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Muller Amore Walnut and Greek Honey yoghurt

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    8 Reviews
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      13.03.2011 20:41
      Very helpful



      A rich and intensely creamy yoghurt with chopped walnuts and greek honey

      Yoghurt is a handy food item to have around the house. It can eaten for breakfast and poured over fruit, you can take into work for when you get the munchies or you can snack on them at home while waiting for the dinner to cook.

      Yogurt is actually created by the natural bacterial fermentation of milk. Cream or milk is cultured with live and active bacterial cultures. It sounds horrible when you think about it but it's all good bacteria.

      Yoghurt can be a healthy snack. Muller Walnut and Greek Honey Yoghurt is not one that can be consumed as part of a healthy snack but oh my goodness, it is delicious.

      The Walnut and Greek Honey yoghurt is part of the Amore collection of Muller Yoghurts. It's one of more posh yoghurts that you can buy, costing around 64p for one 150 gram pot. Occasionally you can find them on offer and they are available at all large supermarkets. The yoghurt comes in a circular tub which is much thicker and sturdier than most yoghurt pots, giving you the feeling of having a luxurious treat.

      The yoghurt is itself is extremely creamy and very thick in its consistency. The mixture is swirled with chopped walnuts and splashed with Greek Honey. This yoghurt smells as delicious as it tastes. If you're a fan of honey and nuts, you'll love this.

      Although this is not a healthy snack due to its high cream contact, the product is made from only the finest ingredients. It contains honey which has endless health benefits. The caramel coloured liquid is an antioxidant with cleaning properties and can help to fight infection. As for the chopped walnuts, they are incredibly high in protein which the body needs for growth and repair. There, you no longer need to feel guilty about eating this product!

      And if you like this one, there are some other scrumptious flavours in the Amore collection for you to try. You could get your hands on sumptuous Strawberries & Cream, exquisite Orange or a Special Edition flavour of Peach & Passionfruit.

      You've probably already worked this one out but the product does contain nuts and is not suitable for people with a lactose intolerance. It is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

      Each pot of this tantalisingly creamy treat is 16% of your RDA of Calcium. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. The yoghurt contains protein with each pot containing 4.5g. Each pot has 240 calories and 13.1 grams of fat so it's not for those on a diet. It also contains 0.2 grams of fibre.

      All in all, an intensely creamy treat with health benefits if you look hard enough! This is one the most delicious yoghurts that I have ever tried. The chopped walnuts are delicious and the honey makes it sweet and tasty. A very scrumptious yet luxurious treat for the whole family.

      Ingredients: Yogurt, Whipping Cream (15%), Sugar, Water, Walnut Paste (1.5%), Greek Honey (1%), Corn Flour, Lemon Juice from concentrate, Natural Flavourings, Caramelised Sugar, Natural Colour: Curcumin.


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      27.09.2010 14:20
      Very helpful
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      Having not had one of these yoghurts for several years I was wandering around Sainsburys today and noticed that they were doing an offer of 4 for £2. The usual price of these are 65p or thereabouts for 150g pot of yoghurt.

      I love yoghurt. I can eat the full fat version or lower fat ones and as long as the taste is there I am quite happy.

      Muller make these Amore yoghurts and they come in this flavour as well as Spanish orange and Morello cherry.

      These yoghurts are sold separately and are not available as a multi-pack so best value is to get them when they are on offer.

      They come in a round tub which is dark blue plastic and can be widely recycled. The lid is foil for freshness.

      On the tub there is a picture of honey and almond as well as ingredient information, nutritional information as well as information on how to keep the yoghurt fresh.

      The packaging is rather indulgent and does give the impression of being a quality product.

      There is no doubt in saying first of all that these yoghurts are certainly not low fat. The pot contains 15% of whipping cream and together with the other ingredients it is hardly surprising that the product contains over 8% fat.

      BUT it tastes good!

      The yoghurt is thick and creamy in texture and on eating it there is evidence of plenty of flavour from both the honey and the walnuts. Both flavours complement each other very nicely and the flavour is just strong enough throughout the pot.

      **I COULD EAT MORE!**
      With the pot containing 150g of yoghurt this is quite a large single yoghurt but I kind of get to the end and wish that there was at least another couple of spoonfuls.... I am now trying to stop myself going to the fridge to eat another one.

      at 240cals per pot I am guessing they are not a low fat option

      Gorgeous luxury yoghurt that I recommend you try when its on offer otherwise they are quite expensive!


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        12.03.2010 14:32
        Very helpful



        Not for me

        Like several people here on Dooyoo I wandered into Morrisons and found they were selling these Muller Amore yoghurts on a buy 2 get 3 free basis and had to snap some up while the offer is on! The two that you pay for by the way are 64p each so that's 5 yoghurts for £1.28.

        I've eaten the cherry flavour Amore yoghurt a few times in the past and it's delicious but I decided to try the walnut and greek honey version too. I expected it to be sweet, honey and all that, but I was quite wrong.

        The tubs these yoghurts come in are circular and dark blue, the walnut and honey one has a picture of a spoonful of yoghurt with a blob of honey and a walnut on top so no mistaking what the flavour is. Each pot contains 150g and the nutritional statistics per 100g are: 160 calories, 3.0g protein, 17.4g carbohydrates of which 16.4g sugars, 8.7g fat of which 5.0g saturates and very little else worth mentioning except 88mg calcium. As you can see apart from the calcium these really aren't very healthy! High in fat, sugar and calories they are not for those watching their weight.

        However as I'm not watching my weight I didn't have any qualms about these statistics, I wouldn't eat one every day so I think they are fine as an occasional snack.

        Onto the yoghurt then. These Amore yoghurts are very thick, I wondered if it would be thick enough to stand the spoon up in and I can tell you the answer is not quite but not far off! The walnut and honey one is a beige colour and has little visible chunks of walnut chopped up in it. The honey is already mixed in so there's no sign of that.

        I expected this to be really sweet, all that sugar and honey it had to be right? No, it isn't. Suprisingly this flavour is actually pretty sour. I accept yoghurt tastes sour and of course the bitterness of the walnuts will have added to this sour taste but I really did expect, and want, this to be a bit sweeter. It's an odd flavour because of the lack of honey, I suspect this would have been far tastier if more honey had been added to balance the sour yoghurt and bitter walnut flavours. It's not even that I have a sweet tooth because I don't, I'm a savoury fan.

        I know this sounds like I didn't like the yoghurt, I did and I didn't. I felt it could do with more sweetening but the crunchy chunks of walnut were lovely and the thick creamy yoghurt itself was tasty. I don't think I'll buy this flavour again though, I'll stick to the cherry one that I absolutely love.

        A luxurious yoghurt with walnut pieces but not quite sweet enough and not especially healthy either. 3 stars from me.


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        24.02.2010 08:39
        Very helpful
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        Walnut And Greek Honey Yogurt

        Buying new yogurts is sometimes a bit dicey as I'm never quite sure whether Boyfriend will snaffle them from the fridge before I have the chance to try them. He does, however, prefer flavours made from dark fruits such as cherry, strawberry, raspberry etc and he's not keen on anything containing nuts so I knew that this flavour was unlikely to vanish before I had the chance to sample it.


        Muller Amore pots weigh in at 150g and therefore contain less yogurt than the Muller Light and Muller Fruit Corner brands. Predominantly navy blue in colour the Amore pots stand out amongst the rest of the yogurts in the supermarket fridges. The pot is covered with the usual foil lid and has the ingredients and nutritional information listed on the side. The website address: www.muller.co.uk is listed on the bottom of the pot.

        The ingredients for this flavour are: Yogurt, Whipping Cream (15%), Sugar, Water, Walnuts (1.5%), Corn Flour, Lemon Juice From Concentrate, , Natural Flavourings, Caramelised Sugar, Natural Colour: Curcumin

        Nutritional Information per 100g

        Energy kJ: 669kJ
        kcal: 160kcal
        Protein: 3.0g
        Carbohydrate: 17.4g
        of which total sugars: 16.4g
        Fat: 8.7g
        (of which saturates): 5.0g
        Fibre: 0.1g
        Sodium: trace
        Calcium: 88mg

        Allergy information: contains milk and nuts.

        The Yogurt:

        Once you've pulled the lid off you'll see the yogurt which is smooth and off white with a bit of a light brownish tinge to it ~ it's not the most appetising looking yogurt you'll have seen in your life. It does looks very thick indeed and you can see small bits in the yogurt which are presumably the walnuts. None of these looks to be very big however.

        At time of Morrisons were selling these for 64p on a buy two get 3 free. So, in other words 5 yogurts for £1.28.

        Taste and opinion:

        After trying the Orange Amore out a few days back I was looking forward to seeing how another of the flavours compared although I was slightly concerned about the walnut element. I'm not such a fan of walnuts and on the odd occasion that I have a Walnut Whip I never eat the nut on the top. The main reason I decided to risk trying this when I picked it up at the supermarket was the fact that it said that the walnut content was only 1.5%. I thought that that would mean that the walnut bits used would be quite small and I wasn't wrong. They're big enough for your mouth to realise that you're not just eating yogurt but they're not large enough to dominate the flavour of the yogurt.

        Like the orange flavour there's none of the artificial sweetener taste that you get with some of the Muller Light flavours which contain aspartame or acesulfame K. This flavour is just as rich and creamy as the orange flavour although the walnut bits are perhaps a little more noticeable here than the orange bits are in the orange flavour. The honey gives a nice sweet edge to the yogurt making this distinctly sweeter than the orange flavour so if you're the sort of person who prefer sweeter yogurts then this is one you should try.

        Like the orange flavour this really does taste like an indulgent, premium dessert and, as such, contains more sugar, fat and calories than you'd find in a Muller Light yogurt (and in the Orange Amore flavour). Whilst most Muller Light yogurts come in at around 100 calories per pot this Amore flavour comes in at just under 240 calories. It will also provide you with 17% of your recommended daily amount of calcium. If you're not watching your calorie intake and are just concerned with taste then I'd choose Muller Amore over any of their other products.


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          07.10.2009 15:05
          Very helpful



          Amore amore

          I stumbled across these yoghurts whilst doing my internet shopping with Tesco. I usually go with whatever brand is on offer and thought that these were great value at 5 for £1! They are usually around 60p each if not more.

          They are available in a variety of flavours - Greek Honey and Walnut, Orange, Peach, Strawberry and Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. I would say they are one of Muller's higher quality products although I do like the fruit corners too.

          ~ The Packaging ~

          They are packaged in a posh looking midnight blue cardboard pot with a foil lid. The Amore logo is in white and positioned in the prime position and features yummy looking visuals of the contents of the yoghurt. The nutrional information is placed on the back.

          ~ The Product ~

          The consistency is thick and creamy - you can hold the spoon upside down and the yoghurt stays. The colour is muted which shows it does not contain any harsh ingredients. The honey flavour is gentle but gives the yoghurt a gentle tang and the walnut pieces are small but just big enough for your to be able to crunch them. There is just the right amount in the pots - any more and it would become a little sickly to eat as the flavour is very rich.

          ~ Ingredients ~

          This yoghurt contains 15% whipping cream, 1.5% walnuts, 1% Greek Honey, lemon juice, yoghurt, corn flour, natural flavourings and caramelised Sugar.

          The nutrional content for this product per 100g is:
          3.0g protein
          17.4p carbohydrate
          of which 16.4g are sugars
          8.7g fat
          0.1g fibre
          88mg calcium

          ~ My Opinion ~

          These are a delicious sweet treat that I like to enjoy after my main meal and a creamy and are luxurious at a not so bad price. Everyone in our family fights over this flavour so I have to be quick - even the cat gets to lick the lid of life!

          A faultless 5 star product that is a regular visitor to my fridge.


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          13.04.2009 22:20
          Very helpful



          yum yum yummy

          Why I chose this product:
          My mother is a total fan of this range of yoghurts and so i decided to take advantage of the stockpile she had in the fridge. I love greek honey yogurts ever since i went to Corfu but liked the idea of one with walnut too.

          Who will like this product:
          Anyone whos a fan of yoghurts should give this one a try.

          Where to find this product:
          Most Leading supermarkets and corner shops will stock this product in the yoghurt aisle.

          I bought this product in Asda and it was 68p per unit (150g) or 6 for £3.

          Dark blue round pot with a picture and the yoghurt on a spoon.. yummy.

          Yoghurt, Whipping Cream, Sugar, Greek honey, Lemon Juice and Cornflour.
          160 Kcal per 100g

          Product Performance:
          Okay its quite high in Calories but not too bad if you feel like treating yourself as it tastes divine! This product is deliciously creamy and is a good filling snack or as a desert that has a good balance of textures and flavours. You'll be addicted.


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          31.03.2009 23:35
          Very helpful




          I love to try yogurts I haven't heard of and tried before as I am a real yogurt fan but I'm really not keen on straightforward 'boring' yogurts! This sounded great and costing 55p in Sainsbury's the other day I decided to give it a go!

          The Packaging....

          Dark blue (on the outside) 150g plastic pot that is white on the inside and has a matching blue foil lid. On the lid there is a picture of the yogurt on a spoon and I'm told in white and orange writing that it is Muller Amore 'For Me' Walnut & Greek Honey Yogurt. On the pot one again I'm told that information once again and there is a picture of a walnut and some honey on there and then I'm told a bit about the product, size is stated and I'm told the best before date is stamped on the lid (which it is), nutritional information and ingredients are listed and then on the bottom of the pot I'm given contact details for Muller, I'm told the product is vegetarian and finally there is a bar-code on there. It does look a nice, rather large pot and on looks alone it looks like it's going to be nice and luxurious.

          A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Pot....

          Chopped walnut and delicate Greek honey yogurt.... all from the finest natural ingredients.

          The Yogurt Itself....

          Well pull back the lid and you are greeted by a beige yogurt that appears quite thick but is wobbly and not set as such. You can see tiny bits of the brown walnut evenly distributed throughout it. The smell is rich and creamy and very distinctly honey which is sweet and smells really fragrant but natural at the same time.

          Taste wise the yogurt really does taste creamy and thick and rather expensive. It's very tasty of a creamy taste with a slight sour edge to it and has a very rich and sweet honey flavouring that doesn't only smell rich but tastes it too. The nutty pieces are nicely deep and crunchy and taste of walnuts that along with the texture of the cream really does compliment the whole thing brilliantly.


          A really lush yogurt that is full of flavour and quality. For me this is a treat and not just an every-day boring yogurt! It's just lovely and I can't wait to try the other flavours available in this range!


          Yogurt, Whipping Cream (15%), Sugar, Water, Walnuts (1.5%), Greek Honey (1%), Corn Flour, Lemon Juice From Concentrate, Natural Flavourings, Caramelised Sugar, Natural Colour: Curcumin. Contains milk. Contains Nuts.

          Nutritional Information Per 100g....

          Energy 160Kcal
          Protein 3.0g
          Carbohydrate 17.4g
          of which is sugars 16.4g
          Fat 8.7g
          Fibre 0.1g
          Calcium 88mg

          Widely available in most supermarkets and recommended from me!


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            01.11.2008 12:50
            Very helpful



            always in my shopping basket how about yours

            Who ever would have thought I would enjoy a Walnut and Greek Honey yoghurt but I really did.
            I have to admit it I was truely surprised as although I like walnuts never thought the combination given here would work. Well I was in for a surprise and a very nice one at that. I bought this variety because I like to try things new and this was definitely that for me. I had previously tried the strawberry and orange flavours the only two other flavours my local shop provides, this is a shame as I know there are various other ones out there just waiting for me to find them.
            Anyway back to the Walnut and greek honey variety, sorry mind wanders a bit these days. I opened it and took a sniff, wow.
            Just heavenly slightly tangy smelling with definite walnut smell to it and the honey came through too. Tasted tentively at first but more avidly as I shovelled one spoon in after another the taste was simply amazing. I was in walnut heaven. What a strange but delightful combo, slightly sharp with a twist of something else could it be the honey trying to fight for a place there, and the overwhelming taste of walnut yummy.
            Definitely worth the risk and I would advise anyone who does not have allergy issues to have a go it will surprise you.
            I am completely hooked on these now and for me that has to be a first.
            yum yum


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