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Muller Rice Rhubarb

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurt

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2008 21:55
      Very helpful



      Once you've got passed the image, the dessert is a delight to eat!

      I am so used to buying certain things in certain order from my local Asda, that I sometimes go into auto pilot and occasionally even miss some of the great offers that seem to be available at present, fortunately this was clocked from afar!

      As usual I was on the mooch for my husbands yoghurts, tutting very loudly when I realised the ones he normally has have been at full price for quite some time and had not changed since my last trek there.

      That's when I spotted the product I will now review, nestled among the "buy 4 for £2.00" display.

      The product I will now review is "Muller - rhubarb rice"

      The pot is very similar in design to the Muller yoghurts, maybe slightly narrower at the base than the yoghurts, but as I don't have a yoghurt pot to hand this is a guess. The pot is white in colour with a creamy vanilla colour at the base which I assume is to accentuate the creamy aspect of the rice and a lovely blush pink colour of course to symbolise the pink of the rhubarb. This is topped of with the obligatory foil lid.
      The pot is jam packed full of information, covering the entire surface of the pot with brand name, product description, nutritional information, ingredients and serving instructions.

      I opened the pot as I do usually with the yoghurts....... Carefully. They are known for there spurting so be aware and peel back the lid away from you.
      This pot did not spurt, but due to the consistency at the top of the desert It could do.

      I have to say I was more than a little disappointed at what lay in front of me, here I was expecting a pink amalgamation of delicious stringy rhubarb and soft creamy white pudding rice. What I actually got was a pot of what looked like lumpy, runny wallpaper paste with a pool of pinky beige goo sitting on the top, making the desert look grey in colour.

      The smell that was emanating from the pot though was divine, you could smell the cream and the sharp fruitiness of the rhubarb, so slightly encouraged after a false start I decided to give it a good stir and plunge in.

      Well what can I say...... it was fantastic! The rice was thick and slightly chewy with the individual grains of rice still holding there form to give a firmness of bite, this coupled with the creaminess of the rice and the sweetness of the rhubarb, which in fairness was a joy although it could maybe have been a bit sharper, was a truly delicious treat.

      Ok, so I know that maybe I should have checked out the nutritional information first but I do love creamed rice, so unfortunately this aspect was left until after I had scraped the pot clean!

      The pot states that the dessert contains less than 3% fat per pot, ok so far so good, the dessert contains no artificial colours or preservatives, better still and finally that it provides 25% of your recommended daily calcium, again a plus but as a dairy lover not something I need to actively attempt.

      The next thing I checked was the dreaded calorie content, I try to follow a weight watchers regime, albeit a little lapsadaisy at times, but I do tend to use there points method to gauge my food -

      Per 200g (the pot),

      226 kcal
      6.4g protein
      40g carbohydrate
      4.4g fat

      I'm afraid I was unable to work out the points value as the nutritional information has left out the saturated fat value, which is the one number I need, so I don't really know if these are suitable for a weight watchers plan.
      Needless to say, if they are eaten in the manner they were destined for, yes I know your going to say with a spoon into your mouth smart arses! If these are eaten as an occasional treat and as part of a healthy and balanced diet there will be no problems. Shame I can't take my own advice, then maybe my bum wouldn't be so big! LOL.

      As I mentioned earlier the price of these are 4 pots for £2.00, there a few flavours available in the range, original, rhubarb, strawberry , raspberry and apple.

      Would I recommend these..... Yes! Admittedly, well at least with this one anyway, you may have to eat with your eyes shut, but the flavour and texture of the dessert more than makes up for it. Deliciously textured and creamy with a blast of fruit, this makes the ideal dessert to be eaten on the move, there is also the option of serving this pudding warm, by simply removing the foil lid and microwaving (full instructions on how to do this is on the pot), and this gives the dessert another dimension. I am more than happy to eat this cold, but that's because I have these for work and our microwave there is manky!

      For more information visit - www.muller.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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        16.04.2008 12:18
        Very helpful



        Excellent product, easy to use, good snack for kids, or adults.

        I don't often eat Muller Rice because I have never found a flavour that I liked . The apple variety is not very tasty. The strawberry one is too sweet and the vanilla one too sickly. The blueberry one has an odd after taste to it, so I always ended up with the boring plain ordinary variety.

        Last week I tried the rhubarb one which is surprisingly tangy and tasty. It isn't too sweet and has that lovely sour tang of rhubarb without making you pull a lemon-sucking kind of face.

        A 200 gram pot of Muller rice costs about 43 pence. It comes in a plastic pot which can be microwaved for ninety seconds, if you prefer your rice pudding hot.

        These pots are also available in packs of four and six in supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco. They need to be stored in the fridge.

        It has a foil lid to keep it fresh but I must admit that care is needed in removing this lid. The foil is quite sharp at the edges and a child could easily cut hands, or fingers with it. It also take a really good hard pull to remove the lid, so it's wise to keep a firm hold on the container when removing it.

        I prefer Muller Rhubarb Rice hot. Heating seems to change the flavour and there is something quite satisfying about a bowl of hot rice as a dessert, or even as a snack.

        Muller Rice is not suitable for vegetarians, but anyone who is diabetic can get full nutritional information on the Muller website which is very useful if you have to watch your carbohydrate and sugar levels. http://www.muller.co.uk

        The rhubarb variety contains 226 kcals per pot., 40 grams of carbohydrate and 4.4grams of fat, but only a trace of salt. More detailed nutritional information can be found on the Muller site where they list all their products with detailed nutritional information.


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