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Quality Street Big One Ice Cream

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Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      05.01.2009 14:36
      Very helpful



      Great christmas treats.

      It's been that time of year again when Quality Streets hits our supermarkets. None are more better than the big versions of the little sweets.

      My favourite has to be the Big Caramel One (which I think is the big Orange one?), it has the nice nestle chocolate that when bitten into gives way to a chamber of caramel. Eaten whole it can be sinful heaven :)

      Second in line would be the Big Purple One, it's similar to the Big Caramel one but has a hazlenut in the centre for those who like a bit of nut with their chocolate.

      The Green Triangle is for those who don't like caramel, it's mainly a soft chocolate nugart with small bits of nut in it.

      It's a shame that these novelities are only out once a year but I gues that's why they're novelities. Like mini eggs and creme eggs which soon replace them come January.

      Either way, it adds a sweet taste to Christmas and are great stocking fillers.


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        28.11.2006 11:23
        Very helpful



        If you like praline you may well love these.

        I quite like trying new things, don't you?

        When I discovered a new product which combined nibbling and nuts, I simply couldn't resist. A Quality product no less, what could be better for a little treat?

        I had the choice of three new Quality goods to try. There was the Big Purple One, the Big Orange One and the Big Green One. Well, the Big Purple One didn't appeal only on the merit, from past Christmas dips in the sweet tin, that it has one big nut in it and it is way too sickly sweet. And the Big Orange One was certainly not one to tempt my taste buds since this is the worst dip of all. But the Big Green One well, that always was a nice one, a solid triangle of chocolate with a faint hint of nuttiness and a lovely shiny green wrapper. I was tempted to try this new goodie.

        The Big Green One wrapped in a Shiny Coat
        The Big Green One is a Quality Street Ice Cream Lolly on a Stick and they come in a pack of three. Sainsbury's currently have them on introductory offer for £1.49, I suspect they will be £1.99 for three when the offer ends. At this offer, they are 50p each, quite reasonable for a treat I feel. There are six persons in our house so I half suspected that the kids might beat me to the contents of the first boxful.

        The box of ice cream lollies is in the familiar bright purple associated with Quality Street chocolates and toffees. The Big Green One has the metallic shiny green wrapper similar to that of its triangular chocolate from the QS range.

        What a Treat?
        I let on after dinner that there were some new ice creams in the freezer and sadly waved goodbye in my heart to having a taste of something new. Oldest son didn't fancy one but the oldest daughter did. Making sure of her stake to claim one she proceeds to tell her younger sister that the ice cream would be full of nuts and that she'd hate it and she shouldn't waste it by trying it. Youngest daughter chose a yoghurt in preference.

        My chance of trying one was increasing! Three lollies, four persons left. Hubby and other son didn't fancy one so I got my wish and so did my cunning daughter. Where did she get those skills from?

        All the Fun of the Fair
        Off with the lovely green wrapper and there beneath lay a milk chocolate ice cream on a wooden stick, just like a Magnum in shape. It wasn't a bad size but it was the taste I was most interested in. In the background, our oldest daughter began taunting her younger sister by saying how delicious the chocolate was.

        Anyway, the chocolate was ok, not up to Cadbury standards but pleasant enough. I wondered to myself who actually does make Quality Street chocolate. I'm sure it's not Cadbury, they make Roses and Heroes. I would have to check the box later. Meanwhile the chocolate shell fell off in shards but I find that treats are often messy aren't they? Once the outer chocolate had been nibbled off, it was clear to see that the ice cream inside was very chocolately in colour. I noticed my older daughter going quiet. With one big nibble, I discovered a burst of flavour. It was chocolately but oh so nutty too. It was powerfully nutty, an explosion of nuttiness on my tastebuds. It was most definitely hazel nutty. The ice cream did not have nutty bits in it though, just smooth and chocolately coloured.

        The nuttiness was lovely but I knew my older daughter would find it too overpowering. She struggled her way through most of it but finally she admitted defeat and owned up to how disgusting it tasted. Hubby and I sniggered at the poetic justice and younger sister delighted in the knowledge that her sister had endured a most revolting desert and had been saved from the torture herself.

        How Nutty is Nutty?
        From the taste of the hazelnut, you would expect the content of nut to be high on the list of ingredients. Each 100ml ice cream contains 6% hazelnut praline and 240 calories, 21.4g sugar and 14.4g fat (9.7 g being saturated fat) and 3.3g protein. It is suitable for vegetarians but does contain nuts. If you have a nut allergy please stay well clear! The overwhelming feeling I had in eating this ice cream that it was so much more nutty than the green triangle chocolate found in the Quality Street box /tin.

        Quality Streets are quite often associated with Christmas which is probably why these ice creams have been launched at the start of the festive season. I personally think they're quite nice with an intensely nutty flavour. If you like ice cream, hazelnut praline and chocolate I would recommend for an occasional treat though I imagine that I could quickly tire of this flavour. My daughter would give them a complete thumbs down. They are available in the freezer section at Sainsbury's and probably from most other major supermarkets.

        If you like nuts, go and nibble a nutty treat.

        PS. Guess who ate the last one? She did you know.

        Thanks for reading.


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        Big Orange Crunch, Big Purple One and Big Green Triangle.

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