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Muller Light Smooth Raspberry & Cranberry Yoghurt

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14 Reviews

Brand: Muller Light. / Type: Yoghurts

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    14 Reviews
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      05.05.2012 16:30
      Very helpful



      A pleasant yoghurt, more for grown-ups than children.

      I eat a lot of yoghurt and I have tried just about every type of yoghurt around.
      My favourite are undoubtedly Rachel's organic yoghurt and I always have some of those in my fridge. Paradoxically I am not a great fan of Müller light yoghurts as I tend to find they are too sweet , the flavour is lacks depth and authenticity ( in other words it doesn't taste of real fruits!), and occasionally they can be a bit "runny".
      I do however love the Raspberry and Cranberry flavour and regularly buy 12 of them every time I go shopping. My daughter also loves them and still refers to them as "Mamma yoghurt", dating back from when she was small and she had her type of yoghurt and I had mine.
      In the Raspberry and Cranberry variety, I like the well balanced mix of sweetness and tartness, a lovely tangy fruity taste. There are no "fruit bits "in these yoghurts and that's fine with me. I like both with and without. They are indeed very smooth and although I find the consistency can vary a little bit from batch to batch, I am usually happy with the texture.
      What I like best about these is the size of them. At 175 gr (and still only 99 calories per pot) they make a decent helping. I find smaller yoghurt pots too small and often need to have 2. I love the large 450 gr pots from Rachel's....but as I have no self-control, I can easily eat the whole pot in one sitting! These are a very good compromise and are perfect for me to take to work.
      Of course, the list of ingredients is not quite as saintly as that of a Rachel yoghurt, but I can live with that. The reason why I was not happy about giving them to my children when they were little is because they contain aspartame and I did not like them to have artificial sweeteners.
      I do find them quite expensive at about 62 p each but they are almost always on offer ( 4 for £ 2).


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      16.09.2010 11:41
      Very helpful



      A win-win situation of health benefits and taste; just let down by the rather steep price.

      This is my last review of Muller Light yogurts (thank goodness for that i'm sure many of you are saying). Many thanks for all who have read and rated them.

      Muller is one of my preferred brands when it comes to yogurts. They always seem to suggest a touch of quality with their products. Normally, I'm not somebody who immediately grabs the healthy or low-calorie option when out food shopping, but as you can't be too careful with fat and sugar, and the fact that they were on special offer, I thought that I would sample this Muller Light Smooth Raspberry and Cranberry.

      These yogurts are made by Muller at their large factory in Market Drayton, Shropshire. The factory produces 80,000 pots of Muller Light every hour, 24 hours a day. They are quite a green company who pride themselves on the fact that they source over 90% of their milk within a 30 mile radius of the factory, thus keeping carbon emissions to a minimum and supporting their local farmers. This is another reason why I prefer Muller over other brands.

      The yogurt comes in a plastic pot with a foil lid. The lid is quite easy to peel away, but be careful because sometimes it rips and then it can get a little messy to completely tear off (I've just made a real mess of mine!). Both the lid and the plastic pot are recyclable, which will please the environmentally conscious among you. The pot is generally white and coloured to represent the yogurt flavour. This flavour uses what I would call a deep red or maroon colour for its styling and lettering (nothing like the DooYoo picture which is actually Blueberry!).

      As you would expect from raspberries and cranberries mixed with milk, it has a nice pale pink colour. The yogurt itself is reasonably thick and quite creamy and, as its title suggests, has a very smooth texture. I assume the smooth in the title means that there are no real fruit pieces like you get in other flavours like strawberry and cherry. Although I do enjoy the chunks of fruit in the other flavours, I'm certainly not missing those annoying seeds normally associated with raspberries. I always seem to get them stuck between my teeth.

      Many reduced fat alternatives I've tried in the past have been quite watery and rather tasteless, but for me this one is quite satisfying, although I'm sure it won't be to everyone's taste. It has got a genuine fruity flavour, from the raspberry puree (8%) and cranberry juice concentrate (3%) that appear in the ingredients. But be aware that the taste is quite sharp, which I assume is from the cranberry juice. Overall the taste is very fruity and pleasant, with that slight sour taste of cranberries. I find that it doesn't satisfy me in the way that the chunky fruit flavours do, but this one is still very nice in its own right.

      As this snack is directed at the health conscious I had better quote some of the nutritional values to let you know exactly what you're getting. Each 190g pot contains the following:

      Energy: 414kJ (97kcal)
      Protein: 8.0g
      Carbohydrate: 14.8g
      Of which sugars: 13.7g
      Natural sugars: 10.5g
      Fat: 0.2g
      Of which saturates: 0.2g
      Fibre: 1.0g
      Sodium: 0.2g
      Calcium: 247mg

      As you can see this is virtually a fat free snack, low in calories and very rich in calcium; providing you with 30% of the recommended daily amount. It doesn't contain any artificial colours or preservatives. But, for those concerned, it does contain milk, aspartame, gelatine and a source of phenylalanine. Therefore it isn't suitable for vegans or vegetarians, but is ok for coeliacs.

      The yogurt comes in a 190g pot which I suppose is an adequate size portion for the average person. For me, it never quite feels enough, but it just about fills a little hole. It's great at any time of day. I've eaten them at all meal times and I even have them as a snack mid-morning or afternoon.

      There are numerous other flavours in the range, so if raspberry & cranberry doesn't quite tickle your fancy then maybe one of the others will. I have already reviewed several other flavours and the remainder I will cover in due course.

      These yogurts are widely available in just about every supermarket; large or small. Just head over to the fridge section.

      Muller Light yogurts can be purchased individually or in packs of six. The normal retail price for an individual pot is just over 50p which I think is extremely expensive. I usually only purchase them if they are on special offer. For example they have recently been sold in Sainsbury's at 4 for £1 which is much more reasonable. Often the six packs can be on offer at two packs for £5 which works out at about 42p per pot, which is still too expensive for a dollop of yogurt.

      If you do purchase them when they are on special offer, you will invariably have to take quite a few pots. But don't worry, as the use by date is usually around 3 weeks from the date of purchase, so you will have plenty of time to eat them all.

      Because of the health benefits Muller Light is a good choice of yogurt; it's fat free and low in calories. As a bonus this yogurt tastes great too. It may not be my favourite flavour in the range but I would still recommend it.


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        11.10.2009 12:26
        Very helpful



        Lovely yoghurt which is perfect for those who don't like bits!

        Muller Light Smooth Raspberry & Cranberry

        Muller Light is a range of yoghurts which are available in all Supermarkets. They come in a 200g tub, and normally come in multi-flavoured multi-packs. Muller is a German dairy company who make a range of products, and not only this Muller light variety of yogurts.

        You will all have seen the adverts for Muller on TV, with the rolling yoghurt pots with the song "Ain't got no, I got life" by Nina Simone.

        The Muller Light range is the, well obviously light, version of the yoghurts which Muller make, and this flavour is my favourite. It is perfect for people who aren't keen on big gits of fruit in their yoghurts as it's all been blended down and is smooth, hence the name!

        As this is the light version of yogurt, it is much healthier than any other of the Muller products.
        This flavour claims "Fat Free, 100 calories per pot, rich in calcium, no artificial colours or preservatives".
        The nutritional information available on the pots per 100g is:
        Calories: 50
        Protein: 4.1g
        Carbohydrates: 7.6g
        of which total sugars: 7g
        sugars naturally from fruit and milk: 5.3g
        Fat: 0.1g
        of which saturates: 0.1g
        Fibre: 0.5g
        Sodium: 0.1g (remember this is NOT salt content, and must be multiplied by 2.5 to get the total salt content!)
        Calcium: 126mg

        The ingredients in the little pots of yumminess are:
        Yoghurt, Raspberry Puree (8%), cranberry juice from concentrate (3%), fructose, modified maize starch, gelatine, acidity regulators: sodium citrates, citric acid, flavourings, sweetener, aspartame, colours: carmines.

        Contains milk. Contains a source of phenylalanine.

        Price & Availability

        I bought a pack of 6 of these yoghurts from Asda last week; they were in an offer (which ends at the end of October), of 3 packs for £5, also in the offer were Muller Fruit Corners, and Muller Corners with chocolate cereals.

        You can buy the yoghurts separately for around 45p in the big supermarkets; Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison's, Waitrose, where of course prices may differ. And the multipacks are also available in all of those above shops too.

        ASDA: Muller Light six pack £2 (or 3 for £5)
        Singles: 53p
        TESCO: Muller Light six pack £2.90
        Singles: 54p
        SAINSBURY'S: Muller Light six pack: £2.90
        Singles: 52p
        WAITROSE: Muller light six pack: £2.95
        Singles: 54p

        Taste Test
        These are my favourite flavour of the Muller range, not only because they are light and much healthier than the other versions. But because it tastes amazing, and as one of those people who hates bits in her yogurt, this smooth variety is brilliant!

        The Raspberry & Cranberry work really well together in this yogurt, giving it kind of a sweet and tangy taste to it, and it really is smooth and thick, making it really enjoyable for people like me, who want to throw up whenever a bit piece of fruit is sitting in my yoghurt!

        This is definitely my favourite flavour of Muller yoghurt, and if you like Raspberry & Cranberry juice, then you'll love this yoghurt.

        The texture is not only smooth but also really thick, unlike some yoghurts that are a little watery, though they do need to be shaken up before eating, otherwise the top layer is thick and creamy whilst underneath is a little watery, but once mixed up, it's all gorgeous and creamy and thick! :)

        Other Products
        Some other products by Muller are:
        Muller Rice
        Muller Fruit Corners
        Muller Chocolate corners
        Little Stars (kids yoghurts)
        Muller Vitality (yoghurt drink)
        Muller Amore
        Muller Healthy Balance Corner (low fat yoghurt)

        All available from your local Supermarket.

        Final Opinion

        In conclusion, the Raspberry & Cranberry smooth Muller Light is absolutely delightful, and I am sure everyone will love it! So go ahead and give it a try!!!!


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        09.10.2009 13:53
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        I usually eat yoghurt every day and very often several times a day, and one of those servings is usually a Muller Light. I have written a couple of other reviews of their different flavours on dooyoo already and this review focuses on the Raspberry and Cranberry yoghurt. This yoghurt marks the point where my love affair with Muller Light ended.

        After a big meeting at work today I was very hungry so got my Muller Light out of the fridge and started eating (this time licking the tinfoil top and everything - well, there was so much yoghurt on there and I did check to make sure no one was watching!).

        The consistency of this yoghurt is very similar to that of the other yoghurts in this range. This is one of the ones where no fruity bits are visible so the yoghurt is just a smooth light pink colour.

        The flavour of this yoghurt is also nice. It's creamy and a bit sour and you can clearly taste the raspberry and cranberry flavours. It was never my favourite of this range as it's just not very exciting in anyway. I would say the flavour is bland, but nice.

        The problem started when I began reading the label on this yoghurt pot in order to prepare for reviewing it. It contains only 100 calories per 200 gram pot which is great. It's fat free and contains no artificial colourings or flavourings - also great. And it contains 8% raspberry puree and 3% cranberries from concentrate - not bad at all.

        Then I noticed a little word in the ingredient list - it said it contains "carmines". Stop reading here if you have a weak stomach!!! Not knowing what carmines was, I googled and found this on wikipedia:


        So it seems that carmine is another word for cochineal and is made from boiling insects to extract their colouring! Perhaps I am too sensitive, and I don't know about you but personally I find this absolutely revolting and also, being a vegetarian, I don't knowingly eat animal products. I felt quite nauseous after reading this and promptly threw the other half of the yoghurt away. I certainly won't be buying this flavour again and will think long and hard about whether to buy Muller Light products at all. If I do I will carefully check the ingredient list to ensure they are vegetarians.


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          17.08.2009 16:31
          Very helpful



          Raspberry & Cranberry Flavour Yogurt

          These were on offer in Morrisons & I hadn't had them for age so I popped a six pack into the trolley. When I opened the outer packaging I noticed a little flyer type leaflet which was predominantly pink & white. "Have You Won A Weekend In New York City?" it asks. Then:-

          To find out if you've won a New York City break for YOU AND THE GIRLS(!!!) simply visit www.mullerdairy.co.uk/winwithmullerlight and enter your reference number below. Make sure you keep this leaflet to claim your prize.

          Also, why not arrange a fun night out with THE GIRLS using one of the fantastic offers below.

          What's all this "THE GIRLS" business? Do Muller think that men don't eat their products? Is that why they're being so blatantly sexist in the prize promotions?



          There are 6 pots of Muller Light Yogurt in this "collection". They are:-

          + 2 x Strawberry
          + 2 x Cherry
          + 2 x Smooth Raspberry & Cranberry.

          The six pots are held in place with a piece of sturdyish cardboard which is then covered a the usual type of plastic bag which Muller use for of their 6 packs. This one is predominantly white in colour with pictures of strawberries, cherries, raspberries & cranberries. The back of the pack lists the ingredients & nutritional information for each of the three flavours of yoghurt as well as Muller's address & website:- www.muller.co.uk

          The ingredients for this flavour are: Yogurt, Raspberry Puree (8%), Cranberry Juice From Concentrate (3%), Fructose, Modified Maize Starch, Gelatine, Acidity Regulators: Sodium Citrates, Citric Acid, Flavourings, Sweetners: Aspartame, Colours: Carmines

          Nutritional Information per 100g

          Energy kJ: 213kJ
          kcal: 50kcal
          Protein: 4.1g
          Carbohydrate: 7.6g
          of which total sugars: 7.0g
          sugars naturally from milk: 5.3g
          Fat: 0.1g
          (of which saturates): 0.1g
          Fibre: 0.5g
          Sodium: 0.1g
          Calcium: 126mg

          Allergy information: contains milk. contains a source of phenylalanine
          These dessert contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

          The Yogurt:
          The yogurt comes in a plastic white & pinkish pot. The pot is covered with the usual foil lid with a picture of some raspberries & cranberries on it. The pot tells us that it weighs 200g that there are 100 calories per pot, that it's fat free & that each pot will provide you with 31% of your Recommended Daily Amount of calcium. On opening the pot I can see that the yogurt is sort of an pinkish sort of colour colour with a smooth appearance. There are no bits of cranberry or raspberry present in the pot.


          This is a creamy yogurt with a nice smooth consistency which isn't too thick & isn't too runny. You can taste the rasberries but there's also a distinct taste of cranberry which gives the yohurt is a slight edge and is perhaps why this yogurt doesn't taste too over-sweet. It does have an aftertaste which lingers for quite a while after you've finished the yogurt but this isn't overstrong & leaves your mouth feeling somewhat clean & tasting slightly of fruit.


          At time of writing these are on offer in Morrison's for £1.40


          This is an ideal product if you're someone who doesn't like bits in their yogurt. As well as being virtually fat product & providing you with 31% of your RDA of calcium it's also not oversweet which may appeal to diabetics or those who are fond of ultra sugary desserts. One pot provides you with 100 calories which is 5% of a woman's RDA of 2000 calories or, for men, 4% of your RDA of 2500 calories.

          Content wise this yogurt contains both aspartame & gelatine, both of which some people have issues / concerns over. Tastewise this is my least favourite of the three flavours in this 6 pack mainly because I'm not overly fond of the cranberry taste which is present here. Having said that, this yogurt is still very edible & is preferable to the horrible vanilla & chocolate monstrosity which I reviewd last week.

          Muller Lights in order of preference:-

          01=) Cherry
          01=) Wild Blueberry
          03) Summer Berries
          04) Strawberry
          05) Peach and Pineapple
          06) Apricot
          07) Rhubarb
          08) Mandarin
          09) Raspberry and Cranberry
          10) Smooth Banana and Custard
          11) Smooth Toffee


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          12.08.2009 13:09
          Very helpful



          Try it and see what you think

          Firstly I'd like to point out the picture above is not of the raspberry and cranberry Muller Light, it is the wild blueberry one. The raspberry and cranberry version of this yoghurt is pink in all the places the one above is blue and has a picture of raspberries and cranberries on the lid. Identical to all the others though it comes in a deep pot that contains 200ml of yoghurt.

          I've eaten Muller Lights for many years now, I'm not a huge yoghurt fan but these I like because of the fat free aspect and you get a large amount for a measly 100 calories. They are also pretty tasty too!

          Normally I go for the cherry flavour but recently my partner has developed a liking for those so I'm often left with no cherry ones left but last time we went to the supermarket there was an offer on where you could buy 8 Muller Lights for £2 so we did just that. One of the flavours chosen was the raspberry and cranberry one.

          This yoghurt is actually called smooth raspberry and cranberry, that's very important to me because I prefer yoghurt without bits. Cherries I can stand but raspberries and their crunchy little seeds? No, I don't think so. There are no seeds to be found in this yoghurt thankfully and no bits of fruit either.

          The yoghurt itself is a dark pink colour and as promised lovely and smooth. You can smell the fruit as soon as you remove the foil lid and I couldn't wait to try it. I knew this would have a sharpness to the flavour as raspberries and cranberries both do so the tangy, fruity flavour came as no surprise to me at all. I actually really liked the initial flavour and because of the lack of bits thought I'd really enjoy this yoghurt. I did to a degree but the odd thing about this particular one is you can taste the artifical sweetener.

          I've chosen the diet options of food and drinks for years and if anyone isn't going to notice that bitter aftertaste you get from artifical sweetener it's me. I'm not overly concerned about the fact this contains aspartame because just about everything's bad for us or so we're told but I didn't expect to notice it. I could really taste the artificial sweetener after I'd swallowed each mouthful and have to say that if you aren't desensitised to it like I am you would really be able to taste it very strongly. I haven't noticed this with any other flavours.

          On the plus side the raspberry flavour and the cranberry flavour were strong and complemented each other perfectly and the whole pot only cost me 100 calories, 0.2g fat, 14g carbohydrate of which 10.6g sugars and 15.2 g protein. There are no artificial colours or preservatives in this yoghurt and it contains 31% of the recommended daily amount of calcium.

          So it was tasty before the aftertaste hit me, I finished the pot and chose to try and ignore the bitter aftertaste which worked ok but I think some people may not be able to get past this. For this reason I'm giving this particular flavour 3 stars. I think I would eat it again in the future but it isn't one I'll go out of my way to buy.


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            11.07.2009 21:35
            Very helpful




            Yoghurt is the perfect food for all times of the day. Whether its an accompaniment to your bowl of cereal or toast at breakfast, a mid morning treat, or a pudding for after a meal, it really is very versatile. One of my favourite brands of yoghurt are Muller and I am particularly fond of the Muller Light variety.

            Muller Lights can be found in all Supermarkets including Asda and Tesco. They are often found in little shops such as Superdrug and Boots too as well as hospital and airport canteens and sometimes little newsagents or petrol stations. They can always be found in the fridges which is the perfect and really the only place for them to be stored.

            One flavour in the range is the raspberry and cranberry. The yoghurt comes in a 200g pot. Each pot costs 54p however there is currently an offer on where you can get 4 yoghurts for £2. This is only a saving of 16p but if you are being careful with your money then its definitely worth taking advantage of.

            The pot is made of plastic with a foil lid. It is mainly white in colour however around the edges of the pot there is a bright dark pink, almost red theme with all the nutritional information and product information on it too. The lid Is like I said made of foil and is mainly white in colour. However to make it a bit more colourful and appealing there is some delicious and very juicy looking pictures of cranberries and some tempting raspberries. I'm a massive fan of raspberries and do enjoy cranberries too so It was a real treat for me to have them both combined.

            Opening the lid is easy but I was sprayed slightly with yoghurt. There was only a little on the lid which was easily enough scraped into the pot. The yoghurt looked very thick which was good as often the light yoghurts are poor and runny. It also looked lovely and creamy too!! The yoghurt was a very attractive colour. It was a dark pink colour but not overly dark! Colour. Very pretty! Luckily for me, the yoghurt was completely smooth with no bits through it! This is great as I hate bitty yoghurts a lot!

            After a little mix the yoghurt did thicken up quite a lot and was now really perfect texture for me. Spooning some up the first thing I detected was the milky taste. It was incredibly creamy and didn't taste like a low fat yoghurt at all! It was very sweet though as well and it had a lovely fruity taste to it. I detected raspberries more than cranberries which for me was good but might not be for you. It was completely smooth in texture and very thick.

            Nutrition wise these are really great and a 200g pot contains a mere 100 calories. This is absolutely amazing considering some 125g pots contain the same if not more! It has an almost non existent fat content too which is just splendid.

            These yoghurts go great on cereal or fruit and are even nicer when sprinkled with some crushed bran flakes or some meringue! This was lovely and I enjoyed it even more since it was smooth. In multi packs you can get smaller 125g pots of simply raspberry and these are great too with around 60 calories in a pot.


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            23.04.2009 15:10
            Very helpful



            A brilliant flavoured yogurt

            Yogurts are so good for you and cos I don't drink much milk I like to have 1 or 2 yogurts a day to make sure I am getting enough calcium.

            I had a Muller Light Rasperry & Cranberry yogurt this morning and it was much nicer than I thought it would be.

            It is smooth and creamy with no bits in it and tastes just like fresh raspberries, I like this one cos it's so sweet and tastes very fruity. It is creamy and very refreshing and I enjoy it because it tastes like proper fruit and is not sythetic at all.

            I can't taste the cranberrys very well but that is good I think cos they can be a bit sour and I don't think they'd go very well with the taste of the raspberries. I have had other raspberry yogurts from Asda and Tescos but this one is definatly the best and cos it's so thick I find it is a very filling yogurt like all the rest of the Muller ranges.

            I like the Muller yogurts cos the pots are so big compared to normal yogurt pots and they make me feel like I have had something proper to eat and not just a snack.


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            31.03.2009 12:58
            Very helpful



            Another excellent flavour from the Müller Light range.

            I have recently taken to eating yogurt for breakfast with some fruit and am always on the lookout for a new flavour to try, I particularly like the Müller Light range as they are filling and generally very tasty with appealing flavours.

            One I have started enjoying more and more recently is the Raspberry & Cranberry variety which is absolutely delicious, it's a smooth yogurt which is neither here nor there for me as I like smooth and bitty yogurts equally and really wouldn't have fancied bits of chewy cranberry or squidgy raspberry in my yogurt anyway.

            The flavour of this yogurt is excellent, it's very fruity with a sweet yet tangy sensation as I eat it. The raspberry is definitely the stronger flavour but I was impressed that I could also taste the cranberry quite vividly too which is unusual as not many products containing this berry actually have the proper flavour. In fact cranberries are so difficult to incorporate into foods that many manufacturers use strawberry flavoured cranberry pieces, which defeats the object if you're a cranberry lover like me but I can certainly see why they do it.

            I find the aftertaste of this yogurt to be very nice, it refreshes my mouth and leaves me with a cool and fruity taste in my mouth for quite a while afterwards. I am not a fan of foods with lingering aftertastes but I find this particular yogurt cleanses my palate nicely and I enjoy having my mouth taste like fresh raspberries for a while!

            As with most of the Müller Light range this is a very creamy yogurt and I find it hard to believe that this large 200g pot is so low calorie with such a tiny fat content, the whole pot contains just 100 calories and 0.1g of fat making it one of the kindest yogurts to my waistline. In fact a few weeks ago I had one of the Müller Amore yogurts which are extremely high in sugar and fat, this Raspberry & Cranberry Light version was as much a treat and I personally can't see the point in having a calorie laden yogurt when some of the more exotic Müller Light varieties are so delicious and luxurious tasting

            At the moment Morrisons are running a promotion on the Müller brand where you can buy four and get another four free, each yogurt is 52p - 55p so this is an excellent saving. You can mix and match between Müller Light, Fruit Corners and Müllerice so this is the perfect opportunity to try a flavour you've never had before.

            Please note that the pot you can see above is actually the Blueberry flavour, which is very nice too! The Raspberry & Cranberry version comes with pictures of raspberries and cranberries on it funnily enough!


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            28.03.2009 14:13
            Very helpful



            Delicious smooth yoghurt

            As those will know me know I am not a huge yoghurt fan. My pet hate is "bits" in yoghurts, even the tiniest ones!!

            That is why the only yoghurt I will reccommend is this one!! Although the picture clearly does not show the raspberry and cranberry yoghurt (which are depicted on the label of the actual yoghurt) I am reviewing the raspberry and cranberry one.

            As stated on the (correct) label, this yoghurt is smooth and I disagree with our reviewers of this product, I eat a couple of these a week and have yet to discover any bits.

            Although I am not a huge fan of either flavour on its own, the 2 together work fantastically! I adore this flavour and would reccommend you give it a try even if like me you don't like them individually!

            The pots cost around 45p although there are often special deals in store on each and they work out about 30p each. At only 94 calories a pot they are great for anyone on a diet too!

            In fact, all this talk has made me hungry, i'm off to have one now!!


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            21.03.2009 20:36
            Very helpful



            one of Muller's best in my opinion

            Although the picture shows blueberry it's heading is Raspberry & Cranberry which is the one I've just eaten & therefore reviewing.

            This pot, obviously shows a picture of cranberries & raspberries on the foil lid but the writing (which tells you what the flavour is) might be difficult for some to read if they have impaired vision. This may be more of a problem than you might think because, as you know, Muller make a heck of a lot of yoghurts & not everyone takes their specs with them on shopping trips.

            Anyway, once I'd opened the tear-back foil lid (which didn't come off in one piece) I licked the lid & was very pleased with the taste.

            There's a definite smell & taste of raspberries & the cranberry taste comes through in a more subtle way the more you eat & the deeper down the pot you go.

            The yoghurt itself is a lovely deep pink colour & looks almost marbled when mixed with the white yoghurt.

            It's very flavoursome & not too sweet which is how I like my yoghurts - if anyone likes really sweet Mullers I think the Toffee or Strawberry may be better?

            The texture is described as 'smooth' - if, by this they mean 'no bits' then I should point out there were a few bits (I'm pointing this out as I know a lot of children don't like 'bits). However, if they mean 'smooth' as in creamy then yes, it's lovely & creamy but not as thick in consistency as some yoghurts but thicker than cheaper ones.

            The pots are 200g which is a generous size & cost 45p each at our local store - they're usually cheaper if you buy in multipacks & can often be seen on offer in supermarkets.

            All the ingredients are clearly listed on the plastic tub - I won't list them all but just to let you know if you, like me, are watching your weight/ health conscious - each pot -

            - is fat-free
            - 100 calories
            - rich in calcium (31% RDA)
            - no artificial colours or preservatives.

            - bit difficult to read the flavour on the lid.
            - can never open these without tearing the foil lid.
            - relatively healthy (tho' not completely natural) yoghurt.
            - fair price for the amount you get.
            - nice texture & colour.
            - great flavour.
            - may not be sweet enough for some tastes but worth a try?


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              18.01.2009 23:05
              Very helpful



              A lovely yoghurt, though there are nicer flavours in the range

              A month or so ago I wrote an exciting review about Muller Light Peach Yoghurts, and so today I thought I would follow it up with an equally fun sequel: Muller Light Raspberry and Cranberry Yoghurts! Before finding these lovely Muller Light Yoghurts I didn't eat much yoghurt, but now I have one a couple of times a week and really enjoy them.

              The yoghurts come in a rounded plastic pot with a foil lid which is white with a picture of some juicy raspberries and cranberries on it, in addition to the easily recognisable red and white Muller logo. The nutritional information is printed around the side, in white lettering on blocks of light purple, which adds to the berry theme and makes the pot quite attractive.

              The pot contains 200 grams of yoghurt, which is quite a large serving compared to some and will fill you up nicely if you are having it as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. In the yoghurt there are just 100 calories and no fat! The yoghurt is also rich in calcium, containing 31 per cent of your recommended daily amount. However it does contain 7 grams of sugar and also the sweetener aspartame, so it is not totally guilt-free.

              The yoghurt itself is a nice light pinkish-mauve colour and is totally smooth, with no nasty fruit bits (I hate yoghurts with fruit bits!). It feels cool and creamy in your mouth and is really satisfying. It is thick but not gooey, and tastes light but is still filling: the perfect combination! I do think though that the taste of this flavour is not quite as nice as the peach or toffee flavours which are also available, as I think the cranberries make it a little bit tart and sharp. It is still enjoyable, just not my first choice.

              Each yoghurt costs 54 pence, which is a little expensive, but sometimes they are available on special offers, so I would keep an eye out for them in your local supermarket.


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                17.08.2008 09:44
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                Muller are always a brand to be reckoned with in my opinion. The raspberry and cranberry flavour is their best in my opinion, particularly as I dislike fruity yoghurts or ones with bits. The packaging is good with pictures of raspberries and cranberries and giving useful information about it being fat free and less than 94 calories per pot - brilliant for those of us trying to watch or weight.

                The smooth texture slides down great, it is fruity without having an artificial taste. Occasionally when I take one into work and it is out of the fridge for a while the yoghurt separates a little and a clear liquid is seen on the top of the yohurt, however once mixed in this doesn't affect the taste at all.

                My favourite way of eating this yoghurt is for breakfast over the top of a small bowl of either corn flakes or special K, rather than milk. in addition i occasionally add dried fruit to give it a bit of variety.

                As well as the large Muller light pots they also produce a six pack of small sized yoghurts and in this they do a separate raspberry flavour which is also very nice, and a cherry flavour which is amazing. I tend to now buy the 6 pack to take for a weeks lunches at work.

                Price for this large yoghurt is between 52p and 54p depending which supermarket you go to. Sometimes they are on offer 4 for a £1 so this much better value.

                A nice tasting smooth yoghurt - perfect for non-bitty yoghurt eaters like me!


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                01.06.2008 21:44
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                A lovely snack and only 100 calories.

                I have always been a great fan of Muller Light Yoghurt, especially the cherry, peach and vanilla flavours, but I have recently been reading reviews here on Dooyoo of new flavours hitherto untried by me and I intended to look out for them when shopping.

                Today in Tesco's I was looking for pots of yoghurt and spotted the Muller Light Smooth Raspberry and Cranberry Yoghurt. Now since I had just put two punnets of fresh raspberries in my trolley (2 for £4) I thought this yoghurt would be just the job to pour over them.

                I chose this yoghurt along with a peach, vanilla and cherry one at 54p each or, in my case, four for £2. There always seems to be an offer of some sort on Muller Light!

                Each 100g pot of the raspberry and cranberry flavour has only 0.1g of fat and 100 calories and they are sweetened with aspartame, so they're ideal if you're on a diet, especially as they taste so rich and creamy that you feel as though you're eating something far naughtier than diet yoghurt!

                The pots are wider than the 'standard' sized yoghurt pots thus making the removal of the contents that much easier. The lid has a picture of a raspberries and cranberries on it (you'd never have guessed that would you? LOL!) Incidentally the picture at the top of this review shows blueberries on the top of the yoghurt pot so I think Dooyoo got a bit mixed up with the pictures when setting up the category.

                Anyway the now recognisable Muller logo is there in red and white with the word 'light' is in blue. Oddly enough the actual name of the flavour is in very small lettering. Maybe the fact that it is light is more important!

                You just peel off the foil lid, lick it of course, and there you find the yummy yoghurt just waiting to be eaten!

                The yoghurt itself is pink in colour and the aroma of raspberries and cranberries wafting up from it was very inviting.

                So let's get onto the important bit - the taste!

                Well the yoghurt is smooth, thick and creamy in texture and it tastes great! It isn't too sweet and retains the tangy flavour that you would expect from raspberries and cranberries. As I thought it was delicious poured over our fresh raspberries and of course so much healthier than fresh cream and there was plenty in the pot for the two of us too!

                The nutrition value of the pot of yoghurt is;
                Calories 100
                Protein 4.1g
                Carbohydrates 7.6g
                Fat 0.1g
                Fibre 0.5g
                Sodium 0.1g
                Calcium 126mg

                I particularly like any of the flavours of Muller Light eaten with one of the crunchy cluster type breakfast cereals as a snack at any time of the day. This really is heavenly. Unfortunately it is so nice that when I have both items in the kitchen I eat rather too much, thus putting paid to any dietary effects that might otherwise have been accruing!

                When I don't have any of the cereal I sometimes eat my yoghurt sprinkled with crushed mixed nuts and that makes an excellent snack too.

                The foil lid and plastic pot can both be recycled so that's another point in its favour as far as I am concerned.

                Muller Yoghurts are made by Muller Dairy Limited of Shrewsbury Road, Market Drayton, Shropshire. TP9 3SQ and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.


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