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Muller Corner Tropical Crunch Yoghurt

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurt

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    3 Reviews
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      29.05.2010 01:01
      Very helpful



      Muller Corner Tropical Crunch - clusters of dried fruit and granola with yogurt.

      Muller Corners have been very popular in our house over the past few weeks and I have got into the habit of buying them. I prefer the fruity variety but my kids love all of them, especially the chocolate digestive ones.

      I think Muller had a brilliant idea when they created corners. Not only do they taste great but they are great fun too and I, as well as my kids, love mixing the two flavours together.

      Muller Corner comes in a plastic tub, which is divided into two different sized sections. The tub is sealed with a foil lid, which keeps the contents fresh. The Tropical Crunch variety has changed a bit since the above photo was taken. The 'healthy balance' logo has now been replaced and the word 'bio' is now being used. There is a close-up shot of some pineapple on the lid, which I find very attractive, as I absolutely love pineapple.

      Peeling back the foil, the first thing you notice is that the fresh looking pineapple you spotted on the lid, does not exist inside the tub. I was quite disappointed to find that the small section of the tub contained clusters of dried pineapple, banana and papaya, with a honeyed granola mix. The clusters did taste nice and sweet and they were also very crunchy, but they were not what I was expecting.

      I scooped up some yogurt and clusters together. The clusters did taste nice, sweet and very crunchy, but they were not what I was expecting. I was left with my mouth feeling quite dry and felt desperate for a drink afterwards. I will definitely have to start taking a closer look at what I am buying, because I wasn't that keen on this corner.

      *Nutritional Value Per 100g*

      Energy - 119 kcal
      Protein - 5.4g
      Carbohydrate - 18.2g
      of which sugars - 13.1g
      Fat - 2.4g
      of which saturates - 1.5g
      Fibre - 0.6g
      Sodium - 0.1g
      Calcium - 164mg

      This product contains oats, wheat and milk and may contain nuts. It is free from artificial colours and sweeteners and is suitable for vegetarians.

      Muller Corner Bio varieties are available from Tesco for 52p but are on special until 8th June at 4 for £1, which is very good value.

      I was a bit disappointed with the tropical crunch flavour, as I had been expecting some fresh fruit, but it was still reasonably good. I would definitely try another flavour next time though.


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        05.07.2009 20:02
        Very helpful




        Browsing around Asda around three weeks ago, I was delighted to come across a fantastic offer in the dairy aisles. Muller Corners had a deal on, 10 for £2. Each corner sells individually for 54p, so this offer was far to good to pass up, and into my trolley went ten corners. The first time we took advantage of this offer, I did notice the Healthy Balance corners, however I wasn't brave enough to try and so didn't give them a second thought.
        The second time we took the offer up, I was feeling braver, and so into my trolley went a couple of the Healthy Balance Corners. Among these, was the Tropical type.

        The only way to determine which Muller corner is which, is to refer to the lid. Each foil lid is a different colour and sports a different picture in the top right hand corner. This particular lid, gave off an unusual appeal. The pot, unlike most does not have a main colour. The bottom two thirds of the lid being a grayish colour, and the top being a dull yellow. I have to say the lid wasn't all that attractive and probably one of the least tempting. The off putting continues into the top right hand corner where the picture appears. The lid sports a slightly unusual looking helping of cereal clusters and a variety of different yellow fruits. The fruits on the lid don't look too juicy, and I had my fingers crossed they would be much more attractive inside!
        MULLER again is written in white writing on a red background and CORNER is then written in large red writing. "healthy balance" is then written in green writing, clashing completely with the red colour. The flavour, this time "tropical" is then written underneath.

        I was a bit doubtful about peeling off the lid, and when I did I wasn't reassured. Although the yogurt didn't look too watery, it definitly wasn't overly exciting. It was more of a dull off-white colour, rather than the bright whites you normally get. The smaller section did look slightly more exciting; golden cereal clusters, and a small amount if visible fruit peices.
        The aroma coming from the pot was much like other corners. Although the yogurt wasn'y vanilla flavour, I still detected a slight bitter, sweet vanilla. Burrying my nose in closer (not actually _into_ the yogurt), I could slightly smell the cereal, but so far no fruitiness!

        Spooning some of the yogurt up, I noticed it was quick thick. This was a plus, as I normally have bad luck with watery yogurts. Feeling slightly more positive, I shovelled some of the yogurt into my mouth. The positive came to a sudden stand still as the bitterness of the yogurt made me cough. Unusually the first thing I tasted was the bitterness, however the aftertaste was sweet vanilla like. I wasn't enjoying the yogurt too much so moved onto the seperate helping. The cereal clusters were quite chewy, yet had a nice little crunch to them. They definitly proved nicer than the yogurt. The fruit peices were really a bit of a let down. They all tasted the same, none of them having a distinct taste to them. They were pretty bland and chewy aswell, and I was seriously wishing I hadn't chosen this yogurt.
        Mixing the remaining cereal and fruit peices into the yogurt, a lumpy, quite horrible concoction was produced. The cereal clusters sunk to the bottom while the fruit peices floated on the top. Pushing the whole mix into my mouth -rather reluctintly-, I was given a bit of hope. The sweet cereal clusters took the edge off the bitter yogurt and it actually appeared to be more pleasent than when eaten seperatley.

        Overall, I definitly wouldn't recommend this yogurt. Sure it's cheap and as part of an offer you may think you have nothing to lose, but beleive me you do, you perhaps, like I will have wasted 20p. Now surely things that taste horrible should be low in calories and fat, and seeing as though this was a "healthy balance" Corner I was expecting good things. I couldn't have been more wrong. Each single pot contains 170 calories, alot lower than other corners. It also contained 3g of fat. If you are watching your weight, I'd say a muller light drizzled over chopped banana, sprinkled with branflakes or such like would be a much more enjoyable treat, and would save you calories too!
        Sadly I had to refer to the Muller website for the infromation. Firstly because the pot sports the information in minute, black print, impossible to read. And also because it is printed in 100g, which when this corner is 150g, is pretty useless.
        The yogurt is suitable for vegetarians, but not for the lactose intolerant due to milk content!

        The yogurt, if you liked it, would be great for a mid afternoon snack, or even as a treat after you're lunch and tea. I dont think it would be very popular with children but if they did like it then it would a perfect lunch box filler, probably healthier than the usual chocolate dessert!
        For breakfast, this yogurt could be consumed in moderation along with a peice of toast of a bowl of cereal.

        However I don't think i'd recommend this yogurt, and I _definitly_ wont be trying again!!

        SweetTooth 93


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        28.05.2009 12:32
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Really very nice!

        As you may know from reading my previous reviews, I do like a nice Muller Crunch Corner - I just can't resist the chocolate! However, all the sunny weather we've been having recently made me gravitate towards the fruity 'Healthy Balance' Corners in the supermarket this week and the first one to bite the dust is the Tropical one.

        This comes in the usual flat, square-shaped split pot, with the yoghurt in the large corner and the 'crunch' in the smaller one. The Healthy Balance products in the Corner range have a lighter colour blue on the lid than the Crunch Corners, to reflect how much lighter they are in calories I guess. There is a white splurge of yoghurt to highlight the product name, and an image of the tropical crunch in the corner. The pot is designed so that the smaller corner can be folded over to pour the crunch onto the yoghurt, where they can be mixed in (you can of course eat the yoghurt and crunch separately if you wish).

        The yoghurt is low fat and probiotic, which seems a tasty way to get your 'good bacteria'. It is a smooth and very pale cream colour and has a slightly runny consistency. The crunch element is made up of little clusters of cereal and oats, stuck together with a honey coating, with some chunks of freeze-dried banana, papaya and pineapple mixed in. It's not quite as colourful and fresh-looking as the photo on the lid would suggest!

        The yoghurt tastes much more tangy and bitter than a usual Muller yoghurt but I guess this is because it's more natural and has fewer baddies in it to make it taste sweet and creamy. With the crunch mixed in however, the honey coating on the cereal and the extra sweet chunks of fruit sweeten up the overall effect nicely. This is one of the crunchiest Crunch Corners in my opinion as some of the bits of cereal are really quite hard, but at the same time the fruit chunks are really chewy, to the extent that they really stick in your teeth. Overall though I really enjoy the taste and texture of this yoghurt and I do feel a tiny bit smug that I'm eating something healthy whilst enjoying it so much.

        Each 150g pot provides 26% of your RDA of calcium (not stated whether this is for an adult of child so I presume adult) and contains 100% natural ingredients. Nutritional values are given per 100g which is a bit misleading - remember to add an extra 50% if you're eating the whole pot, which of course you will be. 100g provides 113 calories (so around 170 per pot) and contains 2.1g of fat. This is about 40-50 calories less than the average Crunch Corner with chocolate and I guess if you are watching what you eat anything you can shave off your calorie intake is good, so this would definitely make a healthy snack or pudding. It is suitable for vegetarians and contains milk, wheat, oats and barley, and may also contain traces of nuts.

        The other varieties of Healthy Balance Corner are Red Berry and Strawberry. As I mentioned, other Muller Corners available are the Fruit Corners and Crunch Corners. All the Corner yoghurts normally retail for around 55p, but there are often variations of the 5 for £1 type offers in the supermarket. Also available is a six pack of the Healthy Balance Corners, containing two of each, and this is what I bought for £2 in Tesco this week.

        More info can be found on the very colourful and exciting website: http://www.mullerdairy.co.uk/


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