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Sainsburys Coffee Panna Cotta

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Other Desserts

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2009 13:20
      Very helpful



      Too good to be true, but it is true!

      PRICE: £1.35 for 2 x 120g pots

      NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per single serving pot):

      Calories: 322
      Kj: 322
      Carbohydrate: 40.9g
      Sugars: 31.2g
      Starch: 0.1g
      Fat: 14.3g
      - of which saturates: 8.9g
      - of which mono unsaturates: 3.8g
      - of which polyunsaturates: 0.4g
      Fibre: 4.4g
      Salt: 0.30g
      Sodium: 0.12g


      Cream from cows' milk, glucose syrup, water, sugar, skimmed cows' milk powder, vegetable fibre, alcohol, sodium alginate, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, sorbitol syrup, alcohol, coffee powder, cocoa powder, flavouring, xanthan gum


      Suitable for coeliacs
      Contains milk
      May contain traces of nuts


      Not being one who finds it easy to resist luxury desserts, and liking to try out as many new things that I can, I deviated from my half-hearted promises to myself of trying to eat a little healthier, when Sainsbury's Coffee Panna Cotta somehow found its way into my trolley the other day.

      Sainsbury's Coffee Panna Cotta is to be found in the chilled foods section, and consists of two fairly small plastic pots encased in a dark blue cardboard outer sleeve. The top of the pack is smart and sober-looking, showing only Sainsbury's usual trading logo and a brief description of the product. The sides show nutritional information, ingredients, storage/refrigeration instructions, dietary/allergy advice, serving instructions and Sainsbury's quality claim plus their contact details.

      Each plastic pot is covered with a foil seal that is tabbed, hence making removal easy from the point of view that it isn't glued down so fast that you have to attack it with de-forestation implements in order to get to what's inside, but I'd advise extreme care when lifting off the foil lids, as the sweet coffee sauce inside is copious, and easily leaks everywhere, creating a sticky mess which is very difficult to clean up.

      The overall appearance of the panna cottas is almost identical to crème caramel, in that there is a smallish portion of sweetened and flavoured cream cheesy stuff, moulded into the shape of the pot and coloured a pale brown from the sauce. The sauce itself is very thin, and rich dark brown - smelling strongly of coffee.

      Sainsbury's serving advice is to turn each dessert out of the plastic pot onto a plate, but I would personally recommend doing this into a deep dish rather than a plate, as the sauce will (when the plate is inverted) shoot everywhere, but if a dish or cereal bowl is used, the worst of the spillage will be caught and saved - waste not want not!! The dessert does slide easily out of the plastic pots though, and no scraping or shaking is needed.

      Once served and ready to eat, the dessert looks very attractive - rather classy - and the coffee aroma is very tempting. Despite chocolate being mentioned as one of the ingredients, there is no smell of it at all.

      I ate mine in little mouthfuls with a teaspoon. The spoon slid divinely into the lovely cheesy body of the dessert, and sampled with a little of the coffee sauce, I felt as if I'd been instantly transported into paradise. The panna cotta is firm yet soft, deliciously creamy, and the sauce has a good, strong coffee flavour. There was no chocolate taste at all, but it didn't matter as primarily it is marketed as a coffee dessert, not a chocolate one.

      I enjoyed it so much, that I had to immediately eat the other one, but after I'd had both, I was very full and decided that a double portion is even too much for me, let alone for someone who's levels of hoggery are less than mine (and that's most people, I'd guess).

      This is a lovely rich, sweet dessert, very classy, and I would think ideal to serve at say a dinner party, or when serving a meal for any special occasion. It is a bit on the pricey side, especially if you are feeding a lot of people, but it's my opinion that it's worth every penny.

      The only thing I'd caution against (aside from the sauce spillage if opening the pots isn't done with extreme care) is that some people may find this dessert far too sweet. Though I loved it with a passion that defies words, I would have preferred the sauce to be a little less sweet - the coffee flavour is great though.

      These delicious little desserts are disgustingly high in fat, calories and sugar, but that's to be expected of a product of this nature. Certainly not for those watching their weight and though Sainsbury's don't mention this in their dietary advice on the packaging, a very definite no-no for diabetics.

      Due to the rather high price and the almost obscene unhealthiness of this product, for me it reluctantly will have to be a "high days and holidays" treat, but if I were rich and immune to the effects of calories and fat, I could quite happily eat tons of the stuff every day.

      Well done Sainsbury's - and it would be great to see (if it is possible) a low-fat version of this product hit your supermarket shelves.

      Heaven on earth, and thanks for reading!


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