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Onken Creamy Mousse Chocolate & Hazelnut

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Brand: Onken / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      06.02.2009 22:16
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      Would have been better off with an own brand mousse.

      Tonight I m really in the mood for a proper dessert - chocolate, cream, sauce, that sort of thing. In the interests of money (and calorie) saving I have, however, been very good and picked instead an Onken Mousse in Chocolate and Hazelnut, as through the clear pot it looked near enough to my cravings - chocolate and cream, yum!

      Okay, first of all facts and figures. The pot cost 50p from Somerfield for a 115g pot. The nutritional information is pretty much as you'd expect for such a mousse - 158 calories per pot, 6.9g of fat, 4.8g of that saturates, and 15.8g sugar. So not exactly diet food, but Onken makes no claims to be that anywhere on the packet.

      First impressions on opening are that this is not a mousse. It is brown goo with a few half hearted air bubbles. I thought this may have been from bashing it about on my way home, but a quick check of some other reviews out their suggest that this is pretty much it's usual appearance. Okay, not to worry, how about the taste?

      Well, it's chocolate, but cheap chocolate. This is the advent calendar chocolate of the mousse world, as opposed to, say, a Galaxy bar. It's not bad, but it tastes just like 19p value mousse (only in goo form...), not 50p posh mousse. Every so often, when I'm tasting really, really hard, a little bit of hazelnut comes through. But I could be imagining it.

      Ah, we're down to the cream! This taste is actually very pleasant with the sugary taste of the chocolate as it's not a sweet cream, it's normal milky cream. It has a very thick texture, like clotted cream but a bit stickier and artificial. The nicest mouthfuls I have of this dessert are those of the cream and chocolate "mousse" mixed together.

      Overall, the mousse hit the spot for a quick sugar/chocolate dessert hit, but I don't think that taste-wise it is superior to many cheaper products. The textures are a bit off - wet goo compared to too-thick cream, although I think it might actually be quite nice to mix both the layers up before eating, if I try it again I'll let you know!


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