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Sainsburys Chocolate Trifle

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Trifle

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2009 19:23
      Very helpful




      Whilst looking for something scrummy for tea for me and my younger brother in Sainsburys the other day he asked me if we could have something 'nice' for dessert.

      I really didn't know what he or I fancied sweety so I took a look at the trifles in the fridges as I hadn't had one for a while. My brother however is quite a fussy eater so when I spotted the Sainsburys Chocolate Trifle I thought I couldn't go wrong.

      The trifle cost me about £2.50, which is quite pricey just for a trifle. It came in a plastic bowl in a cardboard sleeve. There is a picture of the trifle on the top of the cardboard, which looked real appetising. My mouth watered so I just HAD to try it.

      On top of the cardboard it tells us the trifle is 'Layers of belgian chocolate custard, chocolate flavour sponge, chocolate chips and belgian chocolate mousse decorated with cream and milk chocolate curls'

      When looking at the trifle each layer is easily identified by it's colours. Each colour different to the other, but all the colours blending in well. A stunning combination of light browns and creams. So if it looked this good it had to taste good right.

      After spooning it out of it's bowl it didn't look so pretty sitting in my dish, instead it was just one big dollop of chocolatey not so goodness. Despite it being just a splodge of messed up trifle each layer I was told about was most definitely recognised by my taste buds.

      The belgian chocolate custard was thick, yet smooth. It had a very strong chocolate taste, it was just dreamy.

      The sponge was soft, yet had a bubbly sort of rough texture to it. Whilst in my mouth it was as if an Aero bubbled chocolate was melting in my mouth.

      Chocolate chips complemented the trifle giving it that edge and adding a crunch, they made it more exciting.

      The chocolate mousse was soft and delicate and very creamy.

      As for the chocolate curls on top they literally just topped the trifle off.

      Overall the trifle was a heavenly trifle to eat, very delectable and by far the best trifle I've ever tried. All the flavours mixed well together yet you could taste each flavour individually. Being a lover of chocolate anyway when in the 'sweety' mood I knew this would be a total pleaser.

      Despite this dessert being so scrumptious it has it's drawbacks. Drawbacks being that just one quater of the trifle would provide you with;

      371 calories
      22.4g fat
      15.2g saturated fat
      0.24g salt
      29.7g total sugars

      Seeing as I ate half of the trifle in the bowl I think I need to exercise now non stop for a week. It was worth it though as it was a treat .. and a treat is all it will ever be as it won't be a regular purchase. Not because I didn't like it as it found it extremely tasty, but the price I wasn't too fond of nor the calories and fat.

      The trifle is suitable for vegetarians but it does contain milk, egg, what gluten, soya. It does say on the back it is not suitable for allergy sufferers.

      If you are looking to try something different I definitely reccomend this .. especially if you enjoy chocolate.


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