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Sainsbury's Lemon Swirl Cheesecake

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Cheesecake

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2009 16:58
      Very helpful




      I am very much so enjoying the Simply Exquisite desserts which Sainsburys are selling at the moment. Granted I do prefer the chocolate options more than the fruity ones, despite how unhealthy they are.

      These come in a clear plastic tub so you can see all the different layerings which are going on inside. Larger than your typical yoghurt pot but small enough that you don't feel the need to share it with anyone I find that they are just the right size. You receive a nice sized dessert which can satisfy without making you feel ill afterwards.

      The lemon cheesecake is basically a digestive biscuit mixture for the base and then a citrus flavoured mousse topping. Complete with a deep coloured lemon sause which swirls thoughout the whiteness of the cream.

      It does taste nice and the lemon really hits home. Although very strong it still has a sweet flavour coming through which stops it from being too overpowering. The digestive biscuit also breaks down the taste so it isn't taken over by a sugar overload. Bringing in an ever so slightly savoury taste. It isn't obvious though so don't think if you do buy one you're eating something which tastes like salt.

      The problem I find with this particular one is that the base is barely there. Meaning that you get hardly anything and what you do have isn't crunchy enough. A bit insubstantial. Now I know that the digetives in this dessert are supposed to be loose and crumbly I just felt that maybe they could have been a bit more chunky as that might of given another texture other than soft.

      To compensate for this they've given you too much topping. Whilst you only get about the barest minimum of biscuit you receive 4 times the amount of topping which is really unnecessary. I think that they needed to balance it out more because if I wanted that much lemon flavoured mousse then I'd of bought a yoghurt.

      These come in 125g pots however they have failed in this instance to tell me the nutritional information aside from the ingredients.

      Costing me £1 or 2 for £1.50 these aren't my favourites. I doubt I'll be opting for this particular swirly cheesecake although they also do it in a strawberry flavour which might make all the difference.

      If you like your lemon flavours and cheesecake then this could be something you'd enjoy. Neither too sweet or sickly it's a good sized amount for one person to eat on their own. It's just a bit too much topping and not enough biscuit for my liking.


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