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Rachel's Organic Bio-Live Yogurt

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Brand: Rachel's Organic / Type: Yoghurts / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2012 09:34
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      Sadly I would prefer Muller Light

      Whilst shopping in Tesco's the other week I decided to take a look for a different brand of low fat yoghurt to try. I usually buy Muller Light but I just fancied a change.

      I saw a pot of Rachel's Organic Luscious Low Fat Bio Live Yoghurt with Vanilla - goodness I hope the yoghurt is as much of a mouthful as the name of it! The pot contained 350g and cost £1.59. As I live in Llandudno and Rachel's is a Welsh company I thought I would support the local firm and give it a try.

      The tub is an ordinary shape - no squares or ridges - and is obviously a bit bigger that the individual sized tubs! It is made of coated cardboard with a black peel off lid with a clear plastic lid over the top of that.

      The front of the tub just has a picture of a vanilla flower together with the long winded name of the yoghurt. It looks nice and classy and makes the yoghurt inviting which is the whole point of packaging isn't it?

      On the back of the tub there is some information about Rachel's explaining how they keep things simple by using only the very best organic ingredients to make their products. There is also some specific information on how this particular yoghurt is made, telling us that the milk comes from cows who graze in organic pastures rich in clover amongst other things.

      I removed the plastic lid and peeled back the inner cover. The yoghurt looked pleasant enough and there was a faint fragrance of vanilla. So far so good then.

      I put my spoon into the yoghurt with the intention of putting some onto my strawberries. I was a surprised to find that the yoghurt was a little bit runnier that I had anticipated; I am used to Muller Light which is quite a thick creamy yoghurt.

      I was able to actually pour this yoghurt from the tub into my dish, although having said that it coated my strawberries very well.

      The taste of the yoghurt is very nice. The vanilla isn't too strong and has a sharp tang to it so the yoghurt isn't too sweet or sickly. It was just the thing to eat with my strawberries and the next day I had a dish of yoghurt with sugar free strawberry jam in it and that was lovely too. It is less than 2% fat so that's another advantage as far as I am concerned.

      This yoghurt is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free too.

      The nutritional values per 100g are as follows:
      Calories 84
      Protein 4.4g
      Carbohydrates 12.6g
      Of which sugars 12.4g
      Fat 1.8g
      Of which saturates 1.2g
      Fibre 0.1g

      If you want to find out any more about the company or any of the products the website address is www.rachelsorganic.co.uk

      All in all I enjoyed the yoghurt although it won't become one of my favourites - I may well try the strawberry one in the same range though!


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        28.08.2010 12:28
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        Yum, yum, yum and it's gone

        Although DooYoo have listed this as generic Bio Live Yogurt, the picture shows the gooseberry variety, which is a new introduction to the Rachel's Bio Yogurt range so that is what I'm reviewing here, although I would add that all the Rachel yogurt varieties are delicious and well worth trying.

        As Sainsburys and Tesco were still doing a 2 for £3 offer on Rachel's Organic Yogurts, I decided that instead of getting two in my favourite rhubarb variety, I'd experiment with the newly introduced gooseberry yogurt. Suffice to say, this is another triumph for Rachel's Organic.

        Rachel's Organic is based in Aberystwyth in Wales and was the first dairy in Britain to be certified organic. Besides a large range of yogurts, the dairy also produces creams and butter as well as a yogurt breakfast pot which incorporates granola. Their products are all suitable for vegetarians and also approved by the Soil Association as being wholly organic. Rachel, herself, had the good sense to sell out and is probably now living in the lap of luxury somewhere warm and sunny, but her ethos of organic and natural products continues.


        These 450g three-serving pots are currently 2 for £3 at Sainsburys


        Organic yogurt (made from whole cows milk)
        Organic sugar
        Organic gooseberries (5.7%)
        Organic rice starch
        Natural flavouring

        Nutritional values (per 100g):

        Energy: 101kcal
        Protein: 4%
        Carbohydrate: 13.3g
        Of which sugars 12.6g
        Saturated fat: 2.1g
        Fibre: 0.2g
        Sodium: 0.06g


        I am one of those people who prefer fruit from the sour end of the fruity spectrum. I love anything lemon flavoured as well as rhubarb and gooseberries, so I was delighted to discover this new gooseberry variety had been added to the Rachel's Organic yogurt family.

        On opening the pot which is decorated in the usual Rachel's Organic attractive and distinctive livery, I found there wasn't an overwhelming aroma of gooseberries just a general fruity scent. The yogurt itself is a creamy blush colour with plenty of fruit pulp in evidence. It looked very appetising and it tasted even more delicious than it looked.

        The consistency is that of double cream and because the yogurt contains live bio cultures it's extremely mild without any of that acidic background flavour often found in yogurts without the live cultures. The taste is definitely of gooseberries but isn't at all sour. Having said that, it isn't overpoweringly sweet either, although the ingredients list shows that well over 12% of the contents are, in fact, sugar, so this isn't something for dieters to eat every day. However, a little bit of what you fancy does you good!

        Because this yogurt contains gooseberries this does mean that there are pips in it but the fruit has been pulped and so the pips are quite soft in texture. None of the fruit pulp is in huge lumps and it seems to be dispersed evenly throughout the yogurt.

        There are a couple of serving suggestions made on the pot. Apart from eating it on its own, it is recommended as an ingredient for smoothies or eaten with cereal. The maker also advises that this product should be eaten within 3 days of opening. My family, despite saying they didn't like gooseberries, made sure it didn't even last three minutes after the lid came off.

        If I have any criticism at all it's that these yogurts are in three serving pots which means buyers either need to watch their portion size or buy more than one pot because once you start, it's very difficult to know when to stop.

        I regard the fact that it was wolfed down by two people who claim not to like gooseberries as recommendation in itself. I did manage to get a couple of spoonfuls myself before it all disappeared and will certainly be buying this again, though I may possibly hide the next pot at the back of the fridge!

        Highly recommended.


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