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Muller Light Summer Berries With Elderberry

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2 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      13.09.2009 12:55
      Very helpful



      Simply the best tasting yogurts I have found

      I am a big fan of Mullerlight yogurts.
      If I am honest I usually shy away from anything 'light' or 'less fat' as this usually means 'less taste'. By, not with these little beauties.
      So, if you like yogurts, or are trying to lose weight (isn't everyone!), then read on...

      So who makes the product ?
      They are one of the biggest companies, they make several products and have an excellent name.

      So, what is the product ?
      This one is called Muller light Summer Berries with Elderflower yogurt.
      It says on the lid 'Limited Edition' but it has been in the shops for months, so I guess that is more of a selling gimic, rather than a message that they will be disappearing from the shelves at any moment.
      - Just a word to say that they loads of other flavours, it is a huge range.

      The packaging ?
      A plastic tub holds the actual yogurt - it is a bit hard to describe the shape, other than to say that it isn't a bog standard cylinder shape, more of a small bowl/dish, which makes it a bit more appealing to the eye. There is a foil lid, which I am always scared it going to get torn in my shopping bag on the way home but it never has, so I guess it is fairly sturdy and tough.
      All of the nutritional info is very clearly marked on the side of the tub and is very easy to read and understand. Although I guess when you have read 'FAT FREE' you don't really need to read much more !
      The Muller name is easy to see too - a big plus when you are looking for a particular product.

      So, how much yogurt do you get ?
      Here's a great piece of news... this one is 175g.
      That is alot of yogurt. Most yogurts are really tiddly and in my opinion not worth the money. These are huge - enough to count as a 'proper' snack or pud.

      Bet it is expensive then ? How much do they cost ?
      This is a bit tricky to say.
      Usually they cost 54p each.
      (This is about right as although more expensive to the untrained eye, you do get more yogurt so it works out about right for the money).
      However, these yogurts are ALWAYS on special offer somewhere. The trick is finding out where and stocking up.
      The offers are usually either 4 for £2 or 3 for £1. Sometimes you get BOGOF's.
      At the moment they are 25p each in Morrisons, which is the best offer I've seen.

      And the yogurt ?
      You peel back the foil lid and are greeted by this deep purpley, thick, creamy, lucious looking yogurt that is absolutely crammed with fruit. There are berries everywhere.
      There is a lip smacking aroma to it, that makes you feel very fruity !
      I always give my yogurt a stir before eating and this shows me just many berries running through this yogurt . There is a mixture of strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. You can identify them if you wish as they are quite large pieces of fruit, but I didn't want to waste valuable eating time.
      There is also elderberry juice, but as I have no idea as to what this tastes like I can't say if there is too much, too little or just enough, all I can say is it's in there.
      The taste gives you a complete Mmmm moment !
      The yogurt is thick, creamy, very very tasty and packed with delicious fruit pieces.
      Everything about this yogurt says 'Eat Me'

      The best thing ?
      These yogurts are FAT FREE.
      AND they are PACKED with flavour.

      I would give these yogurts 10 out of 10.

      There is one thing I want to know...
      If Muller can make these very scrummy yogurts fat free, why don't they make chocolate ?


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        23.04.2009 16:48
        Very helpful



        Berry Berry fruity yogurt !

        I've run out of Muller rice, I bought a load recently when 'Buy 4 get 4 Free' offers were on at various supermarkets. I used these for my breakfast at work so I wouldn't be tempted to snack. Now the offer is over. I begrudge paying 54p per pot - tight maybe - credit crunching - definitely.

        So I went to my local Tesco and tried to find an alternative and I find Muller light yogurts at 3 for £1, I'll have some of that I thought to myself. I picked up a selection including the limited edition Summer Berries with Elderberry.
        I love fruity yogurts and despite the presence of Aspartame (one of my pet distastes) I was pleasantly surprised along with saving about 120 calories per pot, it was very tasty.

        This yogurt is fat free (hurrah) but does have sugar and sweeteners (boo). There is 8% fruit in each pot which contains strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. The elderberry comes from juice which is added to the yogurt.
        There is a teeny 88 calories added to each 175g pot, which makes it a pretty healthy snack. They also let us know that there is 128mg of calcium per 100g

        This is the second limited edition to join Muller's light yogurts. Released in April this is Muller being seasonal (a lot of what we hear on the TV) and it replaces Lemon and Passionfruit flavour. This will be advertised heavily in slimming magazines and women's magazines to support the launch. I have not seen any advertising, but you may well have.

        This flavour will be available until the autumn when it will be replaced with another new flavour, so grab them while you can. You will spot these by the slightly different foil lid to the usual Muller Light Yogurst, this one has black on it and is covered in berries.

        ~The Taste~

        Yum. Peeling back the foil layer revealed a purple creamy yogurt with pips in. I love to see the pips then I know it's real fruit. It tastes lovely, I'm not sure what elderberry tastes like, but all the flavours of the berries mixed together gives a subtle tang to the yogurt. Aspartame is present in this yogurt, but doesn't affect the taste too much like in other 'light' products I have tried. I have another one in the fridge and can't wait to have it (maybe in the morning). The yogurt, as always with Muller is fresh and light, the fruit adds a new dimension to the taste. This is available at an RRP of 54p, but offers are usually on such as 3 for £1 etc.


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