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Sainsbury's 2% Yogurt Selection

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2011 13:09
      Very helpful



      Overall a great pack of yogurts for a great price.

      My latest venture into the Sainsbury's Basics range has been there 4 pack of fruit yogurts for the tiny price of 29p.For your money, you get 4 x 125g yogurts, 2 of which are strawberry flavoured and 2 are peach flavoured.

      The yogurts come in clear plastic pots that are 7cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm and have a plain white film covering. The film cover contains all of the product details and apart from this there is no extra packaging, which makes them quite environmentally friendly. The film covering is very plain and it is very similar to the rest of the basics range in design.

      On opening one of the peach yogurt pots, you get to see a beige coloured yogurt that has a few bits of peach scattered through-out it. The ingredients state that it contains 3% peach puree and 1% peach, which seems about right for the visible peach pieces. On first tastes it has quite a sweet, peachy flavour that is very palatable. There is a definite peach flavour to it which is very nice and is how I expected it to be. The yogurt is not too runny which makes it nice and easy to eat. Out of the two flavours, I prefer this one more as it has a nice sweet flavour that is not too overpowering.

      The second flavour is strawberry, which has a pink colour to it and some small bits scattered through-out the yogurt. On first appearance, this yogurt is a bit runnier than the peach one, which isn't really a problem but it is worth mentioning. On first tastes, this is much sweeter than the peach yogurt, but it still has a discernible taste of strawberry in it. Being a bit runnier doesn't make much difference but it does make it easier to swallow. I wish there were a few more bits of strawberry in this one or it had a bit stronger strawberry flavour as it would make it a lot nicer. This one contains 2% strawberry puree and 2% strawberry juice from concentrate, so a total of 4% just like the peach yogurt. I think having the juice in it makes it slightly runnier.

      Overall, these are delicious yogurts for the price paid. They are definitely comparable to more expensive yogurts, with the only difference being the yogurt consistency. I will be buying these again as they make a great lunch time or dinner time desert and are quite filling. Per pot, they contain 107 calories, 17.3g of sugar and 1.6g of fat. The high sugar content is quite a concern, but that is probably why they are quite sweet.

      I shall give these 4/5 as apart from the high sugar content, they are very nice for the low price. Another great product in the Sainsbury's Basics range.

      Thanks for reading.

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