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Muller Fruit Corner Blackberry & Raspberry Yoghurt

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    6 Reviews
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      18.03.2010 08:48
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      This was the 2nd one I tried from the Muller Fruit Corner range. Although I would say the Strawberry one is probably the most popular one, being that it is sold so many places, Strawberry isn't liked by everyone. This is just the same as all the other Fruit Corners out there, but the side part is different - obviously.

      This is in the chiller part of the shop and costs about 50p for the 150g tub. Often you can get these on some kind of offer but there isn't that much of a saving to get from these.

      The pack looks the same as the others. There is a larger section and a smaller section. The large part has some plain Yoghurt in it, and the smaller bit has the Jam part in it. Well I wouldn't say Jam, it is a bit sticky, but more a thinner syrup in my view.

      The idea is to mix the flavoured bit in with the natural Yoghurt part. i tend to tip the Berry part into the Yoghurt and stir it all in. There isn't a huge amount of Berry part in here, but there is enough to give a good flavouring through the Yoghurt. I don't like natural Yoghurt, but this way you can't taste the boring part of it.

      These have about 190 calories and 15g of fat in it, so not that good for you.

      This one was nice. A little break from the usual flavouring and the mix of Blackberry and rasperry seemed to be even. I will be having this one again.


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        04.11.2009 13:49
        Very helpful



        A loverly fruity yoghurt

        I'm a big fan of Muller Corners as for me they're somewhere in between a healthy fat-free yoghurt and a treat. They're relatively low in fat, but not quite good enough to reach the to-die-for chocolate / pudding / ultimate-treat category.

        Although this one is blackberry and raspberry, I would say that you can definitely taste more of the blackberry flavour, probably because it's more of an overpowering taste than raspberry in general. If you try a bit of the corner by itself, you will notice that the taste is quite sharp. However, it mixes really well with the creamy vanilla yoghurt that comes in the other side of the pot.

        Overall I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it would be one of the more boring Muller Corners, but it has a lovely fruity but also sweet taste to it. This is a nice yoghurt to have after a meal as it's quite refreshing because of the fruity element, but it also satisfies my sweet craving.

        In terms of the health-factor, there are 3.9g fat per 100g (and the pot is 170g, you can do the maths!) of which 2.4g are saturates. Obviously there is the option out there to get yoghurts which are totally fat-free or almost fat-free, but I don't think this is too bad either. There are 106 calories per 100g. On top of this there is 27% of your RDA of Calcium, and it states that there are no artifical colours, preservatives or sweeteners.

        The pot cost me 52p to buy by itself - this would probably add up quite quickly if, for example, you were buying yourself and your partner a week's supply (over £7), so depending on your budget this is one more for a couple of times a week rather than every single day.


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        02.09.2009 17:10
        Very helpful



        Yummy yogurt

        Having previously tried the Strawberry and Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate Muller Corners this one is the last of the pack that I'm sampling.


        6 of these yogurts were packed together in a plastic 'sleeve' which is predominantly various shades of brown. It has the usual Muller Corner logo on the front along with a pictures of a strawberry, a cherry, some chocolate, a blackberry and a raspberry. The back contains the ingredients, nutritional information & a few other bits 'n' bobs including the website:- www.mullerdairy.co.uk

        This pack contains:

        + 2 x Strawberry
        + 2 x Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate (limited edition)
        + 2 x Blackberry and Raspberry

        After opening the outer packaging you can see that the yogurt comes in the usual Muller corner container. This is basically a square piece of plastic with a small self contained triangle in one corner which holds the blackberry and raspberry "sauce". There is a small gap between this and the larger triangle which contains the yogurt. The "pot" is covered with a lid which tells you the nutritional information (again), the weight (175g) and the fact that the product will provide you with 27% of your RDA of calcium.

        The product describes itself as:- "Thick, creamy, yogurt with a Blackberry and Raspberry fruit corner"

        The ingredients for this flavour are: Yogurt, Blackberries (9%), Sugar, Water, Raspberries (3%), Stabilisers: Pectins, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum; Flavourings, Citric Acid.

        Nutritional Information per 100g

        Energy kJ: 445kJ
        kcal: 106kcal
        Protein: 3.8g
        Carbohydrate: 13.2g
        of which total sugars: 13.2g
        Fat: 3.9g
        (of which saturates): 2.4g
        Fibre: 1.0g
        Sodium: 0.1g
        Calcium: 126mg

        Allergy information: contains milk.
        No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. A natural source of calcium

        The Yogurt:

        Once you've pulled the lid off you'll see the yogurt which is smooth and slightly off white. None of those stupid chocolate sprinkles that add nothing to the taste whatsoever. The blackberry & raspberry just looks the same as one of those jams that you get in those little tubs when you have breakfast in a hotel. It looks very thick and you can't really tell whether there's any fruit in it and, if so, how much, because it's such a dark colour.


        As with all the Muller Corner's the "eater" now has a choice! Does (s)he:-

        + Eat the yogurt & Fruit Corner separately?
        + Spoon the Fruit Corner into the yogurt & mix then together.
        + Take some yogurt onto you spoon then dip into the Fruit Corner & eat them together off the spoon.

        I'm always tempted to pour the fruit corner into the yogurt and mix it all together but then I wouldn't be able to tell what the separate elements tasted of. So....

        As with the two previous Corner's I've tried, the yogurt is very smooth and has a really pleasant creamy consistency. It treads that sort of bitter - sweet line where it's really one thing nor the other. However, that doesn't mean it's bland because it isn't. It has a cooling taste as well so would be nice to eat after something hot I would think. In fact it tastes exactly the same as the yogurt in the Strawberry corner does. Presumably, unless they chocolate sprinkles are in evidence all the Muller Corners have exactly the same yogurt in them, the only thing different being the Fruit Corner itself?

        The Blackberry and Raspberry "sauce" is, as I said, almost like jam in consistency. I push my spoon in and take a taste. Ah, this takes me back to my childhood. Blackberries (or brambles as well call them 'oop North) were grown by my grandfather so we always have a plentiful supply for pies etc. The taste here is predominantly blackberry and, to be honest, I can't taste any raspberry whatsover, although I think that this is down to the fact that blackberries have a much stronger taste to them than raspberries do. There are little bits of fruit contained within the "sauce" but the fact that blackberry is the overwhelming taste means you can tell whether you've got any raspberry bits in your mouth at all.
        Blackberries, if you haven't tastes them, do have a bit of an edge. They're more sour, in general, than strawberries, raspberries and cherries so if you're looking for a sweet tasting dessert then this really isn't the one for you.

        Time to mix them together now then! I spoon the "sauce" into the yogurt and mix for a while. The yogurt goes a shade of reddy -pink and looks very appetising indeed. The yogurt still tastes very cooling even after you've added the blackberry and raspberry sauce but, obviously, it's not as smooth as it was before because it's now got bits of fruit lurking beneath the surface. The two elements of sauce and yogurt do blend in well together although this makes for a slightly more tart dessert than you would find with either the Strawberry Corner or the Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate Corner. Personally I've always been a bramble (blackberry) fan so this gets a big thumbs up from me.


        At time of writing Morrisons had these on offer at 2 for £4, meaning that you get 12 yogurts in total.


        This is a great dessert. The tartness may not be for everyone though. As a guideline I'd probably say that if you find the Muller Light Raspberry and Cranberry yogurt way too sour then you'd probably think the same about this one. As with the Strawberry Corner this provides you with 27% of your RDA of calcium and contains no aspartame or gelatine. It's not going to the sort of thing for you if you don't like fruit in your yogurt (unless you just eat the yogurt and leave the fruit corner) but this is much tastier than any of the Muller Light products I've sampled. But it is better than the Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate which I placed at the top of the Muller Tree yesterday.

        Frankly, I have to say that it is. This is totally down to my fondness for brambles and I know that these will no be to everybody's taste but the level of tartness is just about perfect making this combination very moreish indeed.

        Muller Fruit Corner in order of preference:

        01) Blackberry and Raspberry
        02) Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate
        03) Strawberry

        Note: All of the above are very tasty indeed and I found it difficult to separate them into a ranking list because I enjoyed all of them that much. I have found varieties of Muller Light and Muller Crunch Corner that have disappointed me, but, so far the Muller Fruit Corner has managed to avoid doing that.


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        18.06.2009 18:57
        Very helpful



        An excellent chilled treat

        This is the first time I have tried this particular variety (Blackberry and Raspberry) of the Muller Fruit Corner.

        Structure and Appearance: The pot weighs 175 g and is covered by a foil lid. The layout of the Fruit Corner is fairly standard - one section containing a thick, creamy yoghurt, with a corner containing the blackberry and raspberry fruit. The fruit is essentially a fruit puree, and has an tempting looking dark red colour containing pips and small raspberry "hairs" that you expect to find from blackberries and raspberries.

        Smell: The smell is refreshingly strong, and you can sense both hints of blackberry and raspberry as soon as you open up the foil lid.

        Taste: The fruit tastes genuine and also includes a few pips - which unfortunately can stick to your teeth, but still add to the flavour (in my opinion). The creamy yoghurt is thick, but still can be easily mixed in to create a very delicious fruity yoghurt.

        Overall: This is an excellent chilled treat that I would recommend for after lunch or dinner (or even as a snack). This particular variety would be ideal for Summer. As with the other range of Muller products, make sure you buy in bulk at the big supermarkets, as there are often good deals (e.g. 4 for a £1). Otherwise, individually these products can cost 50p+.

        Nutritional Information
        27% of Calcium Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)
        No artificial colours or preservatives
        No artificial sweeteners

        Typical values per 100g
        Energy: 445 kJ (106 kcal)
        Protein: 3.8 g
        Carbohydrate: 13.2 g
        Of which sugars: 13.2 g
        Fat: 3.9g
        Of which saturates: 2.4g
        Fibre: 1.0 g
        Sodium: 0.1 g
        Calcium: 126 mg (27% of RDA per pot)

        Ingredients: Yoghurt, Blackberries (9%), Sugar, Water, Raspberries (3%), Stabilisers, Pectin, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Flavourings, Citric Acid.
        Contains Milk.


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        20.10.2008 13:20
        Very helpful



        Muller Fruit Corner

        Muller is a German company that produces a range of dairy products. They have had a factory in the UK, in Market Drayton in Shropshire since 1986. In that same decade they launched their very popular range of Muller Corner yogurts. These yogurts are called Corner because of the shape of the pot they come in. It's a split pot with the bigger section contained a plain creamy yogurt and the other half containing a flavour of some sort. This can then be added to the yogurt to make different flavour combinations and a more exciting yogurt than normal ones. Muller Corners actually come in three different varieties, Fruit, Healthy Balance and Crunch. It is the fruit variety I am going to concentrate on in this review.

        There are actually 5 different flavours to choose from in the Muller Fruit Corner range which I like because they do give you a good choice. This review will concentrate on the blackberry and raspberry flavour but the other flavours include:

        Peach and Apricot

        A Muller fruit corner comes in a handy tub with a very creamy rich vanilla plain yogurt on one side and a fruit compote on the other. The pot allows you to fold over the fruit side into the vanilla yogurt for ease of mixing. I find though that it is sometimes nice to just have a mouthful of the plain yogurt as even by itself it's really very good.

        The fruit section is not too big but just enough to give some flavour to the yogurt. The best thing about it is that it actually contains big chunks of the fruit. For example the blackberry and raspberry flavour contains almost full size blackberries and also the pips from the raspberries. This to me says that the fruit section is real and fresh and it tastes really nice. The compote is a lovely dark red colour and very fruity tasting without being too sugary or sour. It's nice to know that this is not just fruit flavouring. The combination of these two berries works very well. I think they complement each other but would say that the blackberry flavour slightly outweighs that of the raspberry flavour although in different mouthfuls you can taste both.

        Like I said the vanilla yogurt is very rich and creamy but not too creamy that it gets too much to eat. When you fist open the yogurt I like the fact that some of the cream has thickened around the edge of the yogurt top so you get a really nice spoonful of cream with that first scoop.

        Obviously yogurts contain calcium so this makes a fruit corner a very wise snack choice. Calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth and can help keep osteoporosis at bay.
        Some doctors have stated that adults between 19 and 50 need about 1,000mg of calcium a day. One of these yogurts contains 224mg so you are already a quarter of the way there which is good.

        Each pot of yogurt contains 175g. The nutritional values on the side are given for 100g. According to the pot 100g of yogurt and fruit contains 106 calories so by eating the whole yogurt you are consuming 185 calories. This is not too bad, equivalent to a chocolate bar say but you are getting the additional benefit of calcium, etc with this so I would say stick to the yogurt if you are looking for a nice snack.

        The other thing I like about Muller is that they really promote their brand as a healthy lifestyle and give you tips on how to keep healthy whatever your age. Their website is full of healthy tips which I definitely believe makes them quite an ethical company these days. At the moment their advertising on the television features a glass of milk being passed from person to person around the country, finally making it to the Muller dairy still intact. This is to signify the fact that they still farm close to their factory to ensure that the product you are about to consume is fresh and ethical.

        There are fairly cheap as well and usually always seem to be on special at Sainsburys. At the moment they are 8 for £2 which is great. You can either buy them individually or in a bumper pack which I think contains 6 yogurts so they are a very good deal.

        All in all a great healthy snack or desert.


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          11.07.2008 16:05
          Very helpful



          A brilliant snack, pudding or lucnh addition

          I love Müller corners and have for as long as I can remember. Now I know they aren't the healthiest yoghurt on the market but they certainly are one of the most delicious and when you have the munchies then I'm sure delving into a delicious Müller Corner is much better for you than reaching for that forbidden bar of chocolate.

          One of the most recent Müller Corners I have tried is the Müller Corner -Blackberry and Raspberry and I cannot believe I have not tried it before because it is very, very appetising. This yoghurt like all Corners comes in a flattish square shaped pot that is split into two triangular sections. The larger of these sections contains the natural Müller yoghurt whilst the smaller of the two contains the topping, which in this case is Blackberries and Raspberries in a syrupy sauce.

          The lid of this yoghurt is quite subtle compared to others in the range. It is a blend of white and pastel lilac with the iconic red Müller logo and then name of the yoghurt in bold. It also contains all the nutritional information, which is as follows...
          Calories - 186
          Protein - 6.7g
          Carbohydrates - 23.1g
          Of which sugars - 23.1g
          Fat - 6.8g
          Of which saturates - 4.2g

          The yoghurts are however suitable vegetarians and contain 27% of our Recommended Daily Allowance of Calcium.

          Now everyone eats Müller Corners in their own way. Some eat the yoghurt separate from the topping, others mix the two together and others dip their spoon in both the yoghurt and the topping. Now normally I fall into the second category and empty all the topping into the yoghurt and stir it together before eating but for the purpose of this review I decided to try the two parts separately before mixing them together.

          The topping section the fruit was well, what for it... fruity. Seriously though it was fresh and a little tarty as well as being quite sweet. The topping also contained fruit pieces which includes bits, which my brother hates with a vengeance. These bits however did add a very different texture to the topping, which made a change.

          The yoghurt itself is quite plain and simple. This however is not at all boring and is actually quite refreshing and seems to clean the palette. Mixed together the two parts were even better the tartiness of the fruit was perfectly complimented by the plain nature of the yoghurt and made for a very much-enjoyed snack.

          All in all I would highly recommend this corner to anyone that has enjoyed Müllers other fruit corners especially those that have a topping with a little bit of kick to it. For me the yoghurt was bliss but I can see how those that aren't too fond of bits in their yoghurts or those that don't like extremely sweet tasting fruit may have a problem with it. If this doesn't sound like you though there is no excuse not to purchase one of these yoghurts.

          They currently retail at about 54p a yoghurt but can currently (at time of writing) be purchased in Asda on offer 10 for £2, which is a bargain you can't afford to miss. Better still they have a more than decent shelf life to ensure that your enjoyment of the yoghurts is at it's maximum and none of them end up in the bin.


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