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Sainsbury's Individual Rich and Zesty Lemon Cheesecake

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cheesecake

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2009 15:02
      Very helpful



      A fantastic cheesecake ruined by ugly poor packaging!

      I will start by saying, that this is one of the most delicious individual serving size cheesecakes I have ever tasted. Its ridicolously good! This remains one of my favourite desserts, despite a few flaws which I will discuss later.

      In fact Sainsburys with a little more effort could easily have made this a "taste the difference" range item, sadly however it falls a little short, in fact flat on its face!

      Firstly the positives!

      This cheesecake, has one of the most delicious creamy lemony cheesecake layers I have ever tasted, and this delicious layer is over a crumbly ginger biscuit crumb, which in my opinion is just the perfect thickness.

      Unlike many cheesecakes I have tasted, no effort has been made to congeal the biscuit crumb into a faux base. It is no doubt buttery, but it certainly isn't the thick mass of solidy soggy biscuit which you can get with some cheaper cheesecakes, and particularly ones which come in an individual size. Instead after digging through the cheesecake layer, you encounter a sumptious crumbly layer, which has a divine texture and taste, which is an excellent contrast to the smoothness of the top layer.

      This individual rich and zesty lemon cheesecakes comes in a 120g portion size, costs at time of writing £1.14 (which yes isn't cheap) and is a satisfying size, despite its rather meagre initial appearance.
      Unfortunately all of this sumptiousness comes at a price! And no im not talking about the £1.14, im talking about the 384 calories! Which is quite high for the portion size, however a cheesecake is a cheesecake, and if your counting calories this isn't for you! So it is safe to say this is not for the health conscious, but then again a dessert is so nice, just because it is a little bit naughty, it would be boring any other way!

      Unfortunately however, it is not all good news! There is one major bugbear with this item, and that is the packaging!

      Now I totally support using minimal packaging, but for an item that costs £1.14, and is relatively delicate, this item is packaged in probably one of the most flimsy, useless, cheap looking plastic containers I have ever come across!

      It just doesn't seem to want to close properly! Wait, thats ok though, because it has a label over the top of it! Well yes it does!!

      However that label is just not quite big enough, it barely covers the lid resulting in a real tatty look. If you dont believe me IN fact look at the product picture for this item review, you can see the label beginning to peel open! And that is quite often how you find this item stored. Once or twice I have even found some with the lids physically open! Shocking for a fresh item!

      Credit to Sainsburys though, because upon complaining (yes Mr Meldrew is alive an well) I was contacted and told that they were going to be re-designing the packaging! Albeit this was a year ago, and the product still comes in the same flimsy container!

      So in summary, this is a fantastic cheesecake! And if you can find one with the lid closed, I recommend you try one!


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