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Sainsbury's 'Basics' Apple Pies

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Pie

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    2 Reviews
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      23.03.2010 13:46
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      I buy these pies regularly as they are very good value and taste very good, especially for just 6p!

      I notice that the other two reviewers on this product haven't been too keen on these pies, but I would say that you get what you pay for. Although, they may not contain as much apple as bigger brands, I still think they are excellent value.

      The packs are sold for 36p (so 6p per pie), which is the exact same deal that Asda offers. I think 6p for a pie is exceedingly good value, as Mr Kipling apple pies are sold in these shops for over £1.00, which is nearly three times as expensive.

      The packaging, as with all of the "basics" range is plain and unadventurous.

      The ingredients state that the pies consist of 62% of pastry and 38% of apple filling. When you read into it further, the apple filling consists of just 16% apple with the rest consisting of dextrose, sugar, glucose syrup, humectant, vegetable glycerine, maize starch, malic acid and preservatives such as potassium sorbate, sulphur dioxide and sodium metabisulphite.

      I would have thought Apple Pies wouldn't need so many ingredients, which may reflect on the quality of these compared to the more expensive brands.

      I eat these apple pies almost daily. Each pie measures around 6cm across and 3cm deep which I think is a nice size for a quick, filling snack. The pastry is quite soft and crumbly. It's not too sweet and you get a decent amount of filling in each pie. You get good size chunks of apple inside, mixed in with an apple sauce.


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        07.04.2009 17:26
        Very helpful



        Not at all nice (but they are 36p lol)

        I absolutely love apple pies and deliberetly went over to my local Sainsbury's one day last week to get some. I hadn't seen these particular 'Basic' one's before and so I hithered and dithered for ages before deciding that at 36p (for 6) they had to be worth a go! I simply couldn't believe what an economical buy these were considering I part with well over a quid usually for my pies!

        The Packaging....

        Partially see through oblong plastic wrapper with the apple pies in two rows of three underneath. On the front there is an orange band of colour on there and a big white square and on that I'm told they are Sainsbury's Basic 6 Apple Pies 'Real apples takes your pick'. There is some drawn on scribbles (in orange) of dangling apples, an at a glance pye chart to the top right hand corner and finally I'm told they are vegetarian and vegan. On the back of the packet all in black writing in neat sections I'm given a list of ingredients and allergy advice is given, nutritional information is listed, how to store them and how to heat the pies up (if desired but not a necessity) are also there, contact details for Sainsury's are given, the best before date is displayed and finally there is a bar-code on there. Very simple looking packaging these do come in but it's the taste that counts after-all so never mind that! I do like the fact I could see the apple pies through the packaging as well and on appearance they looked ok which I why I opted to buy them in the first place!

        How To Heat Them (If You Want To Of Course!)....

        Preheat your oven to the required temperature of 180C (no other temperatures are listed) and put them on a baking tray for 8-10 minutes. The packaging tells us not to heat these in a microwave but I do providing I take them out of their individual tin foil holders first and I only put them in for about 1 minute as that's all it takes (750W microwave) to get them warmed up.

        The Pies....

        Well they are quite small (just over a mouthful in size each) and not very deep in their appearance. The pastry case is rough on the top, smooth everywhere else and has what appears to be a rim of shortcrust edging to it on each pie on the top separated the rough section from the smooth. All come in silver trays which they ease out of easily and all in all they look like aple pies but nothing special and they don't have any aroma to them at all.

        Biting into them.... the pastry is ok. Not soggy, it holds the filling really well with no seeping, it has a slight crunch to the top but is very slightly dry and missing any kind of fat content however it remains not really very flaky which is good so it's not messy to eat at least!

        The inside apple 'sauce' is simply revolting and there's loads of it though again it doesn't drip anywhere. Your hard pushed to know it's apples in it as there is no texture apart from a gloopy one and not real bits of fruit can I detect within it. It's overly sweet and when eaten along with the pastry you simply don't know what flavour it's meant to be at all. I really can see by the light green colour the pie contains it is meant to be apples but honestly it don't taste that way to me and I really disliked it. Not sour, not tangy just sweet sauce that isn't one bit appley!

        Because I wasn't keen on the overall texture of the pastry being a bit too dry and my filling not tasting good, that's how I know they are fine to microwave but it was a waste of time. The flavour didn't improve at all.


        Really awful. The pastry is passable though a little heavy but the filling is horrid and doesn't even taste of apples. They weren't sweet enough in the pastry part but far too sweet in the sauce and never again will I be a cheap skate when it comes to buying apple pies again I can tell you that much lol.

        Allergy Advice....

        Contains wheat gluten & sulphites.

        Nutritional Information...Per Pie....

        Energy 175Kcal
        Protein 1.7g
        Carbohydrate 25.7g
        of which is sugars 12.2g
        of which is starch 12.6g
        Fat 7.2g
        of which is saturates 2.5g
        mono-unsaturates 3.3g
        polyunsaturates 1.3g
        Fibre 0.6g
        Salt 0.1g
        of which is sodium Trace

        Only available in Sainsburys's priced 36p for a pack of six.


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