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Nestle Toffee Crumble Ice Cream Cones

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3 Reviews
  • Not too sickly or sticky
  • Yummy biscuity coating
  • Not easy to find now
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    3 Reviews
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      08.08.2015 21:10
      Very helpful


      • "Yummy biscuity coating"
      • "Nice toffee taste"
      • "Not too sickly or sticky"


      • "Not easy to find now"

      A really nice toffee ice cream

      If my mum let me choose an ice cream from the van I always picked Nestlé Toffee Crumble but you can't always buy them easily now. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them for sale in an ice cream van when I was on a day out shopping and I had to stop right there and get one. It cost me a pound but you can sometimes buy boxes of them in the supermarket for a couple of quid for 4.

      When I was getting all nostalgic about these, my friends had never heard of them. I don't know why Nestlé doesn't make them easier to buy. They are one of the nicest ice creams around so they are definitely worth hunting out. The centre is sweet toffee ice cream and vanilla ice cream in layers with a chocolate coating. On top of the chocolate is the crumble bit, and that is the yummiest part. It is like someone has crumbled up loads of crispy biscuits and pressed them into the chocolate. The ice cream is covered in the crispy bits, a lot more than you get than when you have something like a Feast which also has crunchy bits in the chocolate. These taste delicious especially with the chocolate. It isn't a big thick layer but it tastes properly chocolatey. The ice cream is smooth and not too sweet which is good for a toffee flavour. It is not sticky which makes it nicer to eat and not too messy.

      These Toffee Crumbles are lovely, and a bit unusual because you don't get toffee ice cream very often. The crispy bits on the outside are nice with the creamy middle so I would recommend these if you like something like a Feast with the similar bits on the outside. Also worth trying if you like toffee ice cream that is not sickly.


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      09.05.2011 08:50
      Very helpful



      Toffee and vanilla ice cream covered in a thick layer of chocolate and biscuity bits; delicious!!

      Unfortunately Nestle Toffee crumble ice cream bars/cones are not always easy to come by! I first tried one when i was on holiday in Whitstable. I had been for lovely break to Canterbury and me and my partner decided to pop into Whitstable. We walked up a hill opposite Whitstable castle and there was a lovely little park with a small cafe. It was a hot day and i noticed this ice cream Toffee Crumble. It was the name and the picture of it that first appealed to me. I just thought that sounds and looks delicious!

      The box i have (with 4 Toffee crumbles in it) is yellow in colour. On the front are the words toffee crumble, with a picture of the ice cream with a bite taken out of it. Around the toffee crumble are 2 little cartoon characters who have hoses and are spraying another little character with the toffee crumble (the lovely crumbly bits on the outer layer of the ice cream).

      Toffee crumble has an inside ice cream which is vanilla and toffee flavour. This goes really well with its outer layer (this is my favourite part!). It is basically chocolate covered in tiny crumbly biscuits. Its difficult to explain just how great tasting this part is, but trust me, in my view, its lovely; its now one of my favourite ever ice creams.


      Partially reconstituted skimmed milk
      Vegetable oil
      Wheat flour
      Glucose syrup
      Whey powder
      Cocoa powder
      Fat reduced cocoa powder
      Emulsifiers ;mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, soya, lecithin
      Natural colour ; plain caramel
      Natural flavourings
      Stabilisers; Guar gum, sodium alginate

      There are no artificial flavours or colours in Toffee Crumble

      ~~~Allergy Advice~~~

      The ice cream may contain traces of Nuts.

      There are 203 kcals per 70ml ice cream.

      Toffee crumble is currently available at Asda priced at 2 for £3.00. I think this is a good offer. Its a pity that these do not appear to be available in all supermarkets; but I have seen them in Sainsburys occasionally.

      My son and daughter really like these ice creams and i love them! I think they deserve the full five stars!


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        25.01.2009 21:41
        Very helpful



        Can YOU Humble a Crumble?

        This week I did my weekly shop online with Asda for the first time, as I am getting annoyed with the ridiculous price hikes at Tesco each week. Whilst browsing for a treat, I came across these Toffee Crumble ice creams made by Nestle. Having never seen these before and seeing that they only cost £1 for 4 cones, I added them to my shopping basket and eagerly awaited their arrival!

        The ice creams came in a yellowy-orange box with a large picture of the unwrapped ice cream on it and the words 'Toffee Crumble' in fun bold font. The slogan 'Can You Humble A Crumble' is also shown, along with a large number 4 to show how many cones you get in a box. The normal Nestle logo is pictured in the top left hand corner. The box that I purchased also had a large yellow band running along the width of the box stating in big red letters '£1 Huge Value'. No mistaking the price then...

        The nutritional value information is also clearly stated on the box, interestingly enough based on a child's guideline daily amount, although I wouldn't say that these are necessarily marketed as being a child's ice cream. However, it is interesting to note that one cone (100ml) makes up 10% of a child's guideline amount of calories (184) and has 17% of their recommended sugar allowance (14.4g). These ice creams are suitable for vegetarians, but may contain traces of peanuts so probably best to avoid if you are allergic to these.

        On opening the outer box, you come across 4 standard sized cone shaped ice creams with cardboard lids and wrapped in plain silver paper. When the packaging is unwrapped, you are presented with an attractive looking ice cream cone - a nice crisp medium-brown waffle type wafer cone, with ice cream covered with chocolate and small chocolate and toffee biscuit pieces on top (it's probably best to unwrap them over the bin, as the little biscuit pieces do come off and make a bit of a mess!).

        The ice cream in the cone was a really nice mix of toffee and vanilla in a nice stripey pattern. There was a lovely sweet toffee aroma, which was very enticing too. The ice cream had a creamy texture to it and the toffee flavour didn't overpower the vanilla ice cream too much either. The cone had a nice biscuity crunch to it and was coated in chocolate on the inside with a small rim of chocolate coming over the top of the cone too. There was also a good 2 inches of solid chocolate in the bottom of the cone, which was a pleasant surprise, especially as it didn't make it too sickly.

        Overall I was really impressed with these and I think that they were great value for money and I will probably purchase these again as an occasional treat. I think that these are very cheap, but believe that this may be down to the fact that they are not very well advertised and also that the packaging appears to be quite cheap. However I think that £1 is a bargain and you shouldn't let the packaging put you off!


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