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Sainsbury's Strawberry Low fat Yogurt

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Yoghurts

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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2009 18:07
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      My mum gave me a few of these the other day and I never pass up a freebie so I kept them in my fridge until the other night. I fancied something sweet, luckily I couldn't go to the shop as the kids were in bed and to be honest I didn't really want to gauge on chocolate so I chose to try one of these low fat strawberry yoghurts. I figured that fruits are quite sweet and I do like strawberries so this would hopefully satisfy my sweety need and it is low fat which is a bonus as I am trying to lose weight.

      The pot the yoghurt comes in is a 150g red and white plastic pot, which can be recycled. The foil lid on top just needs to be peeled off to get to your yoghurts. On the pot we are told that it's Sainsburys Strawberry Low Fat Yoghurt. Sainsburys nutritional pie chart is on here too telling us that this whole pot provides;

      106 calories
      1.7g fat
      1.2g saturated fat
      0.2g salt
      14.3g total sugars

      On the pot we also learn that this yoghurt is suitable for vegetarians and it contains Friendly Balance bacteria. - Probiotic bacteria which can help maintain the natural balance of your digestive system.

      Once you peel back the foil you can straightaway smell a sweet strawberry smell. The yoghurt is a pale pink in colour with dark red pieces scattered within, which I was hoping was just pieces of strawberry.

      The yoghurt itself was quite creamy, and thick, not too thick or gloopy though, it had a lovely consistency and tasted just right of fruity strawberries. My tongue then came across a funny texture. Hard bits and soft stringy bits, which really put me off the yoghurt. It was only pieces of strawberry, but it felt weird and I don't think it mixed well within the yoghurt. Maybe I would of preferred it if these 'bits' were actual strawberry chunks, but all I could see were red strands and tiny pieces of red. If I had some warning on the tub then I probably wouldn't of ate it as I don't really get along with yoghurts with random fruit pieces in them. It disapointed me actually because I was quite enjoying the creamy yoghurt itself. I enjoyed the actual yoghurt but for me it's losing stars becase of unwanted lumps. Shouldn't moan really as they were given to me .. for free!


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        29.08.2008 23:25
        Very helpful



        An ok everyday yogurt but nothing that special

        I do occasionally like a dessert of some kind. I wouldn't say that I have a massive sweet tooth but I did Weightwatchers and during following the diet I always tried to incorporate lots of treats into my daily point allowance and expand by taste buds (not my hips!. Something I found to be quite nice and low in fat (if picking the right one) was of courses yogurts. Like alot of people I know if I can choose lower fat options in food stuffs so I will wherevr possible. However sadly I find that say a yogurt can be lower in fat and crammed full of sweeteners and can be incredibly sweet and leave a nasty aftertaste.

        Although I do try to eat lower fat stuff quite often (particularly in the past) I have been left asking myself the question was it worth in some cases a few less calories etc for what I've just eaten? lol I'd rather have flavour to my food and eat less of it but enjoy it!

        I spotted this yogurt in Sainsburys and thought I'd give it a go. The last yogurt I had was a bigger pot than this and was a taste the difference one from Sainsburys and was amazing, thick and creamy (as promised on the carton) and double the price of this one and almost 3 times more calories and saturated fat! Although delicious I do try watch my weight so I decided to plump for a low fat variety on this occasion.

        The Packaging....

        150g dark red recyclable plastic pot which is white inside with a red foil lid. On the lid I'm told it is Sainsbury's Strawberry Low Fat Yogurt and there is a photograph of a couple of strawberries. Display date and use by date are both stamped on and I'm told to keep it refrigerated. On the front of the carton I'm once again told what it is and who it is by along with and at a glance nutritional chart and I get told it contains friendly balance bacteria and is Vegetarian. On the back I'm given more in depth nutritional values, ingredients, allergy advice, size and bar-code. Simple enough packaging with all the information you require on it to make that informed choice.

        The yogurt....

        Pale pink in colour with flecks on dark red seeds which are more than likely strawberry seeds I assume lol. When I pulled back the lid I wasn't met by a fruity smell at all but draw it the mouth sure there is a slight whiff of strawberries to it. The consistency is rather smooth looking (apart from the odd bit of seed) and it's rather runny (as in not at all set). Saying that it isn't really thin but it isn't thickish at the same time.

        Taste wise it tastes of strawberries really. Smooth in taste, nothing harsh about it, it tastes milky rather than creamy. There is a small hint of tartness which makes the flavour a bit more zingy and I wouldn't say this is at all bland. Not too sweet I couldn't taste any sweeteners during eating it or afterwards and I appreciated that greatly.

        No strawberry 'real' pieces were in my yogurt sadly which I would have liked but at least the seeds didn't all get crammed into my teeth and/or gums as they were flecks rather than chunks I had to crack with my teeth.


        Quite nice but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it or tantrum cos they had ran out of stock or anything. It's an ok yogurt and tastes ok, is cheap but I can't imagine anyone raving about them because there is nothing special about them really. Consistency is a bit thin for me but it wins on taste and then again loses on visible strawberry bits but then at 32p a pot you do get what you pay for and this is reasonable priced and it reflects what the product it.

        Nutritional Values... Per 150g Pot

        Calories 106
        total sugars 14.3g
        Fat 1.7g
        Saturated fat 1.2g
        Salt 0.2g


        Strawberry (12%), Sugar, Rice Starch, Lemon Juice, Carrot Juice (from concentrate), Natural Flavourings, Pectin.

        Alergy Advice....

        Contains cow's milk.


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