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Onken Fruity Lite Mousse Lemon

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Brand: Onken / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2009 18:57
      Very helpful




      I've always been a fan of mousse however it was never something I regularly ate! However I've recently been trying different kinds of foods to un limit my taste pallet and one of the things I've tried is the Onken Lemon Mousse.

      These can be found in all supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Ocado. As they are chilled products they can be found in the fridges, and more specifically in the aisle alongside the yoghurts. They are usually nestled in between the other mousses so keep an eye out for them.

      The mousse weighs 115g which isn't a huge amount however it is worth bearing in mind that a mousse is very light and fluffy so this is actually not a bad weight for them. They come in one size only and don't come in larger multi pots. They are sold singly too and don't come in multi packs. The mousse costs 45p however there is currently an offer on where you can get 3 mousses for £1.20. This will make you a saving of 15p which isn't a huge amount but is ok if you buy them lots.

      The pot is quite attractive really. It is a plastic pot with a large foil lid. The pot is see through so you can see the pale mousse through. The lid is quite unusual in colour. it's a mix of whites and greens with a huge bright yellow picture of a lemon on it. don't get me wrong it isn't unattractive but it doesn't overly stand out. Nutrition information as well as product and brand details are given all the way around the pot.

      The lid is easy to remove and since it is mousse you don't get sprayed with the contents. There was no mousse on the lid despite the fact the mousse came pretty high up in the pot. Nestling in my nose I sniffed in a deliciously lemon fragrance. It smelled really fruity and sweet but there was a definite tangy sourness to it too. It looked really smooth too and it had been whipped to a soft peak in the top. It was a very, very pale yellow colour however mostly I'd say it was creamy white.

      The first thing I detected was the texture. It was fairly different to any mousses I'd had before. It didn't seem just as light and fluffy but instead was slightly denser. However it was very refreshing and had a lovely lemon tang too it. It wasn't too strong though which was great! Underneath the mousse layer was a helping of fruit. It tasted very sweet and lemon like. It was more fake lemon than the mousse though and actually resembled the sticky lemon flavoured boiled sweet lollies you get with the sherbet in the middle. It had a nice texture but as I hate lumpy stuff it wasn't perfect. Overall a delicious and very refreshing treat.

      Its described as low fat but would the nutrition reflect this? Well, one pot at 115g contains 124 calories and 1.7g of fat. This isn't overly low in calories but its definitely lower in fat than your typical mousse. This isn't suitable for those who are allergic to cows milk or milk proteins, or whey powder.


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