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Rachel's Organic Low Fat Rhubarb Yoghurt

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Brand: Rachel's Organic / Type: Yoghurts / Food quality: Organic food

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    2 Reviews
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      27.06.2013 16:07
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      A high end yoghurt

      I love yoghurts and recently i've been good with what I am eating and rather than reaching for a tub of ice cream and eating it all when I have a sweet crave i've been reaching for yoghurts. As a treat I decided I would buy one of the more expensive yoghurts that I saw on the shelf of Tesco which was this one from 'Rachel's ', the organic low fat rhubarb bio-live yoghurt, having such a posh name I thought it was bound to taste nice!

      **A bit about 'Rachel's'**

      Rachel's is a brand that specialises in organic yoghurts, desserts and other diary products. They were Britain's first ever certified organic dairy and are dedicated to only using the very best organic ingredients.


      This yoghurt is one from the big pot yoghurt range, it is 450g. I like having big pots not because im greedy and sit there eating the whole thing, well sometimes, but the majority of the time I have a bit at a time and keep the remainder in the fridge.

      The design of the packaging is quite plain with a splash of colour, it is very to the point and I think it adds to the organic nature of the product.

      As I mentioned before I usually keep big pots for a few days. I had this round my other half's house and then drove back to mine with half a pot left. The lid is very secure and there was no spillages.
      All of the necessary information you may need such as ingredients and nutiritional information is displayed clearly on the back of the packaging.

      **Eating the yoghurt**

      I was initially suprised at the colour of the yoghurt, in my mind I thought it would be pink like rhubarb but it is more of a white colour. You can see plenty of chunky pieces of rhubarb all swirled in with the yoghurt.
      There is not much of a scent to this product at all. The rhubarb element is only very slight with the smell of the natural yoghurt overriding it dramatically.

      The first spoonful I tried of this yoghurt did not have any chunky pieces of rhubarb in. The yoghurt itself is very smooth and does have a nice natural and refreshing taste to it.

      It wasn't until I had a spoonfull with a big piece of rhubarb on that I could taste and recognise the rhubarb flavour. It is a nice addtion to the yoghurt and is not really sweet at all. This would be perfect for those who do not have an overlly sweet tooth.


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        26.07.2010 17:32
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        The best rhubarb yoghurt out there

        My favourite flavour of yoghurt is rhubarb and I thought I'd found the perfect one in Activia which was creamy and tasty. I admit I never looked at the ingredients list before buying this yoghurt assuming that there wasn't anything bad in it. And then one day I noticed the legend 'Not suitable for vegetarians'.

        Now, I'm not philosophically pure enough to call myself a vegetarian because I eat some fish but I was perplexed at the reasons why a yoghurt wouldn't be suitable for vegetarians but there in black and white (or in blue and white to be exact) on the ingredients list was the word 'cochineal'.

        For the uninitiated, cochineal is a carmine red colouring obtained from a South American beetle-like insect and I really prefer my food without any colour at all rather than containing something derived from crushed insect innards!

        Throwing the remaining Activia yoghurts in the bin, I set about finding a suitable replacement.

        I've eaten and enjoyed Rachel's Organic Yogurt before, at least the probiotic plain yogurt but had never sampled her fruit yoghurts, largely because they come in large pots rather than individual sized ones. As there are only a handful of manufacturers that seem to make yoghurt in a rhubarb flavour, I duly bought a pot of Rachel's and took it home to try.

        Please note that as Rachel spells yoghurt without the h, I shall do so for the rest of this review.


        The ingredients list looked promising - no mention of any beetles on there. In fact, just simple, understandable ingredients.

        Organic low fat yogurt
        Organic rhubarb (9.5%)
        Organic sugar

        Nutritional information (per 100g):

        Energy: 84 kcal
        Protein: 4%
        Carbohydrate (sugar): 13.3%
        Fat: 1.6% (1% saturated)
        Fibre: 0.2%
        Sodium: 0.05%


        £1.59 per 450g pot. Currently on special offer in Sainsburys at £3 for 2.


        The packaging for this yogurt is as simple as the ingredients list. The yogurt is in a plastic container with a cardboard sleeve giving details of the product within and recycling instructions. The lid is sealed foil with an additional plastic lid.

        When I opened the pot the first thing to assail my nostrils was the sharp and astringent smell of fresh rhubarb. This was not a manufactured smell but the real thing.

        The appearance of the yogurt is a pale blush cream with bits of rhubarb clearly visible. I can't say it looked much different in colour to the Activia rhubarb yogurt so I wonder why Activia even bother with the cochineal!

        This yogurt tastes delicious. It has been thickened naturally without resorting to emulsifiers and as a consequence it tastes mild, creamy and fruity with just the right amount of sweetness to take the edge off the sharpness of the rhubarb and with a consistency similar to that of double cream.

        This was my Eureka moment. I had found a worthy replacement to my previous, now unacceptable, brand and it was even better tasting.

        I have only one very slight criticism and that is that this yogurt only comes in a large 450g size. This is fine if you're good at portion control but once you start digging into this scrumptious yogurt, it's pretty hard to stop!

        Everything about this product is excellent from the taste and the quality of ingredients to the recycleability (if there is such a word) of the packaging. The cardboard sleeve is easily detached from the plastic pot and although the plastic is quite thin, it's certainly strong enough to hold bits of leftovers etc in the fridge or, alternatively, I used them as plant pots for my seedlings. They also make excellent individual propagators if you put them upside down over a small plant pot.


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