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Sainsbury's Large Chocolate Trifle

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Trifle

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    2 Reviews
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      06.04.2010 10:44
      Very helpful



      A little goes a long way.

      We decided to buy a large chocolate trifle from Sainsbury's to round off our Easter Monday tea, it wasn't the cheapest of desserts but it looked tempting and after looking long and hard at it I decided that it could be worth £2.29.
      The Sainsbury's chocolate trifle is sizeable and there were only two of us eating so the trifle was plenty enough to provide four good sized portions.

      The chocolate trifle is prepared in a large clear plastic bowl, the bowl is sealed with a layer of clear film and then the whole dessert is slipped inside of a light cardboard sleeve that has a tempting picture of the wicked chocolate trifle printed on the front of it.

      Sainsbury's have given the trifle a layer of thick chocolate custard, a layer of chocolate sponge and a layer of Belgian chocolate mousse. All of this is topped off with the layer of whipped cream that is decorated with Belgian chocolate drops.
      We love chocolate full stop so we saw this as a dessert that was going to satisfy both of us.

      The chocolate trifle is not as firm as its fruity mates, you do need a large serving spoon to scoop it out of the plastic tray.
      It looks rich and it smells really sweet but I could not manage to get a spoonful of the trifle out into the individual serving dish without it collapsing into a heap. But that is the last of the worries, after all the trifle is going to be eaten not framed.

      This Sainsbury's chocolate trifle is rich beyond belief but the layer of sponge, custard and mousse work well together.
      The chocolate sponge is incredibly light and airy as is the chocolate mousse.
      The chocolate custard is thick, creamy and very rich.
      The whipped cream looks attractive and that just melts in your mouth, leaving the odd Belgian chocolate drop in its wake.

      Very often both of us will look at the remainder of a pudding and decide that it needs to be finished off, pure greed on our parts. But after we had eaten the one portion of Sainsbury's chocolate trifle neither of us wanted anymore.
      The trifle is delicious but a little goes a long way and I am sure that it would be far too rich for the kids.

      The Sainsbury's trifle is not suitable for anyone who has a nut, egg, milk, gluten or wheat allergy.
      One quarter of the large pot contains 272 calories and it is high in fats ans sugar.

      Once the trifle has been opened then it must be stored in the fridge and eaten within 24 hours.
      I enjoyed the chocolate trifle, for me it was something new and different but I am not convinced that I would choose to buy it again.
      Usually I buy a fruit trifle, they are lighter and far easier on the digestive system so maybe I will pick up a fruit cocktail trifle the next time around.


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        03.11.2009 17:17
        Very helpful



        A dreamy dessert that will delight chocolate and cream lovers

        PRICE: £2.29 for a 500g dish

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per ¼ of the dish):

        Calories: 273
        Fat: 15.5g
        Saturated fat: 9.9g
        Salt: 0.22g
        Total sugars: 23.2g


        Chocolate custard (38%), chocolate mousse (30%), whipped cream (24%), chocolate sponge (7%), chocolate drops (1%) - the rest of the ingredients mainly comprise items such as various milk powders, raising agents, cocoa powder and other flavourings


        Contains: Gluten, wheat, eggs, milk, soya/soybeans, pork gelatine
        Not suitable for vegetarians


        Trifle is something I can normally take or leave, especially if the sponge cake inside has been soaked in booze (which I hate), but I spotted Sainsbury's Chocolate Trifle recently and decided to give it a go.

        The product is in the chilled desserts department, and comes in a clear, stiff plastic bowl which is covered with a cardboard sleeve bearing an image of a serving on the trifle on the front. The base of the cardboard sleeve shows nutritional information, ingredients list, Sainsbury's quality claim, dietary/allergy information, storage advice and recycling advice for the packaging.

        The top of the plastic dish is covered with a clear film that is easily removed.

        The appearance of the trifle is a little on what I'd call the conservative side in that there aren't too many frills and fancies. The upper section is a thick piped layer of fresh cream which has tiny nuggets of Belgian chocolate sprinkled over. It isn't a particularly generous serving of nuggets, but surprisingly the taste of them is quite strong. The middle layer is a very light, fluffy chocolate sponge cake, and the bottom layer is a rich Belgian chocolate custard-type sauce.

        It is recommended that a single portion is one-quarter of the whole trifle, and even bearing my large appetite in mind, I think this is perfectly adequate.

        The spoon slides nicely into the trifle, and the serving of cream on the top layer is extremely generous. The layer of sponge is fairly thin, but certainly adequate, and the chocolate sauce at the bottom is about the same quantity-wise as the top layer of cream.

        The flavour of the sponge, cream, chocolate nuggets and chocolate sauce all balance one another perfectly. The cream is just how fresh cream should be and is perfect in consistency - e.g. it's not squirty cream that goes watery and sloppy after a while, but neither is it too stiff. The taste of the chocolate sauce is nicely strong without being overpowering, and has a good, rich Belgian flavour. It's lovely and smooth, about the same thickness as custard, plus is cooling and very refreshing. I personally find that the dessert is best served as cold as possible, definitely straight from the fridge.

        It really did surprise me how strongly the taste of the Belgian chocolate nuggets, bearing in mind that they are few and far between, stood out, simultaneously blending with the other ingredients in the dessert. It's very difficult to be too graphic as regards how this whole trifle tasted, other than to say of Belgian chocolate, sponge cake and cream; the chocolate not tasting cocoa-ish and powdery, but smooth and velvety. There is no doubt in my mind though that the quality of Belgian chocolate used is high, otherwise I'm certain its taste would have been a lot weaker. Of course this dessert scores high on the sweetness scale, but I don't personally find it too sickly - so long as not too much of it is eaten at one sitting.

        I have absolutely no complaints about Sainsbury's Chocolate Trifle whatsoever and I find it very more-ish. I'm not sure if I could eat the whole dish at once as it's pretty high on the richness factor. Most of the richness comes from the cream and the chocolate sauce.

        At £2.29 this product is a little on the expensive side, but because it's rich and filling, I doubt if many or any people would be clamouring immediately for a second helping - that's not because it isn't delicious though. Of course this is a dessert which is very high in fat and calories, but that's to be expected of something of this nature which contains a lot of cream, chocolate and sugar.

        If you like and fancy a rather classy chocolate treat, then I'm sure you'll love Sainsbury's Chocolate Trifle. It's definitely become a regular addition to my shopping list.

        Thanks for reading!


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