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Muller Corner Rhubarb Crumble Yoghurt

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    3 Reviews
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      05.07.2009 20:31
      Very helpful




      After coming across the crunch corner offer in Asda the previous week, I was thrilled to find the corners I had enjoyed so much in my childhood were on a massive offer for 10 for £2. Selling at 54p individually the offer was too good to pass up and into my trolley I plopped the ten corners that appealed the most.

      After my success with the Strawberry crumble corner, I was a bit more optimitic about sampling a similar type, this one being the rhubarb crumble.
      So after lunch I headed to the fridge in order to retrieve the rhubarb based dessert! Among the various different puddings was the pretty packaging which I was about to peel open!

      Crunch corners, are not your normal yogurt. No, not by any means. Unlike "normal" yogurts, the contents of these come in 2 different sections. A large triangle filled with the yogurt, and the smaller triangle filled with the accompyment, whether it's chocolate flakes, a fruit compot, or a crumble.
      Each corner is identifyed by its lid, each lid with a different colour. I think the rhubarb one is one of the prettyist I have come across. A lovely bright green colour is the main one with the words Muller written in a red background and CORNER written in large red writing underneith. Underneith this it clearly tells us that this is not a crunch corner, nor a fruit corner, infact it is named a DESSERT CORNER.
      In the top right hand corner it looks as though the foil lid is being peeled back revealing a sweet looking crumble, tempting to say the least. There is also a picture of a large spoonful of the dessert being scooped up, a creamy looking yogurt, swirled with sticky looking red sauce and some little crumble balls propped ontop.
      The flavour "Rhubarb crumble" is printed in smallish black writing, and a mouthwatering description of the pudding is printed under this; Thick and creamy custard style yogurt layered over rhubarb peices in syrup and a seperate helping of butter crumble. Delicious!

      Also on the front of the lid, the nutrition information is printed in tiny black writing. Not only is it impossible to read, it is also given per 100g. This was fairly unhelpful to me as I am not to good at maths and seeing as though the yogurt is 150g it would have taken me a while to work out. Looking online however on the Muller website, I am told that each Rhubarb corner contains 239 calories, and a scarily high 8.4g of fat. These values are much higher than a regular yogurt. It is by no means a healthy option, but for a one off it will do you no harm!
      Allergy wise, the yogurt obviously contains milk so is unsuitable for those with allergies.

      Peering through the white plastic container I could clearly see the underlayer of the yogurt section was alot darker than the yogurt on top. It was very tempting and so without much hesitation I peeled back the attractive foil lid. There was small amount of yogurt on the lid so I scraped it into the pot and dug in! I shovelled some of the yogurt alone onto my spoon and eased it into my mouth. The taste reminded me very much of the Vanilla muller light, only slightly more creamy, and also resemebled the banana and custard muller light, minus the banana flavour. I then dug down into the yogurt section and scooped up some of the sticky sauce with a small amount of yogurt. My tongue was hit with a very sharp taste. I was also surprised to come across a large chunk of rhubarb. I was half expecting the sauce to be smooth, but I was wrong. The rhubarb sauce was very sharp, but had a sweetness to it too making it bearable.
      After the success with the yogurt part, the only thing left to do was to sample the crumble peices. I spooned some into my mouth. A familiar taste passed my lips, almost identical to strawberry crumble one. Again they were very buttery and fairly sugary too, making them easy to eat and not too try.
      Mixing all three combinations together the taste was delicious. The three textures creating a delicious eating experience and the three flavours making the experience scrumptious.


      After being very doubtful about trying the rhubarb crumble corner, I was very surprised at how much I had enjoyed it. The yogurt is perfect for a pudding after your lunch or tea, or would also make a delicious afternoon snack! My little brothers also enjoy crunch corners as part of there breakfast, but I don't think the rhubarb one would be the best option as it is a bit sweet and sugary for first thing. None the less, if you have a passion for rhubarb then this pudding would do you at any time of the day.

      On offer at 10 yogurts for £2 at the moment in Asda, I'd get down and stock up as i'm sure the offer wont last to long, and retailing singly at 54p, you are much better off buying 10! Aswell as the rhubarb crumble yogurts, the corners also come in different varietys;

      _FRUIT CORNERS_- including; strawberry, cherry, blackberry and raspberry and peach and apricot
      _CRUNCH CORNERS_- including; banana choco flakes, toffee chocolate hoops, strawberry and orange chocolate balls and various others.
      _HEALTHY BALANCE CORNERS_- including; tropical and berry crunch!


      5 Sense Summary-
      *Sound- n/a
      *Texture- smooth yogurt, crunchy crumble, and sticky syrup and fruit peices
      *Sight- off white yogurt, pinkish red compot, and pale gold crumble
      *Scent- only yogurt
      *Taste- delicious creamy yogurt, sharp but sweet compot and butter sugaryish crumble

      SweetTooth 93


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      26.03.2009 10:29
      Very helpful



      Yummy dessert any time of the day!

      I've recently got 'into' yogurts. I needed something that would fill me up for breakfast and maybe a snack, this is where I rediscovered Muller. I am banishing (or trying to) crisps, choccies and all the bad things, so first was Muller rice - see other reviews, but now - well since all the stores have caught on that I am buying them they are running lots of promotions, so they are not over 50p each.

      The Muller range yogurt, corners and rice are all on offer at Tesco - 8 for £2, Sainsbury's - 4 for £2, Morrison's - Buy 4 get 4 free, usually it is Muller that hold these promotions, so they are probably on at every supermarket.

      I remember when Muller corners were introduced to the UK back in the 90's, they were a new way of doing yogurt, they made it a little bit more interesting and exciting, at first with fruit, then biscuits and crumble, I saw on TV the other day they have introduced chocolate. The list goes on.

      The Rhubarb Crumble variety which passed my sweet teeth last night is part of the crunch variety. This pack is 150g and is described as Rhubarb compote with a custard style yogurt and butter crumble.

      I open the pack and yes, I get to lick the lid of life. Yum. Upon first inspection the yogurt is a off white colour, the 'crumble' a golden colour. Where is the rhubarb?
      I tip all of the crumble into the yogurt side and knock on it until every last crumb is out. I raise my spoon in glee and I go straight through the topping, through the plain yogurt and straight to the pink 'compote'. That, is the rhubarb! So I have a lovely mix of all elements of the yogurt and without a second thought it goes straight in my mouth. Oops, I swallowed enjoying the sweet taste on my tongue without remembering what it tasted like. I'll have to go again.

      The crumble is light and golden in colour; it reminds me more of finely crushed biscuit that any crumble I have eaten (which I like in chunkier clumps). It is, however, buttery and crunchy.


      The custard style yogurt is creamier and less 'tart' that the normal fruit corner yogurt. I think this is to give more of an impression of a luxury dessert. It is smooth, tasty and mixes well with the compote and the crumble.


      The compote is hidden underneath the plain yogurt. This compote is thicker than a puree, but not as thick as you would find in a real rhubarb crumble. It is very sweet tasting, and not the slightly sour taste you get from real rhubarb, this is fine, if a little sweet, but mixes well with the crumble and yogurt.

      ~The Verdict~

      This is a lovely after dinner dessert. However at 158 calories for 100g, possibly a little more calories than I would have on a daily basis for a treat. It tasted really good if possibly a little too sweet (but I love too sweet things!) But I did enjoy it. For someone who likes yogurt but not particularly sweet things will probably not enjoy this.
      Muller pride themselves on having no preservatives or artificial colours in their products and providing some of your RDA (recommended daily allowance) of calcium.
      One thing I didn't know was that the shape of the 'corner' twin pot is a trademark of Muller, so the other brands who do cheaper versions of this yogurt will have a slightly different pot!


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        06.03.2009 14:42
        Very helpful



        Well conceived, designed and executed food.

        This product from the Müller range of yoghurts achieves what it sets out to do which is to give the authentic flavour of a traditional cooked Rhubarb Crumble.

        I generally pay between 45 and 50p per pot but supermarkets sometimes do a 6 pack of various flavours for £1.50 which is a real bargain.

        When you unpeel the foil lid the container is split into two triangular shaped sections. In the smaller of the two sections which is about a third of the total area is the crumble which is very similar in taste to the crumble you would get as the topping of your own mum's or grandma's rhubarb crumble.

        A slight difference is that it is in much smaller fragments than usual so that it is one small step away from being dust like, but this is no bad thing as it allows it to integrate with the yoghurt more easily whilst still retaining something of a crunch.

        In the bigger triangular area, which makes up two thirds of the total area, is the vanilla custard flavoured yoghurt which about three quarters of the way down below the surface reveals the rhubarb compote beneath.

        The "Border" between the smaller and the larger triangular compartments is hinged so it is intended that you tip the crumble over into the yoghurt and compote area and mix them or eat them together.

        This is what I usually do although some prefer to eat them separately.

        All three components are delicious and taste very nice together.

        There are roughly 240 calories in each pot and 8.5 grams of fat. It's also quite sugary having 26% of sugar based carbs in it. None the less you are getting some fruit and some yoghurt which are both healthy ingredients although I'd treat this particular yoghurt in the Müller range as more of an indulgence than some of the others which are more like pure healthy options.

        Overall I'd recommend this as a nice thing to buy occasionally as a treat and definitely far better than noshing on chocolaty things or sweets.

        This review is also posted on www.ciao.co.uk
        under my user name bella6789


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