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Muller Light Chocolate Orange

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4 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurt

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    4 Reviews
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      11.04.2011 11:09
      Very helpful



      A lovely tasting light yoghurt

      Yoghurts are quick, convenient, and are one of those things that I stock up on every week at the supermarket as they are handy to pack with a lunch or have with your breakfast as a healthy light snack. There are plenty to choose from and I have recently been going through the various flavours of Muller Light yoghurts. These are currently on special offer at several of my local supermarkets where you can buy 4 for £2.00, and the RRP of each one is 61p so you do get a small saving.

      Muller Light yoghurts are available in a wide variety of flavours, and I chose this Orange and Chocolate flavour as part of a Chocolate themed multipack. I have a mega sweet tooth and the combination of chocolate and orange is a match made in heaven, so I was looking forward to trying this flavour of Muller Light. These yoghurts come in individual plastic tubs with a peel off foil lid. Each yoghurt weighs in at 165 g.

      The main yohurt base has a bright yellowy colour to it, not orange as I was expecting. Even though the colour's a bit off the flavour is full on! The orange is lovely and tasty, with a sweeter edge to it rather than a sharp acidic fruity taste. It was more like a nectarine taste, or something a little sweeter than what I would normally associate with an orange flavour which is usually a bit sharper. The dark chocolate sprinkles are lovely, and even though the ingredients list them as only making up 0.5 % of the yoghurt, there is a generous amount and they are mixed through the whole yoghurt, not just a couple of sprinkles over the top. The dark chocolate has a nice sweet taste and adds an extra dimension to the orange flavour. It is not at all bitter like some of the more rich dark chocolate, it has a pleasant taste and is perfect for satisfying a chocaholic on a diet! The yoghurt itself was nice and creamy but still light and with a nice smooth texture to it. It's nice to be able to enjoy a low fat yoghurt that's not thin and runny! I really enjoyed the combination of orange and chocolate, and this variety of Muller Light has shot right to the top of my favourites.

      The 165 g tub is quite a generous portion size, and it turned out to be reasonably filling enough to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch time nicely without leaving me craving more snacks. There are some definite positive points such as being fat free, low in calories, and providing a quarter of your RDA of calcium. This is definitely a top choice for a low fat yoghurt and I will be buying this flavour again in the future. This is fitting in very well with my new and improved healthy eating plan and I would certainly recommend this brand of yoghurts.

      Ingredients: Yogurt, Water, Fructose, Orange Juice from Concentrate (0.5%), Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Butter, Sugar, Modified Maize Starch, Gelatine, Stabilisers: Pectin, Guar Gum, Flavourings, Acidity Regulators, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Calcium Citrate, Sweeteners: Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Colours: Carotenes, Dark Chocolate Sprinkles 0.5%.

      Typical nutritional values per 100g:
      Energy - 218kJ - 51kcal
      Protein - 4.0g
      Carbohydrate - 7.1g - of which sugars 6.6g
      Fat - 0.5g - of which saturates 0.3g
      Fibre - 0.1g
      Sodium - 0.1g
      Calcium - 126mg - 26% Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) per pot


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        10.04.2010 11:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A sweet delicious alternative to all the bad stuff.

        There are so many offers in the supermarkets for Muller yoghurts lately, that I find myself buying more and more each week. This week, the 6 pack chocolate sprinkle yoghuts were on special offer. The 6 pack contains 3 varieties: Vanilla and chocolate, Black cherry and Orange and chocolate. The variety I am going to review is the Orange and Chocolate.

        As I have said, these are available in a multipack, but they can also be bought individually from the chilled section of the supermarket for about 56p each.

        What impresses me about Muller light is the generous portion size. Usually yoghurts come in piffly little pots that leave you hungry after eating one. The Muller light yoghurts come in a generous 165g pot, which means they are more satisfying than your average yoghurt.

        I am also impressed with the consistency of the yoghurt. I'm a fan of fruit corners, but find the yoghurts are quite thin. Muller light yoghurts are more creamy, with a much thicker consistency than you find in the other yoghurts in the Muller range.

        The flavour of the Chocolate Orange variety is lovely. It is quite a subtle flavour, you are not hit with an overpowering bust of orange, but the flavour is distinct and unmistakable. The youghurt is interspersed with tiny flecks of chocolate. Although the flecks are only small, the chocolate flavour really comes through, blending with and comlpimenting the mild orange flavour. If you have a chocolate craving, this might just take the edge off it, though of course it doesn't compare to downing a chocolate bar!

        The yoghurt comes in a round plastic tub with a peel off foil lid. Warning- it is the kind of lid that splurts under pressure and I have been splashed a couple of times opening these. The best thing to do is point it away from you when you open it! I find it useful to turn the pot upside down briefly before opening, to prevent splattering.

        The nutritional information is on the pack, and is as follows per 100g:

        Cal 51
        Protein 4g
        Carb 7.1g
        of which sugars 6.6g
        sugars naturally from milk 4.1g
        Fat 0.5g
        of which saturates 0.3g
        Fibre 0.1g
        Sodium 0.1g
        Calcium 126mg, which is 26% of RDA per pot.

        The pot and lid are recycleable. Muller dairy use 10% less packaging than they did in 2006.

        These yoghurts make a lovely treat, and can be enjoyed at any time. I often have one for breakfast. They also make a great snack to fill you up and keep you going between meals. They contain no artificial colours or preservatives.


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          02.04.2010 18:59
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A good addition to the Muller Light range. Bravo Muller.

          I dont often do reviews on food but here goes. After tasting new Muller Light Chocolate Orange I had to write about it.

          The yoghurt comes in the standard bowl shape of Muller Lights with an orange wrap around label. As you peel off the lid you will see a rich caramel orange colour with flecks of dark chocolate. You'll notice that this yoghurt appears to be a bit more thin than other fruit variants from the range so you wont get that disgusting thick ring of yoghurt that collects at the top of the pot.

          At first taste I was momentarily unsure whehter I'd like it as there was a slight sour after taste, like a sour cream after taste. However the second mouthful I realised that this worked perfectly with the sweet bitter taste of the orange and chocolate. The orange thankfully is not overly synthetic but you can taste something in there that tastes a bit ...fake. However I still quickly ate it!

          Calories - 85kcal per pot
          fat 0.5g per pot
          is a good source of calcium

          Value for money
          At 53p per pot they are quite expensive. However in recent months they always seem to be on offer. I got 4 pots for £2. Not a big saving but there may be better offers in other stores. There are different variants in the chocolate range such as vanilla and chocolate but as I dont like vanilla yoghurts I'll pass up the chance to rate.


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            15.03.2009 15:25
            Very helpful



            Yet another hit from Muller!

            Now, as anyone who has read my previous reviews will know, I'm a BIG fan of Muller Light yoghurts. They are an essential in my shopping trolley and I love to have them with fruit, over my cereal or just on their own. On my latest foray into the supermarket I discovered the Orange & Chocolate flavour yoghurt with dark chocolate sprinkles. Always up for something new I decided to give them a go and absolutely loved them.

            Yoghurt flavour
            This yoghurt is a caramel colour with flecks of dark chocolate in it. It has a creamy consistency and when I took the first mouthful I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The taste of chocolate and orange is very much like that of a Terry's chocolate orange. I didn't find any of the slight sharpness found in a lot of yoghurts.

            The yogurt is 165g and is found in a bowl shaped plastic container with a peel off foil lid. The lid has a picture of a piece of chocolate topped by a swirl of orange peel. The plastic container is white with orange panels which have the nutritional contents and ingredients written in white print. At the moment it has 'new' written all over it.

            Nutritional content
            All details are per 100g
            51 calories
            4.0g protein
            0.5g fat (of which 0.2g unsaturated)
            126mg of calcium

            Ingredients include
            Orange juice from concentrate
            Cocoa butter
            Gelatine (so may not be suitable for vegetarians)
            Sweeteners and
            Chocolate sprinkles

            At the moment these are on offer individually at 54p/pot but some supermarkets do have offers of buy 4 for £2. I bought mine on special offer at Sainsburys for 2 packs of 6 (which are normally around £2.69) for £3.

            As a self confessed chocoholic who is currently on a health kick I am really missing my chocolate but finding these yoghurts have made it more bearable. In the same marketing strategy Muller have also produced Vanilla & Chocolate flavour and Vanilla & Chocolate with an under layer of Black Cherry but I can't comment on them as they are still in the fridge.....at the moment!


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