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Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Tarte au chocolat

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Type: Puddings

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2008 19:11
      Very helpful



      get both why tear yourself up about which tarte to buy and now there is a apple one too

      I found this product when I was still living down south in the sunny depths of Hampshire, and the fact that I once for my sins used to work for the Illustrious Sainsbury's may have had something to do with my choice of product. That and of course my love of all things chocolate.

      With this in mind, I wandered around the store after finishing work looking for something else to stuff into my cakehole, and found the cake section staring me in the eye. Oh what a surprise, sticky sweet and yummy. Come on it just had to be done.

      So on looking over the entire shelf I opted for two full fat varieties of cakieness and picked up the Taste the Difference Tarte au Lemon and the Tarte au chocolat for good measure of course. My main reason for this was I told myself that some of the family( which was marginally larger then than now ) liked the lemon and some liked chocolaty things. Get my drift.

      Stay with me now here comes the good bit.
      Tasting the goodies once I got them home. I did only just make it home, the smell of the chocolate was starting to invade the car and it was all I could do to keep driving and stay on the road. My addiction was pretty full on back then.

      However I managed to get home ok and unwrap the lovely smelling chocolate tarte, which again invaded the room with full impact as I put it on a plate for serving and then opened the lemon variety which gave a calming citric smell to the chocolaty fumes already there, this was for those who didn't like chocolate.

      I however had to try both. Piggy me.

      Tasting first the chocolate variety I found it rich in flavour slightly bittersweet tasting and mixed with the rich pastry encasing it I found it quite delicious but very very rich. I felt I couldn't eat more than one large slice at a sitting.

      My son also tried it and liked it enough to have two slices of it in one sitting, he liked it best with real cream and sprayed it on as if it was going out of fashion. But the taste was he said improved with the cream. Probably making it less sickly sweet.

      I then tried the Lemon variety and have to say sorry to the chocolate version, but this was to my mind the better of the two. The citric lemon taste just exploded into your mouth and the pastry casing melted with it just divine and I just wanted the whole thing to myself.

      My daughter who was still living with us then had some of this as she was never a chocolate cake kind of person and enjoyed it too. Saying that it reminded her of when I made lemon merangue pie,( I made them tangy.) It gets to the back of the throat and goes boom.

      My husbands thoughts not leaving him out of it were to say the least a bit non commital on the chocolate variety of tarte stating it wasn't really his kind of thing, but he really liked the lemon one so much so that he went back for two more slices.

      Therefore in summary I feel the chocolate tarte is definitely one for the chocolate lover as it is very rich dark and somewhat mysterious, It has hidden depths to it that are hard to define in words and I would buy it again, maybe for a special occasion. I would most certainly buy the lemon one again and although this review is about first and foremost the chocolate variety I felt by comparing the two you would get a better picture of what we as a family felt at the time.

      Taste the difference you most certainly could and I would recommend both to the newbe buyer. Go chocolate or lemon but both are divine.

      I have since bought these for parties and special occasions one was when I visited my daughter and her young family in brighton not very long ago, and I have to say they both again went down a storm on each occasion.
      Not a scrap left of either one. And reports back on the large family party were very favorable.

      Definitely one for the cupboard although being a fresh item I would recommend buying on the day of use if at all possible.

      Obviously I am unable to give you the required ingredients as I have no longer the boxes for these items but can assure you of a really good product and they are not for the faint of heart.

      Oh and buy the way they now make an apple and cinnamon variety calle tarte flamme.

      Since scouted the net for some more details for those who would like them. May contain nut
      would suit vegetarians.
      and Once sixth of the chocolate tarte contains the following
      calories 344
      fat 20.7g sat fat 13.2g
      salt 0.05g total sugar 20.1g
      This is made with Rich signature Belgian Chocolate and cream with a buttery pastry.
      Bon appertite


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