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Muller Crunch Corner Chocolate Digestive Yoghurt

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9 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurt

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    9 Reviews
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      19.04.2010 12:12
      Very helpful




      I do like desserts like these kind of ones, but over the last few years i've not ate them that much. Not really sure why, but thesedays I find i'm having some Mulelr Corner ever other day.

      I'd had this one before but just had it again the other day. This is found in the chiller part of a shop next to all the other refridgerated Desserts. These cost 55p thesedays, which is a lot more expensive than what I could remember, but we got a 4 for £2 offer, so a little bit of a saving.

      This is just served in a plastic dish which you can just eat it out of. There is a larger compartment which has the Natural Plain Yoghurt in it, and the smaller compartment has the flavouring which in this case it the Chocolate covered Digestive Balls. The lid is just a thin foil lid which is alright as it covers it how I guess it should. Looks nice enough with the picture of the product on the front.

      This is a nice enough dessert. There is a good amount of the Milk Chocolate Balls, but it would be nice if there was a bit more. When you mix the balls into the yoghurt and eat then you can taste the slight tartness of the Yoghurt, the sweetness of the Milk Chocolate and the malty and slighty salty taste of the Digestive Biscuits.

      I wouldn't say this is my favourite Muller Corner, as I quite like the fruit ones, but this is nice if you want one that has Chocolate in it.


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      19.03.2010 12:24
      Very helpful



      The milk chocolate digestive biscuit balls make this a delicious yoghurt

      This is one of my favourite from the Muller range and is one of the yoghurts that I eat most often. It's in the Crunch Corner range so it's similar to the Corner range where they have a separate corner of the pot with a different ingredient in, but this one has a crunchy ingredient instead.

      The yoghurt in this one is a creamy vanilla flavour and is quite sweet and thick. The extra tasty ingredient is in a separate little compartment in one corner of the pot and this one contains lots of small digestive biscuit balls coated in milk chocolate. The balls are really crunchy and they are really good quality. The pots used to have the McVitie's symbol on but I don't think it does anymore. However, the biscuit balls are still delicious and I can imagine them being made by McVitie's as they are a great quality and have the same taste and texture as their milk chocolate digestive biscuits do.

      The balls mix really well with the vanilla flavoured yoghurt as it's quite plain so doesn't take the taste of the chocolate balls away but compliments it really nicely.

      These come in individual pots which make them great for a packed lunchbox or any other lunch when you're not at home. The pots are quite big though so they do take up a bit of room but the yoghurts are very filling so can also be eaten as a snack between meals.

      These usually cost around 50p per pot which is a lot for a yoghurt but the quality and taste is worth it for these. They're often in some sort of offer or they can be bought in the large packs of Muller yoghurts where you get a range of different Crunch Corner yoghurts in one big pack.

      If you haven't tried this variety yet I really would recommend you do. This is a delicious yoghurt dessert and the chocolate balls are so tasty.


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      22.09.2009 10:23



      Good new corner!

      I started eating the crunch corner range of yoghurts a couple of years ago to bulk out my lunch box and give me an evening snack to tide me over between dinner and bed time. I always buy the multipack, the first ever multi pack they bought out with the standard variety of yoghurts in (banana and flakes, toffee and hoops, and vanilla and choco balls) recently muller bought out a new multi pack which contained this crunch corner, with digestive biscuits in, I tried it and am now reviewing it!

      Crunhc corners come in square shaped plastic containers. They are split diagonally by a line which makes them easy to snap in half or fold. The two sizes are not equal in size, the yoghurt 'half' is bigger and the sweet pudding 'half' is smaller. I always take the lid off, snap mine in half and pour the sweet half into the yoghurt half and mix it up then eat it. You can eat the two halfs separately if you want, but then it defeats the purpose of and you may aswell just buy some chocolates and a normal yoghurt.

      The yoghurt is creamy but not too thick or set. It is not sickly either, or too runny. The yoghurt is nice and sweet and compliments the added in digestives perfectly. The digestives are small rectangular shapes coated in milk chocolate. They digestives inside the chocolate are crumbly and sweet and are held together nicely by the chocolate around them.

      The taste of the milk chocolate, and the yoghurt and the sweet biscuit are lovely all together. The textures also compliment each other, you have the smooth thin yoghurt and then the crunchie biscuits mixed up inside. I really like this yoghurt, it makes a nice change from the usual crunch corners, I hope Muller stick with this one.


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      31.08.2009 16:25
      Very helpful



      Muller Crunch Corner with Choccie Digestive

      I got these at the same time as I got the Strawberry Muller Crunch Corner and am hoping that these prove to be better on the taste front....


      These came in trial packs of 3 at my local corner shop. The outer plastic sleeve is mainly purple with a picture of lots of little chocolate balls. Towards the right there's a wedge of yellow which has "3 for £1 Great Value Trial Pack" written on it.
      On opening the outer sleeve there are 3 pots of the yogurt. The pots are basically a square piece of plastic with a small self contained triangle in one corner which holds the "crumble". There is a small gap between this and the larger triangle which contains the vanilla yogurt. The "pot" is covered with a lid which tells you the nutritional information (again), the weight (150g) and the fact that the product will provide you with 23% of your RDA of calcium.
      The product is described as "Creamy Vanilla flavour yogurt with Milk Chocolate Coated Digestive biscuit balls"

      The ingredients for this flavour are: Yogurt, Water, Sugar,Wheat Flour, Cocoa Powder, Milk Powder, Modified Maize Starch, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Mass, Whey Powder, Lactose, Barley, Malt, Flavourings, Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Emulsifier: Soya Lechithins, Treacle. Milk Chocolate coated digestive biscuits (11%)

      Nutritional Information per 100g

      Energy kJ: 625kJ
      kcal: 149kcal
      Protein: 4.0g
      Carbohydrate: 20.1g
      of which total sugars: 17.1g
      Fat: 5.5g
      (of which saturates): 3.3g
      Fibre: 0.2g
      Sodium: 0.1g
      Calcium: 125mg

      Allergy information: Contains milk, wheat & barley (gluten) and soya. May contain nut and/or egg traces.
      Suitable for vegetarians
      No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. A natural source of calcium.

      The Yogurt:

      Once you've pulled the lid off you'll see the almost slightly off white looking yogurt. You can smell a slight vanilla aroma which odd as it's not listed in the ingredients (perhaps it's covered under "flavourings"?). In the smaller section the crumble just looks like little balls of chocolate and looks far more appetising that the crumble in the Strawberry version of this dessert did.


      So, as with the Strawberry version there's a choice! Do you:-

      + Eat the yogurt & crumble separately?
      + Spoon the crumble into the yogurt & mix then together?
      + Take some crumble onto your spoon then dip into the yogurt & eat them together off the spoon?

      Again, as with the Strawberry, I'd be tempted to spoon the crumble into the yogurt and mix it all together but then I wouldn't be able to tell what the separate elements tasted of. So....

      The crumble tastes just what it looks like actually ~ small round bits of chocolate covered biscuit. It feels a bit strange picking two or three of these out of the pot to test them when I'm used to taking a bite out of a normal sized chocolate digestive biscuit. I'd say that you get more of a chocolate taste with these small balls & less taste of the biscuit base than you do with normal digestives. Still, they're actually rather nice and easily preferable to the crappy crumble that was present in the Strawberry version.

      The yogurt looks very smooth and creamy. There's no fruit or anything else in it. It tastes very smooth and is vanilla flavoured (as stated on the lid) although this is not overpowering or oversweet. It's not the tastiest yogurt in the world (I've always felt a bit ambivalent about vanilla) but it's very pleasant rather than great.

      Time to mix the crumble and yogurt together now then! I tip the crumble into the yogurt and mix for a while. It just looks very odd as there are these slightly darker objects you can see lurking under the surface. I finish the rest of the yogurt off and don't actually think that mixing the crumble with the yogurt adds anything to the eating experience. It doesn't detract from it either. If you're the sort of person that enjoys contrasting consistencies then you'll probably love this but, frankly, I'd be more than happy to eat the yogurt and the crumble separately.


      At time of writing I got a 2 packs of these (6 yogurts in all) for £1 at my local corner shop. Mind you they were shortdated & had to be eaten within a week......


      Due to the fact that the crumble here is so much better than the one in the Strawberry flavour this gets a huge thumbs up from me. In general, I prefer the Strawberry yogurt in the other product to the vanilla one in this, but what advantage the strawberry has over the vanilla is more than offset by the fact that the chocolate digestive biscuit balls are so much better here than the crappy crumble in the Strawberry flavour.
      This yogurt has slightly more sugar than its Strawberry counterpart but will provide you with 4% more of your RDA of calcium. Like the strawberry flavour there's no aspartame or gelatine to worry about although it's obviously higher in fat content than the Muller Light Yogurts are.
      I'd be quite happy to buy these again, but, for the ones I have left I think I'll be eating the yogurt and the crumble separately rather than mixing them up.....


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        05.07.2009 20:09




        As a child I loved crunch corners, often devouring more than 1 a day. Since then however, Muller have produced a large number of newer corners, in lots of delightful flavours. One of the ones I hadn't tried untill a couple of days ago was in fact the one I am going to be reviewing today.
        Discovering the amazing offer for 10 corners for £2 a couple of weeks ago in Asda, I was delighted and straight away took them up on the offer. Among the various fruit,crunch and dessert corners I flung into the trolley, there was the "Milk chocolate digestive corner". Being a huge fan of chocolate, digestives and yogurt, I was more than happy to sample, and so I bought 2!
        Individually a corner sells for 54p. Quite expensive for a single yogurt, but for what you get it isn't actually to bad!

        The foil lid is the only way to determine each crunch corner.
        This particular lid, is just as attractive as the various others you can get. The main colour being a deep brownish red colour, quite attractive really. MULLER is written in the very recognisable white writing with red background, and underneith "corner" is written in red writing. Under this, there is a slight difference to the other corners. This one states "with MCVITIES milk chocolate digestives", being a fan of chocolate digestives, I was getting quite excited. In the top right hand corner of the pot, the illusion is given that the foil lid is being peeled back, revealing a delicious looking serving of milk chocolate balls. In the bottom left hand corner is a fairly large picture of a spoonful of the pudding- a delicious looking yogurt, very white in colour, topped with a helping of the chocolate balls. In the picture the balls looked quite big, making the corner all the more exciting!
        I have to admit that the product description on the pot didn't thrill me all too much- Thick and creamy vanilla flavour yogurt with a seperate helping of milk chocolate coated biscuit balls. Not to exciting, but definitly delicious sounding.

        Peeling off the foil lid, my eyes were met with a delightful sight. A delicious looking, thick and creamy yogurt, bright white in colour. The yogurt looked alot thicker than most other corners I have indulged in, and I was quite looking forward to sampling. In the small triangle, a helping of milk chocolate balls were sat. Inside the chocolate balls, they would contain a digestive biscuit ball, something I found quite intreuging- how did they squash digestive biscuits into mini balls? Anyway...moving on. When I opened the lid, a sweet vanilla smell hit me immediatly. It started off quite a mild smell, and it didn't actually seem to get any stronger. None the less, it was enough to get me craving the yogurt all the more..

        I dunked my spoon into the bright white yogurt. The spooned eased through, even though the yogurt was quite thick. I spooned some of the glorius looking yogurt into my mouth, and I was immediatly impressed. The yogurt was none of this bitter tasting "rubbish". No way, the taste was strongly of vanilla, very creamy with a slight sweetness. The vanilla yogurt resembled the Muller Light Vanilla, however it was slightly thicker and alot creamier too!
        Moving over to the chocolate balls, I spooned some up. Popping them into my mouth, my tastebuds were hit with an instant chocolate taste. Not overly creamy chocolate, but it was delicious none the less . Before all the chocolate had melted, and before the digestive biscuit balls had gone soggy, I crunched into them. They were infact very crunchy, and did surprisingly taste quite similar to digestive biscuits.
        After I had sampled both sections seperatly, I tipped the remaining chocolate digestive balls into the yogurt and gave a little mix. Spooning some of the scrumptious looking mixture into my mouth, I was presented with a _scrumptious_ taste. The creamy vanilla yogurt was the first thing that I tasted, the same wonderful taste as before. Then the balls came through, only the chocolate taste wasn't so clear but the digestive biscuits were wonderful!

        Overall, I had thoroughly enjoyed this yogurt, and was definitly one of my favourites. I found the yogurt to be alot creamier than some of the other corners, and there seemed to a large quantity of the digestive balls. Although the chocolate wasn't the best i've ever tasted, it didn't taste cheap, and I did enjoy it alot.

        After I had indulged in the scrumptious pudding, I retired to the Muller website to find out more about the nutrition information. I say the Muller website, as gaining some information from the pot of the corner is almost impossible! The information is not only stated in 100g, which is pretty useless as the corner is 150g, but it is printed in tiny black writing, which you would need a magnifying glass to read!
        The Muller website comfirmed my first thoughts. This was not a healthy pudding by any stretch of the imagination. Infact, the 150g corner contains 224 calories and 8.3g of fat. I wasn't expecting it to be low in values, as first of all it is not low fat yogurt, and second of all, chocolate isn't the lowest in calories and fat either!

        Overall I would definitly reccomend this corner. It is one of favourites, and definitly tops the similar corner, "Vanilla Choco Balls". The yogurt seems to taste nicer than the other vanilla yogurts, and the chocolate digestive biscuit balls are of a really high quality. The corner is suitable for all ages, and proves to be very popular with young children. The corner would be suitable for a pudding after lunch or dinner, or a mid afternoon snack, perfect for curbing that sweet craving!
        I suppose the crunch corner would be suitable for a breakfast treat, though I wouldn't reccomend this on a daily basis, and perhaps, a fruit corner would be a better idea.

        5 Sense Summary-
        *Sound- slight crunch of biscuits
        *Texture- smooth and creamy yogurt, and crunchy milk chocolate balls
        *Sight- bright white yogurt, large quantity of milk chocolate covered balls
        *Scent- slight vanilla smell
        *Taste- Delicious creamy vanilla yogurt, gorgeous milk chocolate covered digestive biscuits.

        SweetTooth 93


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        17.02.2009 12:05
        Very helpful



        another great yoghurt from the Muller range

        I remember when yoghurts were first properly intriduced to the UK on the 1960's & 70's - they were watery, oversweet & pretty disgusting really.

        How things have changed! I actually like yoghurt now & a few years ago I bought an Easiyo yoghurt-maker so I could make my own but there's a limit to how many flavours that you can make with it so I buy them when they're on offer.

        I saw these Muller ones for sale - 5 for £1.50 at Iceland & they looked very tempting so I stocked up for half-term for a treat.

        I hadn't come across the ones with milk chocolate digestive before but having tried quite a variety of Mullers I thought they'd make a change.

        The container is just as shown in the photo & has a sturdy base with a peel-back foil lid. The pot is 150g & on the lid it lists all the ingredients & nutritional information plus the following -

        - 23% of calcium RDA
        - no artificial colours/ preservatives
        - no artificial sweeteners

        Sounds good but for those watching their weight it tells you that each 100g has 149 calories & 5.5g of fat - so this isn't the healthiest yoghurt around.

        When you peel back the lid the smell of yoghurt & chocolate really smells good enough to eat!

        The plastic container comprises 2 parts - 1 with the creamy off-white yoghurt & the other which contains a good handful of little chocolate balls, which when you bite into them are quite crunchy & have a definte taste of chocolate digestives!

        I love food with different tastes & textures & this, in my opinion, is a perfect combination of smooth tasty yoghurt with the crunchy balls.

        Although I can't find vanilla listed amongst the ingredients, to me the yoghurt has a vanilla taste which is sweet but not overly so. I gave it a quick stir, after licking the lid of course, & was pleased with the texture which is thicker than many yoghurts but thinner than my Easiyo ones.

        I know people have different ways of tucking into these types - personally I like half a teaspoon of balls alongside some of the yoghurt - I don't put them all in the yoghurt side - that way you get the full benefit of the textures.

        The chocolate digestive balls are a great idea - they really do have the flavour & texture of a biscuit - clever Muller!

        If you fancy something sweet I'd recommend these - they are quite filling & I'm sure would satisfy any sweet tooth.

        The other thing I like is the design - maybe it's just me - but I have to sit down & relax with one of these as they aren't the sort you'd want to eat in a hurry!

        - not the cheapest yoghurts around - worth looking out for offers.
        - not the healthiest ones either but VERY tasty.
        - super combination of colours, taste & texture.
        - if you like other Mullers I'd recommend these.


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          09.02.2009 16:00
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Highly recommended!

          This is definitely the best Crunch Corner you can get. I think the fact they have actual genuine McVities Milk chocolate digestives means that the biscuit part is spot on perfect! I am not a fan of Muller yogurt but crunch corners are lovely because they contain a real dessert-style treat on the side.

          The yogurt itself is not my personal favourite. It is slightly sweet and a bit too thick and creamy. However, it does go really well as a base for the milk chocolate digestive balls. These balls are really crunchy and full of cereal flavour, just like digestive biscuits. There is just enough chocolate on them to make them deliciously tasty without being too sweet. I could eat a bowl of these little balls on their own, without the yogurt! They would make a great topping for ice cream!

          There are 224 calories per pot so I tend to think of this as a chocolate treat rather than a yogurt. There are enough chocolate digestive bits to fill you up and satisfy any sugar craving you might have. I would not have this as a regular yogurt because it is just too high in calories. Delicious though!

          This is the best Crunch Corner that Muller produce. Once you've tasted them, all the others just pale into insignificance!


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            03.10.2008 16:32
            Very helpful



            absolutely delicious.

            Milk chocolate digestive balls, with a separate helping of vanilla flavour yogurt, is a wonderful combination, I have been quite lucky buying these lately as Morrison's a had a great offer were you could buy 10 for £2.00 but that offer has ended, but to my greatest pleasure I popped in to tesco and they had them on offer for 5 for a £1. The normal recommended price for the yogurts is 53p each for a 150g tub. As much as I love them I would not pay 53p for one.

            The vanilla yogurt is quite thick not like some cheaper yogurts you buy, and the chocolate balls all coated in milk chocolate, tipped together is a taste sensation.

            Muller has a great range of yogurts to choose from, especially in the corner range but I do prefer the crunch corner ones, the other ranges are fruit corner and healthy balance corner which gives you 18 varieties to choose from.


            The yogurt comes in a square shaped pot which is split into two sections one triangular larger section for the creamy vanilla yogurt, and a smaller triangular shaped one for the digestive balls, so you can mix it up any way you like it. The small triangular shaped part can be easily tipped without making any mess. The lid is tin foil and pulls back very easily.


            Yogurt, Sugar, Water, Wheat Flour, Cocoa Powder, Milk Powder, Modified Maize Starch, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Mass, Whey Powder, Lactose, Barley Malt, Flavourings, Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithins; Treacle.
            Milk Chocolate coated digestive biscuits (11%)

            *suitable for vegetarians

            Contains Milk, Wheat & Barley (Gluten) and Soya
            May contain Nut and/or Egg traces.

            This was not a healthy pudding as the calorific contents are displayed in 100g and the pot being 150g means there are a whopping 224 calories per pot and 8.3g of fat. Although it does give you 23% calcium of your RDA.


            Ludwig Muller first established his dairy in a little Bavarian village in 1896, today his grandson Theo runs the hugely successful business, Theo has run the business since 1970, and recognised that the popularity of his dairy products could be a national success, the company began to grow very quickly and in 1980s it launched the famous split pot which soon became loved all around the world.

            Overall I find these yogurts irresistible, they don't stay in our fridge for long, every one in the house goes straight for the digestive ones before eating any others, I can't blame them really as who could resist them.


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              27.08.2008 23:59
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Great yogurt, very yummy

              I'm not normally a huge fan of yogurts but I really do like the Muller Crunch Corner brand. They make yogurt interesting rather than being just bone plain boring flavour as they include little crunchy bits to add to it. Anyway I decided to buy some a few days ago because they are on offer at Tesco, 4 for £2 which is quite good for these yogurts, although they are normally only 53p each so not a big save every little helps and besides they are really tasty so it isn't hard to eat them all.

              There are an awful lot of Muller Corners to chose from but I chose this Muller Crunch Corner Chocolate Digestive Yogurt because I really like chocolate digestive biscuits and they sounded pretty nice with yogurt. They are packaged in a little white plastic pot with two sections, both triangles one of which is a bit bigger than the other. On top of these is a foil lid which is the only thing that differs with the different varieties, all of the others have exactly the same plastic pot underneath. Anyway the foil wrapper is blue with a brown section made up of a picture of the little digestive biscuit balls. In the centre there is a large white splash which looks like the yogurt. It has the Muller logo on it as well as the name of the product. In the blue bit at the bottom the ingredients and nutritional information are written in really small font. There is also a description of the yogurt which says "Creamy vanilla flavour yogurt with milk chocolate coated digestive biscuit balls", sounds good to me.

              I like to include the ingredients in my reviews because they are useful for those who suffer from food allergies, anyway these yogurts are made from:
              Yogurt, Sugar, Water, Wheat Flour, Cocoa Powder, Milk Powder, Modified Maize Starch, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Mass, Whey Powder, Lactose, Barley Malt, Flavourings, Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithins, Treacle, Milk Chocolate coated Digestive Biscuits (11%)

              Which means that they contain Barley, Gluten, Milk, Soya\Soybeans and Wheat plus they may contain Eggs and Nuts. On the positive side though they are Free From Artificial Colours, Artificial Preservatives and Artificial Sweeteners.

              Now then the scary bit, just how unhealthy are these yogurts? Well here are the nutritional values for each 100g but remember that each yogurt is 150g!:
              Energy 625kJ and 149kcal
              Protein 4.0g
              Carbohydrate 20.1g
              of which sugars 17.1g
              Fat 5.5g
              of which saturates 3.3g
              Fibre 0.2g
              Sodium 0.1g
              Calcium 125mg (23% of your recommended daily allowance)

              As you can see the sugar and fat are quite high and they do contain a lot of calories but they are not the worst yogurt I have seen, still be careful of how many you eat as the sugar is very, very high.

              Once you have peeled back the lid you can see the white plastic tray more easily and you will realise that the left half is full of vanilla yogurt which is white and the right half which happens to be a bit smaller is full of little chocolate coated digestive biscuit balls. The yogurt smelt nicely of vanilla and when I tasted some it had a nice mild vanilla taste to it as well. It was quite thick unlike some poorer quality yogurts you can buy which end up running everywhere like water. The biscuits were really nice too, they were very sweet and had a lovely chocolate taste about them, as an added plus the chocolate does taste good quality and is very pleasant. The digestive biscuits tend to crunch and are the sweet part of the ball.

              Most people like to mix the two parts together which is quite simple, there's no messy spooning the chocolate out and into the yogurt, you simple bend the pot along the triangle line and tip the chocolate balls into yogurt. That is why I like this brand of yogurts so much because it is easy to add the nice extra filling to the yogurt without getting into a mess. The taste of the two together is great, the smooth vanilla yogurt really does go well with crunch of the balls. The chocolate is a little less distinguishable now that it has been mixed in but it's still a lovely mixture and a real treat for your taste buds.

              Overall I think that these are a great snack for anybody who loves chocolate digestives and yogurt plus they are great to put into lunch boxes for kids and are fun to eat however please be careful of this product if you do have food allergies. I give it 10 out of 10 because it really did well with the chocolate digestives.


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