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Munch Bunch Mega Double Up Fromage Frais

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4 Reviews

Brand: Nestle / Type: Yoghurts

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    4 Reviews
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      02.09.2010 10:09
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      A great tasting extra creamy fromage frais dessert

      I've been eating Munch Bunch yoghurts ever since I was a kid and they are still one of my favourites. They also sell a variety of fromage frais yoghurts as well, and these are delicious. This double up fromage frais is available in Strawberry & Vanilla flavour, and also Strawberry & Banana which is the flavour that I am going to be reviewing. They are available from most good supermarkets and cost £1.50 for a pack. They are often on special offers such as BOGOF or 2 for £2.00 so I snap them up when I can make a reasonable saving.

      The desserts come in a little plastic pots sealed with a peel-back lid. They come in a multi-pack of 4, and each pot weighs 90g. The design is colourful and would be appealing to children. I like the way that the plastic packaging is half pink and half yellow, as this mirrors the look of the fromage frais within the pot.

      The fromage frais looks amazing. When you open the pot you can really see the effect of the "double up", as half of the pot is a lovely pink coloured strawberry flavour fromage frais and the other half is a bright yellow banana flavour fromage frais. It is amazingly thick and creamy, which I expect allows it to hold its shape and keep separated instead of the two flavours merging into each other. They stay separated and if you wan to, you can eat it one half at a time to get just the one flavour, or scoop your spoon over both layers to get a fusion of fruity flavours.

      They taste very sweet and I love the thickness of the texture. They are really lovely and have quite a natural realistic fruity flavour to them. The strawberry is sweet and has a little bit of a sharp tang to it, and the banana has an unmistakable taste that is just like the real thing. They smell great too!

      These fromage frais are larger than most other similar desserts, and are reasonably filling. I like to have them alongside my breakfast in the morning but they're also good for a quick after-dinner dessert or for taking along on picnics if you store them in a cool bag.

      The nutritional value of these desserts is fairly good for their type. The sugar content is high, but the fat is low and you get a good dose of calcium as well. I really enjoy these fromage frais double ups and would definitely recommend them. They taste great and are a satisfying snack. They are a little bit over-priced when not on special offer, but I will carry on buying them when I can get a good deal.

      Ingredients: Fromage Frais, Sugar, Cream, Strawberry Purée (2.8%), Milk Mineral Concentrate, Flavourings, Modified Starch, Acidity Regulator: Malic Acid, Colour: Beetroot Red

      Nutritional values per pot:
      Energy 437 kJ - 104 kcal
      Protein 5.6 g
      Carbohydrate 14.5 g - of which: sugars 14.4 g
      Fat 2.4 g - of which: saturates 1.6 g
      Fibre 0.1 g
      Sodium trace - Salt Equivalent trace
      Calcium 135 mg


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        04.04.2010 19:00
        Very helpful
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        An innovative product for kids!

        *The Product*

        These are a fairly new product from Munch Bunch. The Mega Double Up Fromage Frais are a yoghurt product aimed at growing children. It is different from your normal fromage frais as it offers 2 different flavours in one convenient pot. Munch Bunch is part of the Nestle Group.


        The flavour shown in the picture is Sally Strawberry and Vanilla however the one I have here to review is Sally Strawberry and Barney Banana. At present, these are the only mixes on sale.


        The Strawberry and Banana flavour comes in a plastic pot which is red and green in colour. It is conveniently shaped for children to be able to hold. The yoghurts come in a joined pack of 4 which can be seperated and each pot has its own plastic label for freshness. The overall pack is bright and attractive and has images of a cow, strawberries and banana slices aswell as nutritional information, claims, company details and ingredients.

        *The Fromage Frais*

        On removing the lid, you will discover a thick fromage frais which is evidence of a quality product. You notice that there is two parts being the banana and strawberry merged together. These are as close to be equal as possible in terms of ratio. The colours are what you would anticipate..a pink shade for the strawberry and a yellow shade for the banana. The fromage frais sits nicely on the spoon.


        Fromage Frais , Sugar , Fruit Puree 5% (Strawberry 2.5%, Banana 2.5%) , Modified Maize Starch , Milk Mineral Concentrate , Thickeners : Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan, Safflower Concentrate , Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate , Flavourings , Colour: Carmine .

        *Nutritional Information*

        Each tub contains 90g :

        5.9g protein
        12.8g sugar
        1.7g fat

        *Company Details*


        PO Box 207
        YO91 1XY

        *Availability and Price*

        These double ups are available in most supermarkets. Asda have the 4pk available at a cost of £1.47 or 3 packs for £3 which can be mixed with other childrens yoghurts.

        *My Opinion*

        I am always looking for filling snacks for my toddler and rate the Munch Bunch range highly against its opposers such as Petit Fillous (I really should review these as they are awful!). My son is an extremely fussy eater but loves his fromage frais! This has led to it costing us a small fortune in addition to our regular shopping bill so I am glad these are on offer. I normally pick up a pack of the strawberry and banana and a pack of the strawberry and vanilla alongside the regular Munch Bunch every week.

        Although I buy these mainly for my son, I have been known to dabble in them as well so can give a proper review! I think the portion sizes are adequate as my son would normally have 2 small fromage frais but this way he can have 1 large one with 2 flavours so this is ideal. The pots and labels are attractive and would jump out at kids (to the annoyance of the parents!). Of course they are simple to open and you don't tend to have that awful runniness or clogging of the fromage frais like other brands.

        The even mix of the 2 flavours provides children with a sweet tasty treat although I do feel that it is high in sugar which concerns me. The scent from the fromage frais is sweet but the banana puree offers a slight tangy smell and taste. Of course these are not adequate enough to fill me up as I normally opt for Muller Corners which offer me more than 190g per pot but these are perfect for children as a dessert or for their school lunch boxes and both myself and my son rate them highly!

        Thanks for reading!


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          11.03.2010 17:39
          Very helpful
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          Munch Bunch Mega Double Up - smooth strawberry and vanilla fromage frais.

          Maybe it's the child in me, but I absolutely love Munch Bunch Mega Double Up. Thankfully my kids enjoy them too, so I can at least say I am buying them for my kids!

          As these are on buy one get one free at Tesco right now, I snapped up a couple of packs. I hadn't bought them for quite a while and this morning I devoured my first one and thoroughly enjoyed it.

          They come in a pack of four and are obviously aimed at the children's market. On the front of the multipack is Munch the Cow and the flavours are advertised as Sally Strawberry and Vanilla, it's a shame poor vanilla doesn't have a name :(
          The base of the pots are in two colours, one half being red and the other yellow. When you peel back the foil lids, you see that the fromage frais is also in two colours, but this time it's pink and white.

          The fromage frais is very smooth, with no lumps or fruit pieces. The flavours are not very strong but they do taste natural and it's the creaminess that attracts me. I also love that they are not overly sweet. These 90 gram pots are a great size and I do find they make a nice snack, which stops my tummy grumbling for a while. Very small children may find them a bit much though, so they are likely best suited to the bigger child.

          *Nutritional Value Per Pot*

          Energy - 104 kcal
          Protein - 5.6g
          Carbohydrate - 14.5g
          of which sugars - 14.4g
          Fat - 2.4g
          of which saturates - 1.6g
          Fibre - 0.1g
          Sodium - Trace
          Salt Equivalent - Trace
          Calcium - 135mg

          A 90g pot contains as much calcium as 100ml of milk.

          All Munch Bunch products contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives and the Double Ups are suitable for vegetarians.

          Munch Bunch Mega Double Ups usually cost £1.50 in Tesco, but at the moment they are on buy one get one free. The use by dates are great on these and my packs are fine for a couple of weeks.

          I'll be buying more of these next week, while they're still on offer. My kids love them as an after school snack, that's if I haven't eaten them first!

          These are definitely a 5 star product for me.


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            08.04.2009 19:48
            Very helpful



            Highly Recommended

            I absolutely love the Munch Bunch Mega Double Up Fromage Frais pots (that was a mouthful right there!). They're a bit pricey at £1.69 for a pack of four pots, but they're four big pots at least. They're aimed at older kids really I think as they've got all the right nutrition in them for kids but in bigger sized pots.

            These are frequently on offer by the way if you object to the price. We got them for £1 in Tesco last week and they have them for that offer price quite frequently. That said, £1.69 for four pots isn't so bad when you think how much you have to pay for some of the individual "premium desserts".

            What I like about these first of all is the really soft texture. It's almost like melted ice cream I think and really thick and smooth. The flavours are all the same, Strawberry and Vanilla, and these flavours come out very strongly with every spoonful. They're both sweet and fruity at the same which I really like and so does the rest of the family.

            There are only 84 calories in a standard 80g pot which makes these a pretty good snack or pudding. There's 2.5g of fat and 10g of sugar which doesn't make them as good as having natural yoghurt or a piece of fruit, but they're certainly healthier than a lot of the toffee and chocolate desserts around at the moment.


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