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Muller Corner Healthy Balance (Red Berry)

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6 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurt

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    6 Reviews
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      26.07.2009 22:53
      Very helpful



      A not quite so suitable for the credit Crunch Corner.

      Usual premise for purchase: saw these Muller Healthy Balance Corners on offer in the land of Tesco...


      Firstly, Muller appear to have re-branded these corners; they no longer look like the dooyoo picture.
      The lids are predominantly red with 'Healthy Balance' & 'Low Fat' emblazoned across it. This particular version of the 'Red Berry' (also available in 'Tropical Crunch' flavour), also has raspberries & cranberries on the lid.

      In my local Tesco, I can currently only find the Healthy Balance Crunch Corners in twin packs. These initially were priced at 58p per pack (bit of a bargain), but are currently priced at £1.19, with a 2 for £2 offer running.

      The pulling power of this product (I'd imagine) are its claims to be:

      Low fat
      Made from all natural ingredients

      [This product is also suitable for vegetarians].

      **Proof is in the Pudding**

      On frisking free the lid, you will find the typical Muller Corner set up, whereas the pot is divided into two triangle shaped compartments; with the smaller one holding the topping (in this case the granola crunch).

      The yoghurt itself is white, and looks and smells very much like natural yoghurt; and on eating, it has a somewhat similar taste too. The texture and consistency is slightly runnier than you'd expect of a regular yoghurt (but I'd think that part of the reason for this is the lack of artificial thickening agents etc).

      Although creamy, it retains some of the sharper refreshing tang that yoghurt should have. It is slightly sweetened, but not overly so, thus meaning that it does not end up tasting like many of the artificially flavoured creamy yoghurts.

      You are provided with a perfectly adequate sized portion of the red berry (cranberry & raspberry) granola. I only mention this, as I find some Muller Corners are a little stingy on the 'corner' side of things!

      The granola is my favourite part of this product. It is nice and crunchy, without being a proper jaw work out!
      Amongst the granola cereal, you will also find pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. I'm not normally over keen on pecking at seeds, but I felt that it really gave the granola a much more interesting texture and flavour.

      The cranberry and raspberry pieces are dried (but not hard to chew), and sort of cubed into small pieces. They are quite sweet, but because of the natural sharpness that these fruits can carry, the sweetness is welcomed.
      The granola overall has been sweetened with honey (although does not taste of it thankfully, as I can't stand the stuff). In my opinion, I think they have the balance just right.

      When combining the granola and the yoghurt, the contrast of tangy and smooth yoghurt, with sweet and crunchy granola is perfect.
      As mentioned, there is not so much granola that the yoghurt seems to disappear, but just enough so that it is not an overly sweet snack/dessert.

      **Crunch Time**

      Overall, I think these are definitely one of the better offerings in the Muller Corner range. My biggest issue with these is the price.
      Whilst on offer, they work out at around 50p per pot... not too bad. However, I do not think I would pay full price for these, because as nice as they are; they are still just yogurts!

      Per 100g serving (each pot is 135g), provides you with:
      120 calories, 12.8g sugar, 2.7g fat (of which 1.1g saturates), & 0.1g salt.

      OK, so they're not awful for you, but there is still a fair amount of sugar in there (as usual with most low fat products). This along with the price is why I cannot quite give it five stars.

      It's still a four though, and a yoghurty thumbs up from me.


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        05.07.2009 20:08




        When I was a little girl I enjoyed many a crunch corner, or fruit corner. My favourites were always the very sweet ones, such as the toffee hoops or the strawberry and orange balls!
        I stopped eating them when I was about eleven, however a few weeks ago stumbling upon a fantastic offer in Asda, I was weined back onto them! The offer was "10 Muller corners for £2". Selling at 54p each, the offer was brilliant, and just to good to miss.
        I have to admit I wasn't the one who chose this one, I opted for the sweeter ones, such as the crumbles however my mum chucked a couple of the healthy balance ones into the trolley too.

        Going to fetch a dessert after lunch the other day, the red berry crunch corner caught my eye, and that was that, this one would definitly be my pudding!
        The foil lids are the only way to determine which corner is which, however with the healthy balance corners they are slightly different in shape. The lid for this particualar corner was a very pale pink shade. CORNER is written in large red writing, and underneith this, healthy balance, red berry is stated. To be hoenst in the shop this corner didn't stand out at all, but i'm on a quest to sample all the corners, so it was my duty to try this one too! The top right hand corner is home to a clever illusion. It looks as though the foil lid is being peeled back; revealing a helping of golden looking ceral clusters and what looks like a large amount of little red peices of berry. It did look quite appetising, but looks can be decieving.

        Peeling open the lid, I was sprayed slightly with some of the yogurt. The first thing that I noticed was a very sour smelling, coming off the yogurt. The lid states this is "low fat probiotic yogurt", which upset my slightly as I was expecting it to be low fat vanilla, just like the muller lights, however I choose not to let this put me off. The yogurt contained in the larger section was a bright whiteish colour. It did look quite runny but I hoped giving it a little stir would sort the problem. (I was wrong). The small section was home to the cereal and berrys. Looks can be decieving apparantly. Although the golden clusters looked delicious, they were certainly lacking in red berrys. In fact I think I could only spot five or six in the whole thing. I decided again not to let this put me off and so I picked up my spoon....

        Wondering where to start, I decided on the yogurt. Delving my spoon into the yogurt, I first picked up on the texture, it didn't seem as thick and creamy as the other corners, however it wasn't watery in any way. Easing the yogurt off the spoon, my taste buds were set alive. Although the yogurt wasn't vanilla flavoured, it did have a similar taste to the Muller vanilla, however it was slightly more sour and not so sweet. The texture as I said was quite runny, however it was very pleasent.
        With a bit of a struggle, I spooned some of the red berry peices onto the spoon. They were quite small in size, and there didn't seem to be a large quantity of them. I wasn't too sure what the fruit peices were supposed to be as Muller only referred to them as "red berrys". The only thing they slightly resembled was strawberrys so I presuming this is what they were. They had a fairly chewy texture, but weren't all that pleasent.
        After the let down with the red berrys I was slightly hesitant about trying them. However, once they had been shoved into my mouth, my doubts had been lifted. The "cereal clusters" were definitly clusters. They had a fairly oaty taste to them, delicious to say the least. They weren't too dry, they were quite moist infact and I am pretty sure they were covered in a thin layer of honey, but I could be wrong.
        After sampling each section individually, I decided to tip some of the contents of red berrys and cereal into the yogurt. Giving a little mix, the peices disappeared under the bright white yogurt. Spooning some into my mouth, the first thing I tasted was the sour vanilla yogurt, shortly followed by the gorgeous texture of the cereal. However the red berrys couldn't be detected, which was quite good really as I wasnt too keen on them.

        Overall, I did enjoy the corner, however it definitly wasn't one of my favourites. Although the yogurt wasn't unpleasent, it definitly wasn't as thick and creamy as I would have liked, and I do prefer my yogurt to be slightly sweeter, rather than sour. As for the red berrys, I definitly disliked them the most, they were pretty tasteless and didn't add much extra to the corner. The cereal clusters were probably my favourite part, the oatiness was just delicious.
        As with all Muller corners, the nutrition information printed on the front of the lid is almost impossible to read. Printed in tiny black writing, it is probably unlikely you will be able to read without a bloomin' microscope, and not only that, the information is given per 100g, which is rather useless as the corner is 150g.
        Referring to the Muller website, I am told that each red berry crunch corner contains 180 calories, and 3.9g of fat. To be honest I was expecting the calories to be nearer 100-150, seeing as the yogurt is low fat, the cereal can only be so high, and the red berrys only make up about 0.1% of the corner (ok maybe slightly more), they're not going to make much difference.

        To be honest, if you are looking for a healthy dessert, I'd much rather have fruit salad with a Muller Light drizzeled on top. Not only would it be lower in calories and fat, it would probably be a lot nicer and whole lot more satisfying. Once i'd finished the dessert I wasnt left feeling overly full, though it did bloat me slightly.
        The yogurt would be great for a mid afternoon snack though, and if you can stomach it, it would make a decent substute to a breakfast, perhaps alongside a peice of toast.
        I dont think this particular corner would be popular with kids, as firstly it contains fruit and secondly it doesnt contain chocolate or such like.

        5 Sense summary-
        *Sound- n/a
        *Texture- thin and runny yogurt, crunchy but chewy cereal clusters, chewy berry peices
        *Sight- bright whiteish yogurt, teeny peices of red berry, and golden cereal clusters
        *Scent- sour yogurt
        *Taste- sour vanilla-ish yogurt, no taste to the berrys and oaty cereal.


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        03.06.2009 14:18
        Very helpful



        Not my favourite Muller but still a good'un

        Well as the week draws on I'm getting through my multi-pack of Muller Healthy Balance Corners, and today's snack was the Red Berry variety. This one comes in the usual Muller Corner type pot - fairly flat and square-shaped, with the yoghurt in one large corner section and the 'crunch' in a smaller one. The pot is designed so that the smaller corner can be folded over to pour the crunch onto the yoghurt, where it can be mixed in (you can of course eat the yoghurt and crunch separately if you wish).

        The Healthy Balance products in the Corner range have a lighter colour blue on the lid than the Crunch Corners and this makes them look cleaner and lighter and healthier before you even get the lid off. There is a white splurge of yoghurt to highlight the product name, and a photographic image of the red berry crunch in the corner.

        The yoghurt is low fat and probiotic, so it's a tasty way to get your 'good bacteria'. It is a smooth and very pale cream colour and has a slightly runny consistency with a little surface wateriness, but this soon mixes in. The crunch element is made up of little clusters of cereal and oats stuck together with a honey coating. I had expected the berries to be little chunks of freeze dried berry, like the chunks of dried fruit in the Tropical Crunch variety, but looking closely they just look like all the other clustered bits of oat, but in red. And there aren't very many of them.

        The yoghurt tastes much more tangy and bitter than a usual Muller yoghurt but I guess this is because it's more natural and has fewer baddies in it to make it taste sweet and creamy. With the crunch mixed in however, the honey coating on the cereal sweetens up the overall effect a little bit. The berry pieces tasted tangy but to be honest, I could only taste them in one or two mouthfuls. This actually meant the yoghurt was nicer than I expected because I'm not a big fan of the 'tartness' of berries but obviously if a berry fan had bought this expecting that tang they'd be disappointed.As with the Tropical Crunch, this is again a very crunchy Crunch Corner as some of the bits of cereal are really quite hard and although I did enjoy the overall taste and texture of this yoghurt, it was a little bit bland because the berries were so scant.

        Each 150g pot provides 26% of your RDA of calcium (I presume this is for an adult as it is not stated on the label) and contains 100% natural ingredients. Nutritional values are given per 100g which is a bit misleading - remember to add an extra 50% if you're eating the whole pot, which of course you will be. 100g provides 119 calories (so around 179 per pot) and contains 2.7g of fat. This is about 40-50 calories less than the average Crunch Corner with chocolate and I guess every little helps when you're trying to eat healthily, so this would definitely make a guilt-free snack or pudding. It is suitable for vegetarians and contains milk, wheat, oats and barley, and may also contain traces of nuts.

        The other varieties of Healthy Balance Corner are Tropical Crunch and Strawberry. Other Muller Corners available are the Fruit Corners and the sweeter Crunch Corners. All the Corner yoghurts normally retail for around 55p, but there are often variations of the 5 for £1 type offers in the supermarket. Also available is a six pack of the Healthy Balance Corners, containing two of each, and this is what I bought for £2 in Tesco this week.

        More info can be found on the very colourful and exciting website: http://www.mullerdairy.co.uk/


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          16.04.2009 15:12
          Very helpful




          Whilst in Makro the other day, I came across a 6 pack of Muller yoghurts that I had never seen before (and if I had, I just hadn't paid attention to it). It contained 3 different yoghurts in it, and there were 2 of each kind. One of which was the Muller Healthy Balance Corner - Red Berry, which caught my eye instantly.

          The Muller Healthy Balance Corner Red Berry comes in the same white plastic split pot as all of the other Muller Corners. If you are unfamiliar with the pot I'm talking about, it is split in two, 1/3 contains cereal clusters and red berries and the other 2/3 contains low fat probiotic yoghurt. The lid on this yoghurt is another one that has changed since Dooyoo uploaded it's picture. It is blue and white with a pink swirl which contains the Muller Healthy Balance logo and the flavour name. On the top right hand corner there is a picture of the cereal clusters and red berries. The design on this yoghurt is extremely inviting and my mouth was watering just looking at it.

          On the lid, it claims to be 'low fat, probiotic yoghurt with a separate helping of cereal clusters and red berries. 100% natural ingredients'. Hmm, sounds delicious and healthy too! How would it smell? How would it taste?
          I peeled back the foil lid and wasn't hit by any kind of scent whatsoever. I took a whiff of the yoghurt up close, and it smelled just like any other probiotic yoghurt. The cereal clusters and red berries gave off a very 'freshly baked cookie' smell with a hint of fruit - it smelled really good. The clusters and berries not only smelled tasty, but they looked it too, the clusters were a good size and looked like fresh cereal, while the berries were a deep pink colour and although you could tell they had been freeze dried (which I usually hate), they looked surprisingly delicious. The yoghurt was just like any other probiotic, an off white colour and very creamy looking.

          So, it was looking good so far, but how did it taste?
          I tasted a little of each side (like I always do) before deciding whether to mix them or not. I tasted one of the red berries first. WOW. It was tiny, but packed with flavour! Next came the cereal cluster, it tasted exactly like granola, mmm. And finally, the yoghurt, it was really yummy too. Normally, probiotic yoghurts aren't my favourite due to how sour they tend to be, but this was sweeter than normal and extremely tasty. So that was it, the deciding factor, I had to mix the two.
          Roughly 3 and a half minutes later, I had demolished the lot. Yum yum yum yum yum. If I wasn't so stuffed I'd have had another! The taste of both sides complimented each other wonderfully, the berries, the creamy yoghurt, the crunch of the cereal, it really was too good.

          Now, it's called a 'healthy balance' yoghurt AND it's delicious, but how healthy is it?
Each 150g pot contains 178 calories, 4.05g of fat and 26% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium. 

          Hmm, a tad more calories than some of their biscuit based crunch yoghurt, but with just over HALF of the fat than usual, I think I can cope with the extra 5-10 calories.

          Like I said, I bought this in a pack of 6 from Makro which cost me £2.35 but I'm sure you can find them singular in the leading supermarkets and I'm sure the 6 pack would be cheaper in places like Asda too.

          This is absolutely delicious and I will definitely be re-purchasing it and I advise that you give it a shot too.

Thank you for reading!


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            09.10.2008 17:01
            Very helpful



            great in between snack

            Healthy balance corner yoghurts are made by Muller.

            They sounded and looked nice so I thought I would give them a try. The flavour that I chose was Red Berry Crunch. The Muller corner youghurts come in a plastic pot that is split into two sections. There is a large section which contains the yoghurt and a smaller section that contains the Red Berry Crunch. The packaging is very attractive a nice pinky red colour with a picture of the Berry Crunch. The lid of the yoghurt is foil and contains all the nutritional info as well as the ingredients.

            The yoghurt itself is low fat probiotic and is very nice. It is a medium consistency and has a very smooth taste. The Red Berry Crunch is made up of cereal clusters and red berries. The crunchy part of the yoghurt is very sweet and mixed with the yoghurt it makes a very nice compliment. The two textures and tastes work very well together. The berry mix also smells very sweet and like berries. It fills you up also so is a great snack.

            The yoghurt comes in a 150g serving. It contains 119 calories per 100g. The yoghurt does contain a lot of sugar 13.0g per 100g so not so healthy from that aspect. The product boasts 100% natural ingredients, it is low fat and contains probiotic yoghurt.

            In this range of yoghurts you can also get a tropical flavour and a strawberry flavour.

            An individual youghurt costs 54p. You can pick them up in a multi-pack as well. They are available from supermarkets.


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            16.06.2008 20:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A nice snack, that won't pile on the pounds.

            As I may have mentioned in my previous crunch corner review, my husband and my son have gone mad for them, my son for the previously reviewed corner and my husband for the corner I will now review, I think Muller provide a choice that is suitable for all ages and preferences, my son going for the pudding option and my husband for the healthier option.

            The product I will now review is "Muller corner healthy balance - red berry".

            ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

            I will not go over to much old ground, as I described the pot in detail in my last review, so if you didn't read it.... Shame on you! (lol!).
            Needless to say the pot is made up of two triangular shaped pots one big and one little, the big one contains the yoghurt and the little one contains the "crunch".
            The foil lid again contains all the nutritional information and just about everything else you could think of, all crammed onto the top!
            The lid is blush pink, merging into sage green at the base, and again has the picture showing the corner "peeling up" to reveal the crunch element.

            ~~~~~~ THE CONTENTS AND TASTE ~~~~~~

            Upon peeling of the lid you will notice the yoghurt portion is actually an off white colour, as the yoghurt is not fruit flavoured the only way I can describe the scent is slightly sour and alluring. The crunch element is a nice golden colour and consists of oat flakes and ruby red pieces of freeze dried fruit pieces. If you think the Jordan's cereal that was available a few years before everyone seemed to be adding red berries to every cereal available, they taste just like those.... Delicious!
            I have to be honest, I stole one of these out of the fridge just to give my unbiased opinion and also because once "he's" at work, he can't stop me!!
            I tip all the crunch side into the yoghurt and give it a good stir together, then get a good spoonful, making sure there is plenty of yoghurt and crunch a put into my mouth.
            The first thing I notice is the smooth and creamy yoghurt, that seems to mask any other flavour that may be hidden in it's depths, then I start chewing and the wheaty and oaty flavour breaks through, on top of this comes the sweet and chewy strawberry and raspberry pieces, not a huge amount but just enough to offset the yoghurt and oat flakes, cutting through those flavours to cleanse your palate ready for the next spoonful!

            ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~~~

            Due to the name of the product and the fact it has "Low fat, probiotic yoghurt with cereal clusters and red berries" emblazoned across the front I'm really hoping that these are actually as healthy as I assume they are!

            Per pot - 180kcal
            24g carbohydrate
            21g of which sugars
            3.9g fat
            1.8g of which saturates

            That makes these 3 weight watchers points per pot, not a bad amount considering the amount you get in the pot, the sugar content is very high though, so depending on what diet plan (if any!) you are following, be aware of that fact.

            ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

            This yoghurt came in a multi pack that I managed to get for £2.00, on offer from Asda, they usually retail for around £3.58, so when there on offer I snap them up!
            They come in a pack of six and contain three flavours, red berries, tropical (my favourite!) and strawberry.

            ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

            I would recommend these as I feel they are healthy and as they contain fruit and cereal, at least my husband is getting something healthy, the fact that they are completely delicious is by the by, I would really recommend you try all three flavours, the tropical is amazing, the small pieces of mango really make it!

            For more information on this product and others in this range visit - www.muller.co.uk

            Thanks for reading x


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