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Muller Crunch Corner Choco Crunch Yoghurt

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4 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    4 Reviews
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      23.02.2010 14:46
      Very helpful



      Enjoy in moderation

      When it comes to the crunch, do you lick the lid?

      At the moment I'm ploughing my way through some of my favourite Muller crunch corners. These were on special offer at Tesco's earlier on this month, at a reasonable 8 yoghurts for £2. The Muller range of yoghurts (Muller rice, Muller light and Muller fruit and crunch corners) often seem to be on special offer at the major supermarkets, so if you are a fan like me, keep 'em peeled! The subject of this review, the Muller Crunch Corner, is a fairly simple combination, a creamy vanilla yoghurt combined with milk chocolate coated biscuits.

      In terms of the product design and layout, it the same as a standard Muller corner product (150 g), that contains the yoghurt in the larger compartment with the biscuity goodness in a small foldable compartment that can be easily transferred into the main yoghurt. The product foil label is fairly simplistic with the crunch corner and "choco crunch" text being immediately obvious. To tempt you into ripping off the foil lid, there is a picture on the right hand side of the lid of pieces of chocolate biscuit.

      Beneath the lid, you are greeted with an off white thickish yoghurt, some of which has stuck to the foil. The question of course is, do you lick the lid or not? As I am home alone at the moment, I do! The chocolate pieces in the smaller compartment appear surprisingly numerous and plentiful. Why do I get the feeling this product is not food for you?

      After transferring the biscuits into the yoghurt, I decided to give the mixture a good stir. The chocolate pieces become virtually submerged, with the odd piece that is still visible. The overall mixture looks very appetizing. Right from the first spoonful, I am greeted by a excellent combination of flavours. The vanilla yoghurt is lightly sweet and smooth, and the biscuit pieces are superbly chocolately and crunchy. As you can probably imagine, the yoghurt is incredibly moreish and did not last very long!

      For the health conscious, the nutritional information is given below:

      Typical values per 100 g
      Energy: 598 kJ (142 kcal)
      Protein: 4.0 g
      Carbohydrate: 19.6 g
      Of which sugars: 16.5 g
      Fat: 5.0 g
      Of which saturates: 2.9 g
      Fibre: 0.3 g
      Sodium: 0.1 g
      Calcium: 125 mg - 23% of recommended daily allowance per pot

      As you could have probably predicted, this yoghurt is pretty high on the carbohydrate and fat fronts, nearly 16.5% as sugars and nearly 3% as saturated fats. This is really no surprise when considering the number of biscuit pieces alone.

      So what do I think about this product? If you are a fan of the chocolate biscuits and yogurt combination, this product is most certainly for you. The combination is very flavoursome and moreish. However, as with a lot of products that taste sweet, it should be enjoyed in moderation due to the large sugar and saturated fat content. Don't forget to lick the lid!

      © CJG, 2010


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        23.12.2009 17:39
        Very helpful



        Lovely! :)

        I love yogurt and when Muller's first came I thought they were brilliant and still do!

        I love the idea of having two different compartments, one with creamy yogurt in and the other with tasty toppings, yum!

        One of my all-time favourites is Choco Crunch which is one of the newer flavours from the company with vanilla yogurt and milk chocolate coated biscuits...

        This combination is fantastic as it's so tasty and satisfying that the 150g fills even me up, lol!

        This Muller product comes under the 'Crunch Corner'' varieties, although this maker does loads of different types of desserts now so there's something for pretty much everyone :)

        The full prices of these are around 52p each, but there was an offer on at Morrisons at the moment for only 25p each - better than half price, so we have stocked up on loads of different types.

        Advertise as having no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives or artificial sweeteners and containing 23% of an adult's daily recommended calcium allowance, these can be a pretty healthy option apart from the 5.0g fat in each 100g.

        The calories are 142 per 100g so not that healthy then when you study the foil lined pot cover!

        With a whopping 16.5 g sugar per 100g this twin pot really isn't a good option for a dieter is it?!

        For any allergists it contains milk, gluten, soya and may contain nut traces...

        So to the taste it is very rich and strong with the vanilla flavour really coming through in the yogurt.

        The consistency is smooth and thick and very creamy and quite yellowy in colour.
        The little biscuits are crunchy and dry and sweet and the chocolate is tasty and quite thickly coated.

        I think the two flavours really compliment each other and I love the soft and hard textures, yum!

        This crunch corner snack smells gorgeous and natural and is well worth five full stars, a great addition to the moreish Muller family! :)


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          05.05.2009 19:06
          Very helpful



          Very tasty treat

          I'm supposed to be watching what I eat since I gave my diet a health kick and I needed something that can be a treat, so I opted to try a few different Muller Crunch Corners. The first I tried was this one which is described as a 'creamy vanilla yogurt with milk chocolate coated biscuits', sounds perfect I thought and well they don't taste bad at all.

          For those not familiar with Muller Corner yogurts, they are built in such a way that you can decide how much of the "treat" you can have with the yogurt as its stored in one corner of the pot which you can scoop out and drop them into the yogurt. However as this isn't a healthy yogurt, don't con yourself into thinking you're being healthy by not eating the entire treat, as the main calories are in the yogurt itself.

          The taste test- The yogurt itself is very creamy but is very rich in sugary taste, perfect for a sweet tooth, if you're the kind who likes a more natural tasting yogurt then avoid this brand, sweet tooth's keep reading!!. The yogurt is very very thick and has an off yellow colouring, so its shows its not anyway near a natural yogurt, it has a very sweet taste and to be honest its very moreish. The Choco crunch biscuits consist of about 20 small pieces, these are pillow shaped digestive type biscuit covered in milk chocolate. When you add these to the yoghurt it adds are very tasty sweet treat. The biscuits are very light and have a very nice crunch, not soft at all.

          Now for the bad side here are some of the main nutritional information-

          This is per 100g and the Pot is 150g
          Energy- 142Kcal
          Fat- 5.0g
          Saturate - 2.9g
          Sugars- 16.5g
          Calcium- 125mg which 23% of your recommended Daily Allowance

          The pack also likes to confirm it's free of artificial colours and preservatives. It also says it free from artificial sweeteners which is a good job with 16g of sugar it doesn't need any. Also I got these from ASDA as a multipack for £1.99 for 8, not sure if they sell them singular might be little harder to track them down.

          A very enjoyable snack that will pile on the pounds if you get to attached to them, keep them occasional and you won't have to feel any guilt


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            09.02.2009 18:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            I would recommend this yogurt.

            I had forgotten all about this yogurt until I was reviewing the recent Muller Crunch Corners that I have tried and saw someone else's review of this one. As I read it, the flavour came flooding back to me. This is a delicious dessert. I would love to eat one right now!

            The yogurt on this crunch corner is much like most of them in this group from Muller. It is very thick and creamy. It is a little too creamy for my liking and as a result it tastes slightly synthetic. I prefer the dryer texture of live yogurt to the creamy smooth almost silky nature of this yogurt.

            The corner holds a lovely deep rich chocolate taste - mmmm! The bits of crunchy because there is a biscuit texture to them. However, the taste is just pure chocolate! I love that you get a really good crunchy texture and yet it does not detract from the flavour of the chocoalte, which surprisingly is quite good quality. I would not necessarily say it is the best chocolate and eating them on their own does not do much for me but if you mix them in with the yogurt, the overall flavour is great. The different textures also work well together and a mouthful is a real treat!

            Muller's website says that the calories are over 200, just like the other crunch corners. Depressing, but they are tasty!


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