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Sainsburys Almond Indulgence - Ice Cream Lollies

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Brand: Sainsburys / Type: Ice Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      13.02.2010 23:34
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      Wicked Ice Creams That Are Loads Cheaper Than Magnums And Just As Nice

      I brought these Almond Indulgence ice creams in Sainsburys a few weeks ago but hadn't tried one until tonight. I remember getting them when they was on special offer and that make them loads cheaper than Magnums, I thought I'd get some to see what they was like.

      To be honest I couldn't tell much difference between these and the almond Magnums, they're the same massive size and there's loads of pieces of almond in the chocolate. They're vanilla ice creams coated in the almonds and milk chocolate.

      The taste is the same as a Magnum as well apart from the chocolate not being as creamy. It's got a yummy flavour and breaks into thick pieces as you bite into it but when it's in your mouth it's got a tougher texture than the chocolate on a Magnum.

      The ice cream is mega rich and creamy. It's got a lovely strong vanilla flavour that tastes wickedly good quality. It's a very sweet ice cream that does get sickly after a bit but it's got a delish flavour and goes proper nice with the chocolate and nuts.

      The almonds give the chocolate a wicked crunchy feel and have also got loads of flavour of their own. I reckon the ice cream would be even nicer with bits of almond inside the actual ice cream but even with them just in the chocolate like this they're still perfect.

      I love it when you get a mouth full that has got chocolate, ice cream AND nuts in it because the different texture give it a proper luxurious feel and taste. All 3 bits of the ice cream are wicked but together they're delish, the ice cream is actually RICHER than the ice cream in a Magnum and I'd never have thought that about an own brand ice cream.

      The sickliness come on for me just before I'd finished the ice cream and at the end of the day I think they could be a bit smaller because they're just about TOO big to enjoy properly.

      Recommended... delish ice cream that's loads cheaper than Magnum!


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        07.06.2009 17:08
        Very helpful



        Excellent value for money compared to similar products, but not quite the same satisfaction.

        I bought a couple of packs of Sainsburys Almond Indulgence Ice Cream Lollies recently basically because they were on special offer at two boxes for £2 which seemed like a good deal. Normally, I would avoid supermarket own brand imitations of branded products because more often than not they are of inferior quality, but when I compared the price to the much higher priced Magnum products in the adjacent freezer I thought I would give them a try.

        Each box contains three ice cream lollies which once unwrapped look no different to the more expensive Magnum ice creams in size and appearance, even down to the stubby little stick at the bottom.

        The exterior of the ice cream is covered in thick Belgian chocolate which has been generously covered with crunchy almond pieces. My main criticism of this is when you bite into it, the chocolate fractures quite badly and falls all over the place (not a major issue, just eat the next one over a bowl). I found the taste of the chocolate initially to be quite pleasant, but after a while it left a kind of waxy coating on the roof of my mouth.

        The ice cream interior is described as a creamy bourbon vanilla dairy ice cream which is quite tasty at first but after just a few mouthfuls, I found to be a little bit too rich and sickly.

        Each ice cream lolly contains a whopping 285 calories and on this basis alone I would question whether they are satisfying enough to merit such a hefty guilt tag!

        I personally feel that each lolly would be ideal if Sainsburys manufactured them about half the current size, that way the lollies could be mini treats that you don't find too sickly and the calorie intake would be reduced too. Needless to say, I would expect to find 6 in a box instead of 3!

        Overall, I would say that visually they are the practically the same as Magnums and you can get away with fooling the kids into thinking they are the real deal, but taste wise they aren't quite as good. That said, I still believe they are good value for money given the price differential when compared to the Wall's originals.


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          02.06.2009 15:10
          Very helpful



          Though not perfect, these are nice, and great for those watching their pennies

          COST: £2 for 2 packs, each containing 3 lollies (special offer @ 25.5.09)

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per lolly/ice cream):

          Calories: 285
          Kj: 1186
          Protein: 3.4g
          Carbohydrate: 25.7g
          - of which sugars: 23.9g
          - of which starch: Trace
          Fat: 18.7g
          - of which saturates: 10.2g
          - of which mono-unsaturates: 5.3g
          - of which polyunsaturates: 0.7g
          Fibre: 0.8g
          Salt: 0.11g
          - of which sodium: Trace


          Skimmed cows' milk, cream, milk proteins, sugar, water, glucose syrup, butterfat, dextrose, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, carob gum, guar gum, natural vanilla flavouring, ground vanilla bean, carotenes, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, soya lecithin


          Contains nuts, milk & soya


          I don't usually enjoy ice cream type products unless the weather is hot, but as it's sizzling now, I have stocked up a few summery items in my freezer to help me stay as cool as a cucumber.

          The first thing I bought was Sainsbury's Almond Indulgence Ice Creams, which are based on the Almond Walls Magnum idea, and are described on the pack as "Bourbon vanilla dairy ice cream enrobed in Belgian milk chocolate with almond pieces" - sounds luxurious?

          Sainsbury's Almond Indulgence are naturally to be found in the freezer section, and are currently on special offer. The box is fairly flat, different shades of purple & lilac in colour, and has an image on the front of one of the ice cream lollies with a large bite taken from the side, and a few almonds. The back and front of the pack are the same, and the sides show nutritional information, ingredients list, allergy advice, storage instructions, and Sainsbury's quality claim together with their contact details. Inside the box, each lolly is individually wrapped in sealed cellophane.

          Each lolly or ice cream (whatever you want to call it) comes with the standard stick through the centre, and is slightly smaller than a Walls' Magnum....I'd guess around 1/8" less in size all over. The outside is made up of fairly thick Belgian chocolate which is studded liberally with chopped almond pieces, and inside, the ice cream is an off-white colour.

          On biting into one of the lollies, the chocolate/almond coating is rather brittle, cracks easily, and can drop everywhere - for this reason, I find it easier to hold a plate underneath as I'm eating it.

          The Belgian chocolate coating is quite thick, but a little greasy when it melts in your mouth. The chocolate flavour is reasonably good, but it doesn't really taste like a high quality Belgian variety. The almond serving is generous, and has a very good flavour which blends nicely with the not overly tasty chocolate, and the ice cream.

          The ice cream inside, though firm, is not so hard that it grates on your teeth to bite through it, and the consistency is smooth and creamy - maybe to the point of being a little gluey once it starts to melt in your mouth.

          In my opinion, to get the best taste experience from these lollies, the ice cream and chocolate/almond coating needs to be chewed together, as the flavours blend very well, making slightly more than a moderately delicious treat.

          After I sampled the first one, though I enjoyed eating it, I didn't really feel all that cooled or refreshed, and I put that down to the overall sensation of the lolly being on the greasy side - the ice cream is a little TOO creamy for me, and in a slightly synthetic way rather than what would be experienced from it containing real cream.....I was very aware that I was eating something thickened with guar gum. All the same though, they weren't unpleasant and I would buy them again.

          Overall, these lollies are quite nice, and they are well worth the money, especially when on special offer. OK they aren't as luxurious as Walls' Magnum, but then they are considerably cheaper. Great for people who love (whether real or synthetic) very creamy consistency ice cream. Though I would buy these lollies again, there are others that I would go for in preference.

          A fairly good product which is high in fat and calories (but no more than anything else of this nature), very reasonably priced, with a good balance of ingredients; very generously coated in nuts and chocolate.

          Thanks for reading!


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