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Muller Amore Vanilla & Dark Chocolate Flake yoghurt

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4 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    4 Reviews
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      17.09.2009 10:54



      Sorry to inform other fans of this flavor, but according to Muller it has now been discontinued.

      My girlfriend literally could not get enough of these, we always bought all the local supermarkets had of this flavor. But when ASDA stopped selling them we suspected the worse, and sure enough Sainsbury's stopped soon after. I contacted Muller, and this was the response:

      Dear Mr XXX,
      Thank you for your message. I am very sorry to disappoint you but due to low sales it was decided to withdraw our Amoré Vanilla & Chocolate desserts but I have passed all your comments onto the relevant departments.

      Thank you again for your email.

      Customer Relations Department
      Müller Dairy

      So I am sorry to inform all other fans of this flavor, but it looks like we will be getting no more Amore Vanilla and Dark Chocolate yogurts :(
      My girlfriend has switched for the moment to the Honey and Walnut flavor, but it's not a patch on these so we'll have to keep looking for something as yummy as these were.


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      14.12.2008 15:25
      Very helpful



      A delicious yogurt but not terribly healthy.

      My diet is going great guns at the moment and I'm now at the stage where I'm desperately trying to stick to my plan in the run up to Christmas, I'm planning to go wild between Christmas and New Year so don't start polishing the halo just yet!

      In a bid to stay on track I've been buying myself the premium versions of my usual snacks, which is why I ended up with the delicious sounding Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Flake yogurt from Müller's Amoré range. It usually costs 64p for a 150g pot, but Morrisons have them on BOGOF at the moment which is a much more reasonable price for a yogurt I think.

      This yogurt is absolutely delicious, let me make that plain right from the offset. I adore the flavour of vanilla and in this yogurt it's such a vibrant and pure vanilla, it tastes natural and works really well with the creaminess of the yogurt.

      The yogurt is a lovely snowy white colour and is flecked with the very small dark chocolate flakes, they looked too small to be of any use to the flavour of the yogurt but when I had a sniff of the tub there was definitely a rich cocoa aroma underneath the sweet vanilla.

      The Amoré yogurt is thick and very rich, it's not what I'd call a refreshing yogurt and is more something I'd have as a treat. I like to eat yogurt for breakfast but this is much too heavy in consistency for that, but being vanilla and chocolate flavoured I wouldn't really have expected it to be suitable for our delicate morning appetites! It's very filling, I ate mine in front of the tele at around 7pm last night and it filled me up right until bedtime.

      It is one of the best tasting yogurts I've ever eaten; Amoré Vanilla and Dark Chocolate is luxurious and velvety with a very intense flavour. It satisfied my craving for something sweet and actually kept me feeling full all evening, and let's face it yogurts are generally not the most filling snacks in the world.

      Even so, I won't be eating too many of these yogurts. A 150g pot contains 255 calories and a shocking 14.2g of fat, that equates to a massive 6 Weight Watchers points. To put that in context I had recently eaten a large piece of cod, jacket potato and coleslaw and all of THAT only came to 5 1/2 points! I had already eaten the yogurt when I worked the points out and was very disappointed as surely there is no need for a fat content quite that high?

      As a treat I'd highly recommend this yogurt, but watch how many you eat as you could easily pile on the pounds if you were to eat one of these every day.


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        17.10.2008 13:10
        Very helpful



        Another great hit from the muller range.

        Muller Amore with chocolate flakes is the last one in the range that I have tried, and what a surprise I thought this one would be the one I didn't like, but out of all the flavours I love it the best, for any one who hasn't tried a Muller Amore yogurt, to describe it is pure luxury, thick creamy and tastes divine.

        Peeling back the blue foil lid it reveals a thick creamy white yogurt, speckled right through with the dark chocolate flakes, the yogurt has a lovely creamy texture and a very nice vanilla flavour and the chocolate is dark but not overpowering.

        Muller amore are currently on offer in ASDA at 5 pots of 150g for £1, a normal recommended price of 68p per pot, so it is a really good offer which runs till the 28/10/2008.

        The range includes- morello cherry, peach, Spanish orange, strawberry, vanilla chocolate and walnut and Greek honey, all in 150g tubs.


        The Amore yogurts come in a round tub which is a dark navy blue in colour; it is quite a sophisticated looking pot, with the Muller logo set in a red background, and the wording Amore for me written under a picture of a spoon loaded with the amore yogurt.

        Per 150g serving Energy 1065 KJ, 255 kcal, Protein 4.1g, Carbohydrates 27.6g of which sugars 25.8g, Fat 14.3g of which saturates 8.9g, Fibre 0.3g, Sodium trace.

        *Ingredients Yogurt, Whipping Cream, Sugar, Water, Cocoa Mass, Corn Flour, Cocoa Butter, Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Natural Flavourings, Dark Chocolate Flakes.

        * Suitable for vegetarians and Celiac and free from nuts.
        * Contains milk.

        Muller chocolate flake yogurt has 18% of whipping cream in it, and as you can see from the ingredients has a whopping 14.3g of fat in each pot and 255 calories, so not really suitable for anyone watching there figure.

        Muller dairy UK home is in Shropshire, 90% of their milk comes from 30 miles from there nearest dairy, Ludwig Muller first established his dairy way back in 1896 in a Bavarian village, and today Muller products can be found around the world.

        Overall Muller Amore with chocolate flakes is a really great tasting yogurt, I really enjoyed it but I have to say I will only be buying them while they are on offer as I think 68p is a little bit steep in price for one yogurt.


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          19.08.2008 17:15
          Very helpful



          Absolutely delicious, creamy yogurt with yogurt and crunchy walnuts

          Muller Amore for me walnut and Greek honey yogurt

          This yogurt is available in most supermarkets for about 50p -70p per pot which compared to other yogurts is quite expensive but lucky me, we have a market which sells them sometimes 4 for £1 which is wonderful. So if you live near Derby the market is worth a visit.

          The pot it comes in is a low pot not a tall one, it is navy blue with golden honey coloured pictures and the writing is in white or gold so can be read quite easily. The pot is cardboard but quite strong, I think it must have a waxy coating inside as it feels very smooth, almost like plastic. As it is cardboard you can recycle it with other cardboard. It does have a metallic pull-off lid which comes off quite easily when you pull it.

          Nutritional information:
          Per 100 g and the pot hold 150g so be careful if you need to be exact.
          Energy 669kj/160cal
          Protein 3.0g

          Carbs 17.4g
          Of which sugars 16.4g
          Fat 8.7g
          Of which saturates 5.0g
          Fibre 0.1g
          Sodium trace
          Calcium 88mg

          Now from that you can see this is NOT a low fat option. But when you read the list of ingredients the top one is yogurt followed by whipping cream, sugar, water, walnuts then Greek honey. It is definitely NOT a slimming product, but....

          The taste:
          As soon as you open the pot the smell of Greek honey hits you and tickles your taste buds, mmmm, definitely tempts me. The colour is sort of creamy with a hint of colour
          ( A bit like the colour of cream of mushroom soup).
          As you put your spoon in the yogurt is fairly firm not really sloppy, I think it must be the whipped cream. It sits proud of the spoon not flat like most yogurts. The taste is creamy, Greek honey then hits your buds again and then you get the added interest of little bits of walnut crunchy and tasty too. The whole effect is indulgent, creamy, sweet and then nutty crunches give your tongue something to feel and your teeth a little bit of work too.

          This is not a low fat option and the price puts it in the 'treat' or 'indulgent' category for me. It is about double the price of standard yogurts (unless you get lucky with a market stall) so it is probably also not something people with lots of children would buy regularly but it is well worth the price for a real tasty, if somewhat calorific dessert. I love them but do not eat them daily even with my market bargains because of the rather high cream/calorie count. But do try them at least once they are really delicious.

          Also published under my name Catsholiday on Ciao


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