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Sainsburys Taste The Difference Vanilla Custard

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Custard

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2010 22:14
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      Delish Custard For Your Pie!

      I got a tub of Taste The Difference Vanilla Custard from Sainsburys for a cherry pie I was going to do for after dinner today, nobody actually ended up having dinner today but we still munched the pie and custard off! lol

      The photo Dooyoo have got up is wrong, this custard came in a plastic tub with a lid and clearly says that it is Taste The Difference. The 500ml tub costs £1.65 and I don't think that's too bad, we don't buy custard much so don't care about buying the dear ones when we DO fancy it. The tub of custard did the 3 of us fine but if you're one for shedloads of custard on your pudding then a tub will probably do just 2 of you.

      It looks majorly thick and creamy as soon as you open the tub and it's quite a pale yellow colour compared to what you get out of an Ambrosia tin, I think that's better because it looks loads better quality being pale because it doesn't look like it's been shoved full of additives.

      The flavour is GORGEOUS. You can have it hot or cold but for me it's got to be hot because that makes it feel majorly luxurious, I love the creamy texture and taste of it when it's been warmed up and you get a strong vanilla flavour that mixes in proper nice with the whipping cream that Sainsburys have used to make the custard.

      It does TASTE like cream as well, I don't mean it feels creamy to eat I mean you can actually taste the cream in the custard and I'm not suprised because there is 32% cream in it. It's yummy though and has got the best flavour for custard EVER, I think it went proper nice with the cherry pie because the delish vanilla flavour sweetened the pie up big time and stopped the cherries tasting so madly tangy.

      You can warm it up on the hob or nuke it, it doens't matter how you do it because they both come out the same. Careful if you're doing it in the saucepan though because it sticks to the bottom a lot if you have the heat too high.

      Recommended.... delish custard, the best I've had for AGGGGGGGES!!!


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        08.04.2009 10:06
        Very helpful




        After seeing the new Sainsburys adverts with Jamie Oliver cooking a gorgeous looking dessert of hot cross buns with vanilla custard and marmalade I decided to try it out myself.

        As I've already mentioned vanilla custard is one of the ingredients used. I've never seen or heard of vanilla custard but it was easy enough to find in Sainsburys amongst all the dessert creams in the fridges. I knew which custard was used in the advert too as it said on the tub 'As Seen On TV', brilliant clue for me!

        The custard comes in a 500g plastic pot, similar to larger pots of yoghurts. It is not the product in the picture above - I did suggest this product and from some reason it has the right product name but not picture. It has the deep purple Sainsburys Taste The Difference sticker around it and a picture of white flowers on the front. I'm only assuming that these flowers have something to do with what is in the actual custard. Don't quote me on this though, I havn't done my research yet lol!

        On the front of the tub we are told the basics of how the custard is made but we are also told that it is 'Irresistable'

        So how could I resist eh?

        To open it I pulled off the plastic lid and peeled off the decorative piece of foil, which is there to keep the custard fresh. I was immediately hit by a strong, creamy vanilla smell, it almost smells like ice cream but creamier. Yes you can actually smell just how creamy and smooth it is. The scent is so sweet, and the sweetness is overwhelming at first. It is such a strong smell that it lingered in my kitchen for a good few hours after opening the tub. The custard itself looked pretty appealing being a lovely pale cream colour with small black specks scattered within it - although these specks seemed to go when the custard was heated and there was no added texture when eating it.

        I tasted it cold at first, it was good enough to eat cold, although it probably would have been to sickly as the smell alone was intense enough. The vanilla smell is non mistakeable though that's for sure, it wasn't just a hint of vanilla it was *woomph* hit you in the face vanilla strong!

        The custard never had a very thick consistency like ambrosia custard which is what I'd usually use on my desserts instead it was thinner, more like a double cream.

        The custard is freezable and suitable for vegetarians, if not freezing though you are advised to keep it refridgerated on the tub.

        You can heat it in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes, I prefer custard heated on the hob though as you can control it more in my opinion, heating it on the hob meant the scent wafted around my kitchen leaving it smelling vanillary sweet. It was devine!

        It's not the healthiest custard either, which is probably obvious just from the smell alone, there is no way something that's good for you can smell so gorgeous and rich, it's way too rich to be a healthy option.

        A 150g serving of this provies you with
        312 calories
        16.8g Fat
        0.1g Salt
        13.8g Saturates

        I would definitely buy this again as it was beautiful, but it wouldn't be a regular purchase, it cost £1.69 for a 500g tub but that is £1.69 I would keep for a special occasion not as a regular dessert.

        By the way the Jamie Oliver dessert I attempted by using this custard didn't quite turn out as I'd expected it to but it tasted stunning and the vanilla custard provided most of the flavour. The custard is extremely rich and flavoursome and definitely worth a try.


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