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Rachel's Organic Fat Free Yoghurt

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Type: Yoghurts / Food quality: Organic food

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    3 Reviews
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      16.03.2010 10:17
      Very helpful



      4 stars for the yoghurt, 0 stars for the packaging

      Bored of my usual Sainsbury's fruit yoghurts, I spotted Rachel's version and decided to give them a try. I bought a pack of four small pots in fruity flavours, which were raspberry, apricot, strawberry and rhubarb. The packaging looked luxurious and the pots had black lids which looked pretty stylish. I know, I'm a sucker for packaging.

      The pots are 'adult sized', by which I mean you can get several mouthfuls out of them, and they are made from plastic. Very low in fat (not exactly fat free as the name suggests), they are of course high in sugar, with almost 15g per pot. So don't assume this is a guilt-free yoghurt as you'll still put the weight on; however I imagine that a lot of the sugar comes naturally from the fruit so that isn't too bad.

      The yoghurts taste very fresh but tend to separate after a couple of days in the fridge so you need to stir them thoroughly. I have to admit that I didn't try all the flavours - but the flavours I did try were rich and natural. These yoghurts have bits in, which I really like, but these aren't for fussy eaters! I was particularly keen on the rhubarb flavour as you don't often get that in yoghurt.

      The main drawback with these yoghurts are the foil lids. If you're buying a big tub (like in the picture), I'm confident that this isn't an issue. Despite claiming on the cardboard packaging that the lids have been improved, I found that they did a rubbish job. Snapping the pots to separate them instantly resulted in one of the lids tearing straight across, and it just went everywhere. Since I'd bought them to take to work for lunch, it defeated the whole purpose and I was concerned about it staying fresh as well, since I hadn't intended to eat that flavour that day. Quite a disappointment really - I can't see why they'd use such cheap foil, and I much prefer the thicker (and more secure) lids of Sainsbury's organic yoghurts.

      Overall, I'd buy the big pots of these because the yoghurt itself is nice, but be very careful with snapping the lids if you intend to buy the small ones. I think these cost around the £1.70 mark for 4, which is quite expensive, so you will get more value for money with the big pots too.


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        10.06.2009 01:24
        Very helpful



        Great tasting yogurt in a great range of flavours which come in different sizes.

        Rachel's Organic are Britain's first ever certified Organic dairy who are passionate about letting nature shine through in their delicious range of organic yogurts, milk, desserts, cream and crème fraiche. They are also the fastest growing organic dairy in Britain and with their products stocked in all major supermarkets nationwide, they believe they sue their best organic ingredients to create gorgeous products that taste as good as they look.

        Rachel's Organic Low Fat Bio-Live Yogurt with vanilla is made from pasteurised organic milk from organic farms, combined with a delicate hint of the finest organic vanilla to create a delicious, tasty, vanilla-flavoured yogurt with less than 2% fat. This yogurt is perfect on its own or as an accompaniment to fruit salads, desserts and cereals, and a great ingredient to add to your favourite smoothies.

        ***TASTE TEST***
        When opening the lid to the yogurt you can see a lovely off white coloured yogurt, with a nice strong smell to it. You can smell the vanilla slightly in the yogurt as well. Before I started to eat the yogurt I gave it a good stir, I found that it was a lot runnier than most yogurts. As I put the first spoonful into my mouth it was lovely and creamy and had a nice vanilla taste to it. It was nice and smooth in my mouth and I actually thought this was better than some of the other vanilla yogurts out there. In fact I even preferred this to the vanilla Muller yogurt.

        There is no way I could eat the full pot of this as it's quite filling and started to make me feel a bit bloated after about 5 spoonfuls. It does come with a plastic lid which will go back on the top which is great as it means you can put it back in the fridge and save some for another day.

        This is per 100g of the yogurt (The whole pot is 450g)

        * Protein - 4.4g
        * Carbohydrate - 12.6g
        * Fat - 1.8g
        * Fibre - 0.1g
        * Sodium - 0.04g

        Contains Cow's Milk
        Gluten Free

        ***OTHER PRODUCTS***
        They do a gorgeous range of dairy products which can be bought at all good supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and Tesco. This range includes:

        * Luscious Low Fat Fruit Yogurts comes in a huge range of flavours including Gooseberry, Strawberry, and Peach, Raspberry, Rhubarb and cherry. These are available as big pots and smaller snack size pots as well.
        * Greek Style Yogurts which come in some fantastic flavours such as Coconut, Honey, Orange & Lemon flavour.
        * Forbidden Fruits Yogurts are delicious organic fruit with added cream for extra indulgence available in Strawberry, Peach and Cherry.
        * Children's Range includes drinking yogurts, rice pudding, strawberry snack pots, blackcurrant jelly and orange jelly.
        * Natural Yogurt comes in a Natural Low Fat option and a Greek style yogurt.
        * Divine Desserts, this includes some yummy flavoured yogurts such as Toffee, Orange and Chocolate with a great helping of chocolate drops to put into the yogurt. You can also buy what they called Divine Rice as well.
        * Milk, this is available in different sizes and comes in skimmed and semi skimmed.
        * Cream & Butter, this is available in blocks of unsalted and lightly salted butter. You can also get Cream and Crème Fraiche.

        ***OVERALL OPINION***
        I wasn't too sure what this would taste like when I first picked up this yogurt in Sainsbury's but I thought I would try it anyway and I'm glad I did as the yogurt was lovely, creamy and very tasty. I would definitely try some of the other flavours in this range and would also try some of their other products. The big pots are great as you can just pop the lid back on the top and put them back in the fridge and the smaller sizes are great to take in a lunch-box to work or great as a little snack.


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          19.12.2005 14:47
          Very helpful



          Ahealthy, lwo fat and nutritious product that actually tastes very good !

          Ask any man what my most redeeming feature is and he will invariably reply "Your backside", far from being flattered I am mortified, for , as any woman will agree (apart from J LO that is) we all want small, firm , pert bottoms like Kylie, and not big round ones like mine !!! I have a very sedentary job i.e I basically sit on my backside, the only exercise is when I nip to the coffee machine, and then when I've drunk the coffee and eaten my doughnuts, e.t.c all the fat slips to my rear and stays there. So whilst shopping in my local Sainsbury's the other day the words 'Fat free' emblazoned across the pots of 'Rachels Organic Probiotic Raspberry Yoghurt' fairly jumped out and grabbed me by the throat !!!!!

          *********Brief Background***********

          'Rachel's organic Dairy Products', established themselves as a small farmhouse company in Wales in 1984 and were the UK's first organic yoghurt manufacturer. They expanded rapidly and now supply all the major supermarkets with their dairy products, Yoghurt being their major product. They also produce milk, crème fraiche and rice desserts among others, however you want to know about the Yoghurt !!


          The 450g pot is made from a sturdy plastic and is recyclable. Predominantly black and white in colour, which I found unusual for a dairy product, but classy and clean looking, there is a picture of a couple of juicy raspberries on the front, with 'Fat Free' in white and red writing across it, all the ingredients and nutritional information is clearly written in white across the back and the 'Suitable for vegetarians' logo is clear for all to see. It has a snap off tag on the lid, basically you snap it off and the lid lifts off easily and neatly with no mess, and is replaceable for storing in the fridge, (in case you can't eat it all in one go). 'There is a statement on the side ' Perfect as a kick start to a healthy day or a snack the tasty way'. So looks and sounds good, but will it live up to it's appearance ??

          *******Overall smell and taste*******

          I Loved this, however the intitial thought of eating live cultures 'bugged' me at first. There's no smell as such, but then there never is with most yoghurts, the colour was a lovely creamy pink, the consistency was surprisingly thick and creamy with small chunks of raspberry. There were quite a few pips which may cause some people a few problems but there are pips in nearly all raspberry yoghurts that I have tried. It tasted delicious, creamy, not too sweet and I could definitely taste the raspberry in it. So all in all deliciously smooth, creamy and fruity....Lovely....In fact I managed to eat the whole 450g pot in ten minutes and definitely plan on buying more.

          *******Ingredients and Nutrition********

          Ingredients included are Fresh skimmed organic milk, whole fruit,bio-live cultures (namely Lactobacillus acidophilus & bifidobacterium !!!!!), with added organic raspberries (8%), organic unrefined cane sugar and organic starch.

          The product is gluten free.

          The following is per 100g

          Energy 74 kcal

          (I think this is quite high if you compare it to a typical 40-50 kcal in a normal 450g low fat yoghurt)

          Protein 4.6 g
          Carbohydrate 13.4 g
          Fat 0.1g

          Ah have you spotted it yet, this product is FAT FREE however it does contain 0.1g fat !!!!!!!! Maybe they should have said it was Very Low in fat.

          *******The Science Bit*********

          Did you know our gut contain 100 Trillion bacteria, sugar tends to feed the 'bad' bacteria and probiotics promote 'friendly' bacteria. The other added benefits of probiotics is they boost the immune system, help fight allergies,help clear eczema and generally promote wellbeing.One Helping of this yoghurt a day has all these benefits plus aiding digestion and maintaining the body's natural defence system. So delicious and extremely healthy, a very 'friendly' product.

          ****Availability and cost*****

          A 450g pot is actually a bit on the expensive side at £1.29, I got mine from Sainsbury's but they are available in most supermarkets and have recently become available on Eurotunnel !! They are available in 450g and 142g pots, in Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry and Apricot. They also do other ranges including Greek Style, Whole Milk and Low Fat.

          One thing to bear in mind about low fat yoghurts is that many other brands actually contain gelatine, this is used as a thickening agent, this yoghurt, however contains no gelatine.

          For more information have a look on the website : www.rachelsorganic.co.uk

          Or Telephone 01970 625 805

          Rachels Dairy Ltd
          Aberystwyth SY23 3Jq
          BWYD DA O GYMRU (translated as Good food from Wales !!)

          I will definitely be buying more of these in the future, and as for my bum????? Well I think it would take a bit more than a few pots of yoghurt to sort out that problem, but at least it's a start, anyway maybe we should all learn to 'Love Our Bums!'.


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        • Product Details

          Rachel's Organic Fat Free yogurt range in Strawberry, Apricot and Raspberry is aimed at slimmers and those on fat free diets. With less than 59 calories per 100g these yogurts still provide important calcium as well as the bio-live cultures widely associated with health benefits - including helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.

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