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Muller Crunch Corner Strawberry Crumble Yoghurt

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    6 Reviews
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      03.09.2009 12:38
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      One that I may eat now and again.

      As a company Muller have gone all out to promote their massive range of dessert products and I think they are making a good job of it.
      The last Muller product that I reviewed was the Muller Healthy Balance and although there is no doubt that they are fairly low in calories and fat I could not describe them as being among one of my favourites.
      I like to ring the changes and today I bought three Muller crunch corner strawberry crumbles for £1.
      The Other Half is not a fan of these type of desserts so the pleasure is all mine.

      The Muller crunch corner strawberry crumbles are presented like every other Muller pudding.
      The white plastic twin pot contains a strawberry compote which is covered in creamy custard style yoghurt in one side and then the buttery crumble sits in the other side of the pot.
      Muller have given the dessert their usual easy peel foil lid and the lid is packed with information concerning the contents of the pot.

      As I slid the lid back I liked what I saw, the custard style yoghurt was thick, creamy and a very pleasant rich yellowy colour. The butter crumble however looked a bit dry, the tiny pieces of crumble rattled around in the tray and they looked a little bit like mini - bits of rusk.
      The whole Muller dessert smelt good, I was able to smell the strawberry straight away.

      I wanted the crunchy crumble to stay crunchy, I thought the whole effect would have been spoilt if I had just tipped the crumble straight into the pot of yoghurt and fruit compote.

      When I put my spoon into the custard yoghurt I was more than pleased, it was as thick as it looked , I could smell vanilla essence and laying underneath the creamy yoghurt was a delightful heap of strawberry compote.
      As I stirred the two together a few lumps of strawberry came to the surface and there was no shortage of compote either. Strawberry compote or jam can often taste and smell very artificial but that nasty tang is not there. The yoghurt and the compote blend well and the two compliment one another perfectly.
      It would be all too easy to think that the mixture would be far too sweet but Muller have managed to avoid this. Though the dessert tastes exceptionally smooth it is definitely not too sweet.

      I incorporated the crumble by dipping the edge of my teaspoon into the Muller custard style yoghurt and then dipping it for a second time into the small pot of crumble.
      The tiny pieces of crumble clung well to the yoghurt and when I ate the two together the crumble stayed crunchy. I have to say that the crumble was far sweeter than the yoghurt and it was lovely and buttery.

      Consequently I enjoyed my Muller crunch corner, granted the whole experience was over in a couple of minutes but it was a positive one.

      Now we have to get down to brass tacks and look at the nutritional values.
      Believe it or not this small pot contains somewhere in the region of 230 calories ! That seems very high for such a small portion and as expected it is high in sugar.
      The pot contains 19% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, Muller have added no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives either.

      I enjoyed my Muller strawberry crunch corner, in fact I could easily enjoy another but given the calorie count I think I will forget that one !
      But in all honesty the dessert was good and I would hapilly buy them again but I will have to limit these to one per day.


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        27.08.2009 12:46
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        Not a great one in the Muller range

        I'd never tried a Muller Crunch Corner before but when I spotted an offer in my local corner shop for 5 of the Strawberry flavour I decided to take the plunge and try them.


        These were available as singles in my local corner shop and they come in the usual Muller corner container. This is basically a square piece of plastic with a small self contained triangle in one corner which holds the "crumble". There is a small gap between this and the larger triangle which contains the strawberry yogurt. The "pot" is covered with a lid which tells you the nutritional information (again), the weight (150g) and the fact that the product will provide you with 19% of your RDA of calcium.
        The product is described as "Strawberry compote covered in creamy custard style yogurt with butter crumble"

        The ingredients for this flavour are: Yogurt, Water, Sugar, Strawberries (7%), Wheat Flour, Butter (2.5%), Modified Maize Starch, Flavourings, Colours: Beetroot Red Carotenes; Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrates; Stabilisers: Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum; Butter Crumble (12%).

        Nutritional Information per 100g

        Energy kJ: 655kJ
        kcal: 156kcal
        Protein: 3.6g
        Carbohydrate: 22.2g
        of which total sugars: 16.1g
        Fat: 5.6g
        (of which saturates): 3.5g
        Fibre: 0.4g
        Sodium: 0.1g
        Calcium: 104mg

        Allergy information: Contains milk and wheat (gluten). May contain nut traces.
        Suitable for vegetarians
        No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. A natural source of calcium

        The Yogurt:

        Once you've pulled the lid off you'll see the almost slightly off white looking yogurt. You'd think with it being strawberry that it may look red or pink but this isn't the case. If anything it looks closer to a very pale yellowey-orange. This has a slight aroma but nothing overpowering and I wouldn't say it's even identifiable as strawberry. The crumble just looks a bit odd, like small compacted little pieces of Rice Krispies really.


        So, a choice! Do you:-

        + Eat the yogurt & crumble separately?
        + Spoon the crumble into the yogurt & mix then together?
        + Take some crumble onto your spoon then dip into the yogurt & eat them together off the spoon?

        Oh, the decisions!

        Personally I'd be tempted to spoon the crumble into the yogurt and mix it all together but then I wouldn't be able to tell what the separate elements tasted of. So....

        The crumble tastes like small bits of biscuit actually. Except that it's harder than most of the biscuits on the market! It's got a slightly sweet edge to it but it's not sickly or anything. Could I munch my way through the whole heap of crumble on its own? Probably, but I don't think it would be the best taste experience ever. It's got a sort of consistency that's not overly pleasing to the palate if I'm honest.

        The yogurt looks very smooth and creamy. I can't see any fruit in it whatsoever and wonder whether there's any lurking under the surface. I push my spoon in and realise there's some strawberry sauce type affair underneath the top layer of yogurt but no bits whatsoever. The yogurt tastes quite fruity, it's very smooth and has a very slight sweet aftertaste.

        Time to mix the crumble and yogurt together now then! I tip the crumble into the yogurt and mix for a while. The yogurt goes a rather delicate shade of pink due to the strawberry sauce that was lurking under the surface. You can see the bits of crumble in the chocolate and, to my mind, it makes the whole thing look slightly less appetising. I taste a couple of spoonfuls and whilst the yogurt tastes nice now that the strawberry sauce is all mixed in I'm not at all keen on the yogurt and crumble combination. True, the crumble is easier to eat when its consistency is covered up by the yogurt but adding it to the yogurt doesn't improve the eating experience at all. Memo to self:- with remaining Strawberry corners just eat the yogurt and leave the crumble!


        At time of writing I got a 5 of these in my local shop for £1.00. Supermarkets no doubt charge more.


        This has actually got a higher percentage of sugar than the Muller Corner but it doesn't taste noticeably sweeter. As I said above, the yogurt itself is quite fruity, but, on its own it doesn't taste quite as good as the Muller Corner Strawberry flavour. Adding the crumble just ruins the whole thing in my opinion so I shouldn't think I'll be purchasing any more of these in a hurry. Muller Corner is definitely superior in every way from a taste point of view.
        As with Muller Corner this doesn't contain any gelatine or aspartame which is a plus point for those of you avoiding those things but the sugar content is a little steep at just over 16%.
        Overall then, not a product worth buying for the yogurt part alone.


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          05.07.2009 20:33
          Very helpful




          In Asda last week I hopped off to the yogurt aisle in search of some delicious yogurts to do me after lunch every day. I was about to opt for the Muller Lights when something caught my eye. A red plastic sign read "10 Muller corners for £2". Considering that each single corner was selling for 54p each, I decided this was an offer to good to miss and selected ten corners, plopping into the trolley.
          I selected afew of each type, fruit corners, crunch corners, and a couple of the scrumtious looking dessert corners.

          One of the yogurts I chose, was the Strawberry Crumble Dessert Corner.

          The lid of the yogurt is the only thing to distinguish the corners from each other, as the white pots are all identical to each other. This particular corner was a bright pink colour, extremely attractive to the eye. I can imagine this particular dessert corner would be popular more with girls than boys, especially little school children who want anything and everything pink!
          As I said the foil lid is a beautiful pink colour, with the muller logo on. Underneith this is states the flavour this being , 'Strawberry crumble". And under this it gives a mouth watering description of the pudding in question; "Thick and creamy custard style yogurt, layered over strawberry fruit peices in syrup with a seperate helping of butter crumble". The description was enough to make me through 2 into the trolley. In the top left hand corner is an illusion that the lid is being pealed back, revealing a crumble section. This is quite a clever focus to the pot, and allows you to see what size the crumble will be. The other picture on the lid is a delicious looking spoonful of all three combinations put together, a delicious looking creamy yogurt, a sticky looking strawberry sauce and some golden looking peices of crumble. Delicious I though, and couldn't wait to get home to try!

          One thing I did find difficult to read on the attractive pink lid, was the nutrition information. The information is written in tiny writing which is very difficult to read. Straining my eyes, I noticed the details were given per 100g, which was pretty useless to me, as the corner was 150g. After looking online however my worst fears were met. These yogurts were by no means healthy, apart from sourcing some calcium. I was quite surprised to discover that each corner contained a whopping 236 calories and 8.4g of fat. I was expecting the calorie content to be mid-late 100's but shooting past the two hundred mark was quite a scary prospect, I didn't let this put me off though.

          After lunch the following day I retired to the fridge in search of something to satisfy my sweettooth that called out for a treat. I was presented with a huge array of the corner we had bought yesterday, however the one that stood out most was the "Strawberry Crumble" dessert corner. I plucked it from the fridge, sat down at the breakfast bar with my spoon and delved in..

          I peeled back the pink foil lid and scraped the small amount of yogurt which had been plastered to the lid back into the yogurt. The yogurt itself, sat in the larger triangle section, a very pale pink colour. Mixed in with the yogurt there was a clear reddish-pinkish sauce type substance seeping up through the surface, looking quite delicious I think this is what turned the yogurt a slight pink colour. In the smaller triangle compartment, was a helping of some scrumptious looking crumble. The crumble was quite light in colour though, and this didn't impress me to much as I liked my crumble slightly browned on the top. A slightly strawberry scent was the only one I could really detect, however a slight butteriness rose from the pot, most likely from the crumble section! I tried not too let this put me off and I began to dig in...

          First I sampled a spoonful of the yogurt, without the sauce. The yogurt was definitly as the lid had stated "thick and creamy custard style", although it didn't taste exactly like custard, it definitly resembled it. My next spoonful contained the yogurt _and_ the syrup type sauce. When I scooped it up I noticed it was more of a red colour than pink. It was delicious mixed with creamy yogurt, and somewhat resembled a strawberry fruit corner.
          I spooned up some of the crumble and popped it into my mouth. It was gorgeous, tasting similar to the crumble you get on top of a pudding! It tasted very buttery, however it was very sweet and I could definitly taste a thin sugar coating on the small crunchy peices.
          I scooped some more of the crumble onto the spoon and then added some of the yogurt to the top of the spoonful. The two combinations were delicious together, however I think I preferred eating seperately.

          5 Sense Summary-
          *Sound- n/a
          *Texture- smooth yogurt, sticky syrup,crunchy crumble
          *Sight- very pale pink yogurt, bright red/pink syrup sauce, pale looking sugary crumble
          *Scent- slightly strawberry, butter
          *Taste- gorgeous smooth and creamy yogurt, strawberry sauce, buttery sugary crumble

          Overall I would definitly reccomend this yogu rt. It makes a delicious pudding and could also stand for a decent, scrumptious afternoon snack. Although the pot is big it is fairly suitable to take in your bag or lunchbox for a snack with you'r lunch!

          SweetTooth 93


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          27.02.2009 17:09
          Very helpful



          A little pot of heaven

          I am a Muller yoghurt lover I must admit, so when these appeared on the shelves a few years back I couldn't wait to try them.

          Well I must confess that since then I am hooked! I have tried most of the different flavours but this is my favourite by far.
          I sometimes buy the multi-packs where you get 2 of these strawberry crumble ones included, and they are always the first ones I eat (incase anyone else gets to them before me lol ).
          Most of the time I buy the individual pots though, and I love it when Morrisons has a 'buy 10 for £2 ' offer, only trouble is then my fridge is full of yoghurts, with little room for anything else!

          It has a thick creamy custard style yoghurt with strawberry compote, and a separate helping of butter crumble - yum! It tastes delicious, very smooth and creamy.

          They come in 150g pots and contain 156 calories per 100g, but i see it as a treat (instead of eating that cadbury's twirl!).

          The lid on the packaging has changed recently so its not like the picture shown anymore, but a blue label with red & white writing and a picture of a strawberry and crumble.

          The prices of these vary as they are often on promotion in the supermarket, you can pay from 29 - 39p for one of these, but they also feature in the Muller healthy balance multipacks of 6, along the red berries variety and strawberry.

          Is this the best yoghurt ever? - I think so!


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            09.02.2009 18:42
            Very helpful
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            Highly recommended!

            I was quite impressed with this strawberry crumble yogurt from Muller, even though it was not what I was expecting. Even though the picture on the lid shows a creamy yogurt with dark red swirls of sauce, I still imagined that what I would find would be a consistent pink yogurt. This dessert is true to the picture for a change.

            The yogurt is creamy and thick and there is a generous amount of strawberry sauce swirled throughout the yogurt. This is quite sweet and so I actually mixed the two together to blend the flavours a little more, which worked well for me. The strawberry sauce is a little like a coulis. It is very sweet and thick.

            The crumble is really buttery, just like I make it at home. It is quite crunchy and yet chewy as well when you mix it with the yogurt. It is just perfect! I would be proud to put it no the top of my crumble.

            The calorie content is ridiculous! Each 150g pot contains a whopping 236 calories! Have you ever heard anything like it?! These are lovely but would have to be a treat dessert rather than a snack for the office. There are more calories in these than in most chocolate bars!!!

            These yogurts are a little over 50 pence but can often be found on offers if you by larger quantities.


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              07.07.2008 20:51
              Very helpful



              a great yogurt and it will be seen time and time again in my fridge.

              I started to go through a phase of yogurts, and when I saw these, I thought "Ah what the hell its only a little bit of money". But now these are my favourite yougurts ever!
              at first I thought that it would just be plain, creamy yogurt. Then once i took a mouthful, I noticed that it had some strawberry compote. The description of this on the lid is; Thick and creamy custard style yogurt layered over strawberry fruit compote with a separate helping of butter crumble.

              with these yogurts, you get two pots. One to hold the yogurt, and another for the butter crumble or something.

              The butter crumble is great and you get a fair amount of it. Basically it is just traditional scottish shortbread that has been squished to make little crumbs of yummy buttery goodness. I will usually have one of these after my dinner or for my pudding.

              Overall this is a great yogurt and one that i will happily reccomend. Just as long as whoever I reccomend them to doesnt clear out the shop without so much as a lable left!!! This is definitely a product that will be bought time and time again by me.


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