite pricey though, at Sainsburys they are 68p each full price, this week though they are half price so for 34p I grabbed a couple. One of which was this peach flavour.

          I'm not usual into yoghurts with bits of fruit but peach bits don't seem to bother me and I enjoy them so I always grab anything peachy I can (excuse my double entendre!!)

          So I peel the lid of this yoghurt and a bit is stuck to the lid (my favourite part) so I lick this off pushing to the back of my mind my mums voice saying 'You'll slice your tongue open...' Mmmm so thick and creamy, i'm looking forward to this yoghurt.

          It is described as "Indulgent ripe and juicy peach yoghurt...all from the finest natural ingredients"

          First impressions: I can see big pieces of peach, much bigger than in usual fruity yoghurts in and among the thick creamy yoghurt.
          It's the consitency of whipped double cream, really thick; as you take a spoonful out it leaves a hole and the yoghurt doesn't move it's so stodgy!
          The yoghurt alone tastes really sweet and peachy and then there are the plentiful bits of peach to add to this. They really are juicy as it promises and make my mouth water.

          How do they get it so luxurious and creamy?
          The second biggest ingredient after yoghurt is whipping cream, at 18% there's plenty and it really is a gorgeous addition!
          The other ingredients are of course yoghurt, peach (11%): a high percentage of fruit too, Corn flour (I guess to thicken it further), Lemon juice, Natural flavourings and colours.
          So no baddies in there :)

          Its a fair sized yoghurt, 150g in the pot. So with all that cream I'm expecting high calorie amounts and i'm right; per yoghurt a whopping 216 calories!

          Oh well it's only a mid morning treat for me; my friend was joking yesterday that my new tattoo would stretch if I ate too much; guess i'll be finding out soon...lol

          Highly recommended, tasty and luxurious for a treat. A bit calorific for a regular eat!


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            06.04.2009 09:57
            Very helpful



            Peach yoghurt

            I'm a big eater of yoghurt, at home i like to mix natural organic yoghurt with either fruit or honey but when I'm on the go out and about this is not possible so I tend to buy regular flavoured yoghurts to eat, I like the muller corner range however I'm also a fan of their richer premium range and this Muller Amore Peach Yoghurt falls into that range.

            It is a thick creamy yoghurt with small pieces of peach in it and it has a lovely fruity flavour to it, the yoghurtis very thick and sits tall and proud on my spoon, it has athick consistency to it and the youghurt is packed full of small pices of fruit so every spoonful contain some fruit.

            On its own the yoghurt is a pale peach colour and has a smooth taste to it, the fruit pieces are soft and juicy and again you can tell from the taste that they are peach bits.

            The yoghurt comes in a round container with a peel off lid, itis bright blue in colour with some very appealing looking pictures of fesh peaches and white lettering.


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            25.03.2009 22:47
            Very helpful



            Peachy luxury from Müller

            "Müller Amoré Peach Yoghurt" 150g is a superior thick fruit yoghurt from Müller, the German-owned 'lick the lid of life' dairy desserts company. This deluxe range of yoghurts was introduced in 2003, and can be found in the chilled cabinets of larger supermarkets.

            ~ Packaging ~

            The yoghurt comes in a rather sophisticated dark blue container - lower and wider than most. The shape makes it feel nicer to eat from than ordinary yoghurt pots. It appears to be made of card, but is in fact a lightweight white plastic tub with a tightly fitting cardboard outer casing.

            The foil lid bears the company logo and a photographic image of a spoon dripping with ice-white yoghurt (like the yoghurt found in the Müller Corners) with a juicy slice of peach nestling on top. This image is rather misleading, as the yoghurt is actually a pale peachy colour containing small fruit pieces. The lid also shows the use by date.

            On the side of the pot is printed the company logo and product name flanked by photographic images of whole and sliced ripe peaches. There is also information about storage (i.e. keep refrigerated), ingredients, nutrition and allergy/dietary details.

            Some or all of the packaging can be recycled (depending on what your local council will accept): - the cardboard outer casing, foil lid, and plastic inner pot (which has a recycling triangle with PS inside).

            ~ Look, Smell and Taste ~

            The yoghurt is a pale golden creamy colour, with a slight sheen, and contains a good quantity of small bright orange peach pieces evenly distributed throughout.

            The texture is creamy and thick, and not the least bit runny. You can fluff it into little peaks, or fill a spoon, turn it over, and the yoghurt takes a couple of seconds to drop back into the pot. Looks mouth-wateringly luxurious.

            The product has a very delicate aroma - milky with a tantalizing hint of peach. The yoghurt is sweet, creamy and mildly peachy, and this is complimented by the stronger peachy tanginess of the fruit pieces. Very delicious.

            ~ Amoré range and price guide ~

            Flavours in this indulgent yoghurt range include: -
            Vanilla and Dark Chocolate
            Walnut and Greek Honey

            My local Asda sells them for £0.64 each and Sainsburys for £0.69 each, and both supermarkets currently have a multi-buy offer of any 5 for £3. My local Tesco does not stock this particular Müller range.

            ~ Verdict ~

            This delicious fruity yoghurt incorporates whipping cream (18%), so the richness makes it suitable for a treat or an after-dinner dessert. It is probably too rich to put on top of your breakfast cereal. This yoghurt is a little more expensive than others, but is worth the extra.

            ~ Additional notes ~

            Müller has a very large UK production facility at Market Drayton, Shropshire. Being based in an English county famous for its numerous high quality dairy farms enables Müller UK to boast "made in Shropshire", "90% of the milk comes from within 30 miles of the dairy" and "24 hours from farm to yoghurt".

            See www.mullerdairy.co.uk for more information.

            © lml888v 2009


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              10.10.2008 17:17
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Try other, cheaper yogurts. I think of your money for you.

              Let me begin by telling you this is SIXTY EIGHT PENCE. For one pot! Are you going to cry yet? I would cry. You could buy a lot of things with 68 p. You could eat a full dinner for 68 p, at home. And you're going to pay it for a yogurt. A snack. Something that will take you five minutes to eat. Yeah, it's worth crying over.

              But they're actually on offer at Asda for 5 for £1 right now, so that's okay. Go buy some, if you want. That amount isn't so painful, so wrong. I'm okay with that. I bought some.

              Anyway, I opened this up and did the whole lid licking thing because I have no manners and I usually do that sort of thing. It was very nice. I stirred it a little first, because I'm a little paranoid about yogurt clots. The gluey bits, I mean. Around the edges. I think it was a little unnecessary here, because the yogurt looked pretty smooth.

              I enjoyed the taste. It doesn't really taste like peaches; it tastes like yogurt. I like peaches and I wouldn't really compare the taste. But then it only contains 11% peach, so what can you expect? Little in the way of peach tasting goodness, I suppose.

              I shoveled in with the spoon and ate the yogurt. I will not prolong my description of the eating with verbose ramblings, because it was all over very quickly. The only thing that struck me is that this yogurt tastes exactly the same as the cheap Tesco yogurts I used to eat for breakfast. And they weren't 68 p. And they were a packet of 12, or something.

              But generally this yogurt is lovely. It has little bits of peach which are a nice addition to the yogurt that might otherwise get a little tiresome in taste. Probably added with the same intention as that based behind Crunch Corner and the like. Breaks it up. The yogurt bears a nice balance between thick and smooth - not too much of either.

              It was over too quickly, though, and it's 68 p. I expect heaven for 68 p. Not so bad for 20 p. But people, really, don't pay 68 p for this. It is a really nice yogurt but then it's seriously not worth it unless you're loaded with money and you feel like conforming to the extravagant stereotype laid out for you.

              It's also rather unhealthy, I must say. Amore. Love, I think. I don't really love that this has 11g of fat in this and 6.8 g of saturates. That's over a quarter of your daily saturated fat intake. That's pretty bad. 216 calories seems quite high to me now. I just ate it and I feel sort of guilty.

              So, what do I say? A great yogurt, Muller, but hardly an original taste and one certainly not worth its price. If you like these, go stock up now.

              I mean now. The offer runs out soon.


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