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Muller Fruit Corner Blueberry Yoghurt

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    3 Reviews
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      09.09.2009 15:58
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      Muller Fruit Corner Blueberry

      This was one of the Muller products I picked up at Morrisons at the weekend. Haven't tried this flavour before so here goes....


      This yogurt comes in the usual Muller corner container. This is basically a square piece of plastic with a small self contained triangle in one corner which holds the Blueberry "sauce". There is a small gap between this and the larger triangle which contains the yogurt. The "pot" is covered with a lid which tells you the nutritional information, the weight (175g) and the fact that the product will provide you with 27% of your RDA of calcium.

      The product describes itself as:- "Thick, creamy, yogurt with a Blueberry fruit corner"

      The ingredients for this flavour are: Yogurt, Blueberries (13%), Sugar, Stabilisers: Pectins, Carob Bean Gum, Guar Gum; Flavourings, Citric Acid.

      Nutritional Information per 100g

      Energy kJ: 440kJ
      kcal: 105kcal
      Protein: 3.8g
      Carbohydrate: 12.9g
      of which total sugars: 12.9g
      Fat: 3.9g
      (of which saturates): 2.4g
      Fibre: 0.4g
      Sodium: 0.1g
      Calcium: 125mg

      Allergy information: contains milk.
      No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners. A natural source of calcium

      The Yogurt:

      As with the other Muller Corner's the yogurt is still smooth and slightly off white. There are no bits in it whatsoever. The sauce is a deep reddy purple and I can tell by the "bumps" in it that it contains pieces of blueberry.


      Anyone who's read a few of my Corner reviews will know that the eater now has a choice. Do they:-

      + Eat the yogurt & Fruit Corner separately?
      + Spoon the Fruit Corner into the yogurt & mix then together?
      + Take some yogurt onto you spoon then dip into the Fruit Corner & eat them together off the spoon?

      For the purposes of a taste test though it's necessary to try each individual element.

      As with the rest of the Muller Corner's, the yogurt is very smooth and has a really pleasant creamy consistency. It treads that sort of bitter - sweet line where it's really one thing nor the other. However, that doesn't mean it's bland because it isn't. It has a cooling taste as well so would be nice to eat after something hot I would think.

      The blueberry "sauce" is of a consistency somewhat approaching jam but is just a little thinner. I push my spoon in and take a taste. The sweetness of the sauce contrasts nicely with the blueberries which just about veer into the sour half of the sweet and sour pie. It tastes quite nice but there are other Muller Fruit Corners that taste better.

      Time to mix them together now then! I spoon the blueberry "sauce" into the yogurt and mix for a while. The colour of the yogurt goes a lightish shade of purple and it looks rather tasty. Time for the taste test.
      This is heaven. For some reason I wasn't that blown away when I tasted the sauce on its own but once you mix it together with the yogurt it makes a great contrast. The coolness of the yogurt offsets the sour/sweet elements of the Blueberry sauce to the best advantage and this tastes so incredibly moreish that I want more. It's a pity I only popped one of these into the trolley when I was buying them at the weekend.


      At time of writing Morrisons are charging 25p for Muller Corner's


      This is now my favourite dessert from Muller. Forget the Muller Light version this is where the maximum taste action is! As I said, the sauce and the yogurt combine together perfectly to create a sumptuous taste sensation that is just heavenly. I'll definitely be buying more of these. If you haven't tried this flavour go out and buy one today.
      As with a number of the other Muller Corners this dessert provides you with 27% of your RDA of calcium and contains no aspartame or gelatine. Like the others it's not going to the sort of thing for you if you don't like fruit in your yogurt (unless you just eat the yogurt and leave the fruit corner). It's the tastiest Muller Corner I've tried so far and I'll rate it six stars if I could. Overall, an inspired combination of flavours from Muller. Yum.


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        24.06.2009 16:43
        Very helpful



        Yummy but prefer it all together!

        When it comes to these corner type yoghurts, which in case you've been living in a different world - is a square made up of two plastic nearly triangles, a large one consisting of yoghurt and a small one consisting of the flavour is that they seem unecessary. The design is a bit of a novelty but I question its use - is there anyone who doesn't pour it all in? Is the scrimpy amount of blueberry sauce really too much for anyone?

        No, probably not, I think it's a bit of a scam that makes the product look larger than it is and for that reason I usually prefer deeper cylindrical pots of yoghurt. What's more is that half of the small amount of blueberry sauce seems to stick to the sides of the "corner" and can only be wiped out with a tongue or a finger, with the former there's always a chance of painting your nose purple or worse yet poking yourself in the eye with the corner of the rough plastic.

        Once you get past the technical aspect of this yoghurts, it's pretty darn good and isn't hard to see why Muller are one of the market leaders worldwide when it comes to yoghurt. Blueberries being a particular favourite berry of mine but being both messy to eat and often quite a bit pricey, ensures that this yoghurt containing the fruit is, a firm favourite. How much additional flavour is really added is only known to the makers but it certainly represents blueberries (you don't believe the labels do you ;))

        Another thing that I find is that the product is very reliable, where ever you are and which ever one you buy - they taste the same, that is unless they are past their sell by date of course.


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        02.02.2009 17:24
        Very helpful



        Muller Fruit Corner Blueberry

        Beginning in 2005, blueberries have been discussed among a category of functional foods called superfruits having the favorable combination of nutrient richness, antioxidant strength, emerging research evidence for health benefits[3] and versatility for manufacturing popular consumer products. Great news and what better way to eat them than in a Muller Fruit corner yogurt.

        Muller is a German company that produces a range of dairy products. They have had a factory in the UK, in Market Drayton in Shropshire since 1986. In that same decade they launched their very popular range of Muller Corner yogurts. These yogurts are called Corner because of the shape of the pot they come in. It's a split pot with the bigger section contained a plain creamy yogurt and the other half containing a flavour of some sort. This can then be added to the yogurt to make different flavour combinations and a more exciting yogurt than normal ones. Muller Corners actually come in three different varieties, Fruit, Healthy Balance and Crunch. It is the fruit variety I am going to concentrate on in this review.

        There are actually 5 different flavours to choose from in the Muller Fruit Corner range which I like because they do give you a good choice. As mentioned able this review will concentrate on the blueberry flavour but the others available are:

        Blackberry and Raspberry
        Peach and Apricot

        A Muller fruit corner comes in a handy tub with a very creamy rich vanilla plain yogurt on one side and a fruit compote on the other. The pot allows you to fold over the fruit side into the vanilla yogurt for ease of mixing. I find though that it is sometimes nice to just have a mouthful of the plain yogurt as even by itself it's really very good. The lid has foil on the underside so it keeps the yogurt and fruit inside nice and fresh which is nice and because the lid is made of foil it is perfect for licking once you peel it away from the pot!

        The fruit section is not too big but just enough to give some flavour to the yogurt. The best thing about it is that it actually contains big chunks of the fruit. For example the blueberry flavour contains full size little blueberries. They are very sweet which is nice. It is quite a dark bluey purple colour. The blueberries have a really nice sweet taste to them and the compote/sauce included with it is lovely . This to me says that the fruit section is real and fresh and it tastes really nice. The flavour is not too sugary or sour. It's nice to know that this is not just fruit flavouring.

        Like I said the vanilla yogurt is very rich and creamy but not too creamy that it gets too much to eat. When you fist open the yogurt I like the fact that some of the cream has thickened around the edge of the yogurt top so you get a really nice spoonful of cream with that first scoop.

        Obviously yogurts contain calcium so this makes a fruit corner a very wise snack choice. Calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth and can help keep osteoporosis at bay.
        Some doctors have stated that adults between 19 and 50 need about 1,000mg of calcium a day. One of these yogurts contains 224mg so you are already a quarter of the way there which is good.

        Each pot of yogurt contains 175g. The nutritional values on the side are given for 100g. According to the pot 100g of yogurt and fruit contains 106 calories so by eating the whole yogurt you are consuming 185 calories. This is not too bad, equivalent to a chocolate bar say but you are getting the additional benefit of calcium, etc with this so I would say stick to the yogurt if you are looking for a nice snack.

        The other thing I like about Muller is that they really promote their brand as a healthy lifestyle and give you tips on how to keep healthy whatever your age. Their website is full of healthy tips which I definitely believe makes them quite an ethical company these days. At the moment their advertising on the television features a glass of milk being passed from person to person around the country, finally making it to the Muller dairy still intact. This is to signify the fact that they still farm close to their factory to ensure that the product you are about to consume is fresh and ethical.

        There are fairly cheap as well and usually always seem to be on special at Sainsburys. At the moment they are 8 for £2 which is great. You can either buy them individually or in a bumper pack which I think contains 6 yogurts so they are a very good deal.

        All in all a great healthy snack or dessert


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