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Sainsbury's Treacle Tart

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    3 Reviews
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      05.01.2015 16:51
      Very helpful


      • "498 words"


      • "Not cheap"

      I like my tarts to be chunky to the bite!

      The Bakewell Tart is known for its icing and jam sponge layers whereas the treacle tart is a much heavier challenge. You have the thicker pastry base and you fill it up with as much treacle goo as you can muster and that’s it, simple as. There is nothing complicated about it. It’s extremely rich feast to tackle and very few people get past two slices. You can also have the lovely six small tarts in a box and the ones I remember best. I think Lyons used to do these as well and you could easily wolf down three of them in ten minutes. The Sainsbury treacle tart here is quite a solid mass and like quicksand in the silver trays as you are bogged down in that delicious tangy taste like no other. I really miss the six pack as they were in every corner every shop alongside the regular six in a box jam tart selection and mom would buy them as a treat on Sundays, softening the blow of school on Monday. Funny how little things remind you of your childhood.

      But we are here to talk about the family size tart, covered in a lattice of pastry strips to bulk it out like a miner’s chest, the braces ready to pop with pride, where the expression ‘tarted up’ probably came from. This is a carb packed seam of energy and certainly gives me a sugar rush. Even when you slide it out of the box it feels heavy and extremely bad for you. But biting into treacle tart is as good as those Brazilian sisters I shouldn’t dream about and one of foods greatest pleasures, alongside the Bakewell, of course.

      Now I’m not a big fan of the lattice as there is too much of it on the tart surface and just takes the edge of the treacle flavors, why we are here. Normally I buy the straightforward treacle tart and get stuck in. The lattice makes it really rich on the bite and I can only manage one quarter a day, which I suppose is a good thing. But these things don’t go stale very quickly so a tart you can eat over the week. But one quarter slice is more than enough to fill you up.
      Price wise you are looking at about £1.00 in your regular supermarkets, about the same price as the Mr Kipling version. This general pricing really expose how much value there isn’t at poundland stores anymore. And those pound stores ted to have older stock of the cakes and so not great value. These are also the type of tart you can buy generic cheaper versions on your local market. For some reason those are often as nice as the brand names. In fact the best bakewell tarts I ever tasted were off Northampton market. They had this really tangy hard and flakey to the bite icing that the taste stays with me even to today.


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      05.01.2009 19:21
      Very helpful



      A lovely pud if you have an extra sweet tooth

      A lot of my friends and family can`t even look at a Treacle Tart, they say they are far too sweet. I have to be the exception to the rule, Treacle tart is heavenly, but a small slice at a time is enough even for me.
      Sainsbury`s have the most delicious selections of cakes and puddings on offer, I think it is an area where they excel themselves.
      Their range of special occasion cakes is second to none, a tenner buys you a beautiful birthday or party cake.
      Enough waffling! On with the Treacle tart...

      The pastry is out of this world, it is made with butter so it just crumbles, it is so short it almost has the consistency of a Viennese whirl.
      The tart sits in an aluminium foil tray and the pastry stays short on the bottom of the tart too, no soggy mess to dig out from underneath. Considering the consistency of the pastry the tart cuts remarkably well.
      Sainsbury`s never fail to present their products well and always push for perfection.
      Treacle tarts vary, some are made using semolina others using breadcrumbs, this one is made using breadcrumbs.
      Golden syrup makes up the bulk of the filling but they have added a touch of black treacle and lemon juice.
      This tart is good hot or cold, I admit I enjoy a cold slice with some ice cream on top, the syrup stays firmer and pastry is still superbly crumbly.
      If you prefer the tart hot then place it in a preheated oven (180C Gas mark 4) for about 15 minutes, but be careful when you take it out of the oven to serve it, the treacle is hot and likely to be soft enough to spill over.
      Hot treacle tart is good served with custard or ice cream.

      If they use semolina mixed with the golden syrup to make the filling it gives a `gritty` texture which is not at all unpleasant but this filling has used breadcrumbs so it doesn't have that particular `grittiness`.
      The treacle filling in Sainsbury`s tart is more `fluid` but still has that normal `sludgy` texture that we would expect from a treacle tart.
      The touch of black treacle takes away the immediate flood of sweetness and the addition of the lemon juice helps to tone it down a little further plus provides a touch of acidity.

      Sainsbury`s instructions say that the tart will serve six, quite right too, a larger piece would be death defyingly rich.
      A 1/6th of the tart contains 346 calories (Ooopsie) 10.4g fat, 5.3 Saturated fat, 37.0g sugar, 0.46g salt.
      The nutritional information makes it easy to see why people avoid Treacle Tart for a dessert.
      The tart contains both milk and wheat gluten and is not suitable for anyone who has a Nut allergy. The product can be frozen on the day of purchase if needed.

      The pudding might not be the choice of many owing to the high fat and calorie content, but like everything eaten in moderation it will do you no harm.
      Sainsbury`s Treacle tart serves six people and costs about £2.60.


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        01.08.2008 19:29
        Very helpful



        Rather nice in moderation!

        I do love a good pud! Particularly when I dump bf for being a married cheating scumbag but hey a good calorific pudding takes away the pain whilst watching Brigit Jones and drinking cheap cider! Comfort food to the rescue I went armed with dosh and bought loads of well... rubbish food. Who cares if I get to the side of a house when I wake up tomorrow I thought being thin doesn't mean you get treated better in life! lol

        So along with everything else I purchased on this particular shopping trip I saw this humungous looking Treacle Tart. I do like sweet things and soon as I saw it I knew I wasn't sharing it, I was eating the whole thing and covering it in double cream and holing myself up in bedroom as I said watching a film and hoping Brigit got it together with Colin Firth... again lol

        The Packaging....

        Not as on the link! This is not picture I requested so it's a
        large black box with a window you can see the tart through on the front. Top right hand corner is a little at a glance nutritional chart. Under the window I'm told its Sainsbury's Treacle Tart, Sweet buttery pasty filled with golden syrup, breadcrumbs and a hint of black treacle. Delicious eaten hot or cold. Then on the bottom right hand corner I'm told it's freezable and vegetarian and there is a display till date and a use buy date stamped on as well and I'm told to keep the product flat and to keep it refrigerated. On one side of the box I'm given a full nutritional rundown, ingredients are listed and allergy advice is given. On the other side of the box I'm told how to store, how to cool and contact details for Sainsbury's told a bit about recycling the packaging after use and there is a bar-code on there. The tart itself comes in a silver foil tray which is sculpted to the tart itself.

        To Cook If Desired....

        From chilled Electric 180c, Gas Mark 4 for 20 minutes.

        The Tart....

        Is rather large! I mean it's so sweet that you really shouldn't do as I did unless you have the constitution of an ox so be warned. I did end up giving some to my parents as I was defeated and they could only eat a slither each and after discussing this product at length as both parents hated it they reckoned this should be cut into 12 pieces (recommended is 6 servings). I would say 6 very generous portions is what you'd get but after the amount I consumed I tend to agree less is more.

        First the pastry. Buttery as promised, robust and not at all flaky but not stodgy but it is moist. I liked the fact it wasn't messy to eat and held the filling very well. Even as I drenched mine in cream it didn't go gooey and give up the ghost. Very nice texture and I felt it was really better than any home made pastry Id ever tried and it impressed me greatly.

        The filling was incredibly sweet. It was a sort of odd texture though. Being treacle to set it they relied on breadcrumbs. This gave it a bobbly look and looked a bit like a lumpy jelly and felt like it in the mouth. It wasn't smooth. It was however thick but I would have preferred a harder consistency as this was a bit odd. I could really taste alot of sugar as expected and could taste a lot of black treacle where Sainsbury's say a hint. The whole thing held together well and I can't criticize it. If you like sweet stuff then this is for you.

        I had some warm and some cold and no difference apart from heat. I had it alone and with cream and it comes down to your preference. eat it however you like!

        Looks wise it's nice enough. looks plain and simple and there is a picture on the sides of the box that looks exactly as it does when you slap it on a plate or dish or straight from tray it came! If you love treacle I'm sure you'll like this. I may be a little down on it since I ate so much in one sitting and believe me once I ate it was so hyper it was unreal and saying married man who. I couldn't move though I was rammed to bursting point!

        Perfect for large families and simple dinner parties!

        One sixth of this tart provides...cal 346, fat 10.4g, sat fat 5.3g, salt 0.46g, total sugars 37.0g.


        Treacle Filling (66%), Butter Enriched Pastry, Treacle Filling contains: Partially Inverted Refiner's Syrup (59%), Water, Breadcrumbs (Wheat Flour, Palm Oil), Sweetened Whipping Cream (from Cows' Milk) (contains: Dextrose, Stabilisers: Tetrasodium Diphosphate, Sodium Alginate), Lemon Juice, Black Treacle (1%), Cornflour, Natural Flavouring, Butter Enriched Pastry contains: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Palm and Rapeseed Oils, Cornflour, Butter (from Cows' Milk) (6%), Vegetable Margarine (Palm and Sunflower Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifier: Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids; Citric Acid), Water.

        Allergy Advice....

        Contains milk & wheat gluten
        Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers due to the methods used in the manufacture of this product.

        £2.49 Per tart only in Sainsbury's and weighs 610g.

        Oh and I'm ok now for anyone concerned the night I ditched him I met someone else lol xx


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      • Product Details

        Tart with a heart of golden treacle.

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