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Mullerlight Vanilla,Cherry and Dark Chocolate Yoghurt

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4 Reviews

Brand: Muller / Type: Yoghurts

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    4 Reviews
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      22.04.2010 11:13
      Very helpful



      A nice yogurt to snack on

      As we are now out of the Winter Wonderland we've been experiencing (touch wood), the warmer climate means I like to eat colder snack items such as yogurt...and I have been chowing down on quite a number of different ones to try them out, as suddenly, there seems to be a nice range of new and wonderful yogurt varieties out there.

      *** Description & Nutrition ***

      The yogurt is of a vanilla flavour, which visibly has lots of little flakes of dark chocolate running through it. At the base, is a sweet fruity cherry compote.

      The yogurt is creamy yet light, with some good chunks of cherry in the bottom (I like yogurts with a bit of texture to them!). They are not stingy with the ingredients, and the result is a well balanced yogurt which is fresh, fruity and satisfying. It almost doesn't feel like you are eating something healthy, so this is a lovely snack for those with a sweet tooth. I usually eat this as an mid-afternoon snack, but would also be nice as an alternative dessert post-dinner.

      I guess the plain Muller Light yogurts without all the chocolate sprinkles and sweet compote are more healthy, but this isn't too bad if you fancy a change.

      This is a fat free yogurt, which is instantly attractive to those wanting to eat healthy. There are 98 calories per pot which is quite reasonable, with 20% of your recommended daily calcium level. There are no artificial colours or preservatives.

      Size of the pot is 165g, which is a decent size, although this is so yummy I could probably eat two!

      Per 100g you get:
      - 59cal of energy
      - 3.1g of protein
      - 10.3g of carbohydrates (8.9g which sugars, and 3.8g sugars naturally from milk & fruit)
      - 0.4g of fat of which 0.2g saturates (thought it was fat free?!?)
      - 0.3g of fibre
      - trace of sodium
      - 99mg of calcium

      *** Price ***

      I bought these from Tesco, and they cost 52p each there, or 4 for £2.00, which doesn't mean you're saving much, only 8p in difference! You can buy a ready pack of 6 Muller Light yoghurts in some places which works out cheaper, but I guess you are stuck with the preselected options in ready packs rather than being able to mix and match flavours as you wish.

      A nice fresh and fruity yogurt to enjoy at any time...


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        18.03.2009 16:42
        Very helpful



        a good snack

        Muller Light Cherry and Chocolate Yoghurt...

        Seeing as I am watching what I eat nowadays the Muller Light yoghurts are a key snack in my work lunch box. Muller have recently bought out the Chocolate Sprinkle multi packet range and seeing as it has been half price in Tesco for the last week I thought I would snap up the bargain and give them a try.

        In the multi packet there are six yoghurts with three different flavours. In my opinion this Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Black Cherry flavour is indeed the best.

        It is not one that I would have thought I would have liked the most as Black Cherry isn't usually my thing. However this yoghurt really didn't taste how I would assume black cherry to taste.

        I suspect because the black cherry is mixed with vanilla this is what gives the yoghurt its whole sweet taste as for me this yoghurt is very sweet (although delicious). The black cherry is mainly at the bottom of the pot with the vanilla layer over that and the dark chocolate sprinkles through out the whole pot.

        The pot contains 165grams of yoghurt and in this you get 98 calories and 0.4grams of fat. This is very good as I feel quite full after eating a whole yoghurt and especially this one as it is so sweet.

        Some other Muller yoghurts have more contained in the pot as I was under the impression that there was usually 200grams per pot but I would think putting less in means the calories look better!

        Overall though I think this is one of the tastiest Muller Light Yoghurts I have tasted. The sweetness of both the black cherries and vanilla really comes through and tastes wonderful. The chocolate sprinkles are hardly noticed however and I am not sure if I would be bothered if they were not there altogether.

        I would rate this yoghurt highly though and as yoghurts go it tastes pretty amazing. The creamy texture really makes it hard to believe it is fat free! It tastes good and at the moment you can get the multi pack for under £2 so well worth buying if you ask me.

        I hope this has been of some help/interest to you. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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          05.03.2009 15:23
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Don't bother - stick to the originals and put your own chocolate in!

          As a member of Slimming World, Muller Light Yoghurts are one of the stables that you can live off for "free" - hence every slimming world member will have a fridge full! So a new flavor... I was very VERY excited. Then after tasting I was very VERY gutted!

          As soon as I found out about them I rushed off to the nearest supermarket and grabbed a pack. They come in a 6 pack with the chocolate orange and chocolate and vanilla - fair enough, happy to give them all a try. I was brought up with the theory that you should start with the worst first (probably my mum's way to pursuade me to eat greens) so I start with the Vanilla, then the orange... basically don't bother - it's just the normal yoghurt with a bit of chocolate scraped in. Building up to the Cherry one though - this was going to be great. Unlike the others this has "syn" value on Slimming World, meaning there must be something bad for you in it... always exciting and a little naughty for us dieting people!

          Just to bring you all down to earth, it's basically cherry goo - that just tates of sweetner (making it low fat) in the bottom and the vanilla yoghurt with a tiny sprinkling of chocolate in on top. It doesn't mix well, the chocolate is bitty and it feels like it just doesn't belong and whatever the exciting bad-ness was I never found it.

          My advice - don't bother. Buy your usual Muller Lights, then if your feeling in the need to be naughty have a little cube of chocolate on the side... better still forget about the yoghurt.


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            08.01.2009 18:56
            Very helpful



            Not nice at all.

            As with every new year I seem to be starting a new healthy eating regime, this year being no exception! This year my husband has decided to join me in my constant quest for twiggyness, this being so I have been on the lookout for anything that could possibly deemed as a healthyish snack item, hence this review.

            The product I will now review is - "Mullerlight, vanilla sprinkled with dark chocolate, with
            A black cherry underlayer."

            I only realised that these were a new flavour due to the fact that it is written on the pot! (lol), and as my husband works at one of the main distribution branches of Asda, I also knew before the offer started that there was going to be some sort of "special offer" on certain yoghurts, so of course I was keeping my eye out for them.

            These yoghurts came as part of a six multi pack, of which other reviews will follow. These will normally retail at around the £2.98 mark, but along with all the other Mullerlight yoghurt multi packs, these are currently on offer for £1.50. I have so many in my fridge I can barely fit anything else in!

            The yoghurt has all the relevant information on there, brand name, product name, nutritional information...etc
            The majority of the information is printed on the foil seal lid, and repeated again n the pot, obviously once you have opened it that will be the first thing to be thrown away!

            Upon opening it I was quite surprised by the yoghurts appearance. From the title I was expecting a nice creamy coloured yoghurt, with the black cherry layer being underneath. I don't know whether this had been dropped or whether it was meant to be that colour, but it was an almost fluorescent purple colour with loads of black bits floating in it.

            I have to be honest it put me off slightly but thought I would tuck in anyway.

            Now I have never been a huge fan of black cherry but the prospect of a fat free yoghurt that still contains chocolate appeased me slightly, how wrong could I have been!

            The yoghurt was a good consistency, neither too thick or too runny, but the initial smell was very sickly sweet, with the cherry being the predominant scent.

            The taste was just as I expected from the smell of it. The yoghurt was far too sweet, almost as if there was as much sugar in it as there was sweetener, which again was more than detectable in taste.
            The cherry compote that supposedly sat at the bottom of the pot was again far too sweet, which for me is an unusual thing to say as I am a certified chocoholic, so it really must be sweet!
            There were tiny bits of black cherry suspended in the compote which, to me, tasted slimy and not pleasant at all.

            The nutritional information is as follows -
            Per 100g (bearing in mind each pot contains 165g),

            59 kcals
            3.1g protein
            10.3g carbohydrates
            8.9g of which sugars
            3.8g sugars naturally from milk and fruit
            0.4g fat
            0.2g of which saturates

            I have rarely found a yoghurt by Muller that I dislike as much as this one, I,m afraid I can't recommend this one at all.

            For more information visit - www.muller.co.uk

            Thanks for reading x


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