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Muller Vitality 0,1%

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Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      28.10.2008 14:47
      Very helpful



      A tasty way of obtaining pre and pro biotics

      Finally, something has come along to tempt me away from my usual Danone Actimel probiotic drinks. This has come in the form of Muller Vitality 0.1% and it's the 0.1% fact that persuaded me to give Muller a try.

      The Muller Vitality yogurt drinks include pre and probiotics, both of which help aid digestion and I need all the help I can get in that area.

      So far, out of the huge display of probiotic mini yogurt drinks, only Actimel appear to do a low fat version, which is also low calorie. I just can't contemplate drinking one of these tiny bottles of liquid but consuming at least 80 calories for my efforts. The Danone Actimel 0.1% range have 30 calories or less.

      So how would the Muller 0.1% fare in comparison? Firstly, a plus point for me was the calorie content which is stated as 33 calories per bottle. So far so good. Secondly, what sort of flavours were available? Unfortunately, not too many. In fact, there were only two to choose from, Berry or Tropical. Tropical sounded good to me although I wish these companies would provide all their available flavours with 0.1%. I'd love to have tried the vanilla.

      So I picked up a six-pack of Muller Vitality 0.1% Tropical flavour (they can't be purchased individually) and plonked them into my basket. Once they were safely deposited in my fridge I couldn't wait to try one.

      After extracting one of the dainty little bottles from its cardboard outer cover, I carefully peeled off the foil lid, which is date stamped. This is particularly useful if you wish to unpack the bottles from their cardboard sleeve which also has the best before date stamped on the top. After having a quick sniff, I thought it smelled quite fruity, not so much tropical though.

      ... Texture and Taste...

      I was rather surprised when I began drinking this as the texture was quite different to the Actimel's that I'm used to. Rather than having the consistency of rich milk like Actimel, the Muller Vitality is thicker, more like a slightly runny yogurt.

      As for the taste, the most prominent flavour was peach. I hadn't really thought of peach as a tropical fruit and up until now I hadn't read the ingredients. So I took a look to see what actual flavours are included. Indeed, peach puree is listed as the first fruit flavour, followed by pineapple and passion fruit juice of which the latter two I would class as tropical. But I could really only taste the peach which was a bit of a shame.


      These drinking yogurts come packaged in a glossy outer cardboard sleeve which holds the 6 plastic bottles inside. Each little bottle is shaped like a mini milk bottle so it's easy to grip the indented middle section. The overall colouring is white with a colourful display of peaches, pineapples and passion fruits around the bottom of the bottle. Each bottle holds 100g and shows the ingredients and nutritional information down the side.


      I've only found the 0.1% variety in Tesco and they retail for £1.98 or 2 for £3.00 when they're on offer.

      Website: Their website really is worth a visit just for the opening sequence. There is a wonderful view overlooking green fields and a country lane accompanied by the sound of birds singing. To someone living in the middle of the city, I felt almost transported into the country. The rest of the site is extremely well designed and well worth a look.



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