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Skinny Cow Strawberry Sticks

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    3 Reviews
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      28.07.2007 15:28
      Very helpful



      One of the best.

      'Skinny Cow' is very much a new brand to me, and I don't think it has been established that long, although everytime I see the adverts I do feel that there is something unique about the company. An ice cream company aimed at women for it's healthy produce, and from the commercials you would think that the ice cream is going to be the quality of Ben & Jerry's. In The 'Skinny Cow' range of products is 'Smoothies', and whilst that word immediately makes you think of a drink - this is actually a frozen ice cream on a stick.

      For the purposes of the review, 'Berry Bush' is the Smoothie I shall be reviewing, and that's due to the fact that it's what my mum picked up in Tesco and I found in the freezer. I was impressed that she had picked the product up, as it was definitly something I was hoping to try one day. I'm sure a lot of you will have seen the adverts, as they are done in quite a style that would make you take notice of them. The adverts are usually accompanied by a slogan that ends in 'cow', such as 'messy cow' and 'cheeky cow'. It's quite cleverly done. As you may expect from the product having cow in the title, a defining colours of the brand are black and white.

      As the packaging goes, it has been done with the female eye in mind. The logo features a slim line cow with lipstick on and a tape measure around its waste, hopefully that's not what eating this product is going to turn me into! The text is very feminite as well, in that it's quite stylish and squiggly. Like how you always can tell a girls writing from a boys, the text on Skinny Cow just screams circles as dots on i's and the such. Due to that it's Berry Bush, the other prime colour of the product is pink. If you look at the box and don't actually read what you're buying, you will probably think you're buying a strawberry lolly. Strawberries are the main fruit you notice on the boxart, and the berries are very much in the background - that's the way I see it anyway.

      'Great Taste, Low Fat' the box boasts, but we'll just have to see how true that is when we get to the nutirional information. As if this product couldn't be anymore made for women, it also gives you 10% off at ASOS.com. I'm not exactly sure how great that site is, although the sites key words are; Celebrity, Fashion, Brands and Beauty. Some other products from the brand are also advertised on the side of the box, as you would expect from an up and coming company.

      Ingrediants: Blackcurrant juice from concentrate (21%), water, low fat natural yoghurt (from milk), sugar, strawberry puree (9%), blackcurrant sauce (6%) (water, glucose syrup, blackcurrant puree, fructose, sugar, lemon juice from concentrate, rich starch, pectin, colour (anthocyanians), flavouring), glucose syrup, raspberry puree (6%), banana puree (4%) (contains antioxidant: ascorbic acid), insulin, stabilisers (carboxymethylcellulose, pectin, locust bean gum), flavouring, concentrated elderberry juice. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS.

      Nutirional information; (per 110ml stick)

      Energy 303kJ/71kcal
      Protein 1.0g
      Carbohydrate 16.6g
      of which sugars 16.2g
      Fat 0.1g
      of which saturates nil
      Fibre 2.1g
      Sodium 0.02g
      Salt Equivilant 0.1g

      I didn't know banana was counted as a berry these days, and there's no yellow sign of bananas on the product. This company is certainly hoping not to make a bad name for themselves as well, by saying things like there is no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, making the product suitable for vegetarians and claiming how important recylcing is. So from the looks of the box, the lolly is going to be perfectly oval wih a lovely darker red swirl in the middle and a sexy looking Skinny Cow wooden stick to hold it. Can this product live up to the unwrapping test?

      The singular packaging is so similar to that of the box it's probably not worth commenting on, although there is a stain warning inforce! I thought people could get anything out these days. I've had the product out of the freezer for no time at all, but there is some slight strawberry mess left in the packaging after removal. It is really soft ice cream though, a froozen smoothie afterall, so I guess that's expected. I'm going to have to take my first bite soon as well before it melts everywhere. Allow me to say though that the swirl in the middle is not as prominent as it looked.

      I'm not someone who likes to bite through freezing ice cream, and I think this product in particular has a much needed sucking need as afterall it was made to drink really in the true sense of the smoothie word. Because the ice cream is so soft, many people may find it easier to chew through than other ice creams, but don't spoil your experience if you don't like that. My immediate impression was that the berry taste was really strong, and I'm not exactly a berry fan, although I'm really get used to the expensive berry taste. The product is true to it's colour on the box, and is quite a vivid dark pink, however I would say the side is slightly different. It looks slightly less wide than it does on the packet, although a bit less high. I think there's enough of a serving there though not to be disappointed.

      Those of you that love berries will probably see this as a little touch of heaven for you to eat, although I'm not so keen. It does make me think a bit more positively about berries than I used to though. When you get to the slightly hidden swirl is there a stronger berry taste, or a different taste at all? Perhaps a little stronger, but it's not as noticeable as perhaps they would make it out to be. Definitly no banana taste. I think I would have enjoyed this more if it was just a really posh strawberry ice cream on a stick, but I guess then it might get a reputation as 'just another one'. I don't think I've ever tasted anything quite like this.

      I don't know what sort of smoothies you guys drink, but I certainly have never had a mixed berry one, not one that blushes either. I am quite impressed by what the brand are trying to do, and if you want a smooth berry ice cream this is certainly something for you. I don't think it's really something for me, but I won't be running back to the freezer in a hurry. Matter of fact, I won't be running to the fridge for the rest of the night either probably because I'm full. Very nice product, with a slight but not overpowering berry aftertaste, but I guess it's strange that there's not much of a smell with all those berries supposedly in there.


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        14.06.2007 16:51



        to delicous for there own good

        What a great smooth ice cream on a stick. less than 1% fat, typically 71 calories each.
        you get 4 in a box for the price of £1.99 so if you trying to cut the calories but still want a delicous treat, these are lovely and refreshing.

        they come in all flavours from mint double chocolate, also double chocolate and now even a smoothies range of berry blush and tropical whirl. Also they also have a variety of ice cream tubs.

        nutrition information

        typical values per 100g per110ml stick
        energy 436kj/103kcal 303kj/71kcal
        protein 1.5g 1.0g
        carbohydrates 23.9g 16.6g
        of which sugars 23.3g 16.2g
        fat 0.1g 0.1g
        of which saturates nil nil
        fibre 3.0g 3.0g
        sodium 0.03g 0.02g
        salt equivalent 0.1g 0.1g

        so if you trying to shape up for the summer or just want be watch what you eat. Feel that you dont have to miss out and buy these Skinny cows as they are Yummy.

        Just hide from kids all they'll be none left when you want your treat.


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          07.07.2006 10:39
          Very helpful



          Creamy but skinny ice creams. Lick that!

          ~O~O~ Time for a Skinny Dip ~O~O~
          Hot summer sun, cloudless blue sky, don't you just love it? The other day I was thinking how perfect the weather was for a skinny dip and before I knew it, I'd agreed to give it a go. Thursday morning it was to be, this hot weather had better last. My mind began to wander. What would the kids say? I imagined their response. "Mum how could you do that whilst we're at school?" And then I thought what hubby would mutter.. "hmmm darling you'd better get another job, you've obviously too much time on your hands", and then my friends what would they have to make of my frivolities? I could just imagine "go for it Susie, a treat a day is what you need when you work so hard bringing up those kiddies" or maybe they'd just raise an eyebrow and look bemused. Yes, yes it was a good decision. Perhaps I wouldn't tell them anyway.

          As I read around on the subject, I did however begin to get cold feet. Some people were saying it was the worst experience ever, so cold and nasty, stomach churning and enough to make you sick. Others were raving and enjoying the freedom and a sense of naughtiness. I would just have to take the plunge and discover for myself.

          ~O~O~ Dip Time ~O~O~
          It's an absolute scorcher of a day. The kids are at school and hubby at work and it is mid morning. The time has come. I am ready for my dip. OK time to strip off the outer layers. Here we go. But what is this before my eyes? A pink and shapeless blobby mass with squiggly bits and a big bottom. I don't know where to look. And what's with that stick? I am open mouthed and catching flies. I don't know if I'm going to like this. Still, I've got this far, can't back down.

          By now, you must of course have realised that I am dipping into a box of Skinny Cow Strawberries & Cream ice creams / desserts on sticks. The nice man from Sainsbury's has just delivered them and I am home alone and must have a taste. Well it is a hot day after all and I need to to tell you what they're like.

          ~O~O~ Skinny Cow with a Fat Stick ~O~O~
          The thing about these Skinny Cow ice creams that make them a little different from most other ice creams, is that they not only have a silly name but they are also low in calories. A 110ml ice cream contains just 82 calories and 1g fat. The ice cream sticks have a skinny cow logo embossed on both ends, just to remind you that this is no ordinary ice cream. The fat is replaced by a substance called inulin. Inulins are naturally occurring sugars produced by many types of plants. They are very useful in that they can be used to replace sugar, fat, and flour but they contain between a third and a quarter less energy than sugar or other carbohydrates and between a sixth and a ninth of the food energy of fat. Inulins also increases calcium absorption, they promote probiotic bacteria and they are also a form of soluble fibre. Not only this, but inulin also has a minimal impact on blood sugar.

          ~O~O~ Skinny Tasty? ~O~O~
          This is a Strawberries & Cream ice cream on a stick with squirls of strawberry sauce. Does it taste of strawberry? Let me close my eyes and taste test. Well, it's cold and creamy and strawberry ice creamy. Does it taste like a diet /low fat product? No it really does not. The creaminess makes it feel anything but. When you get to the saucy bits, your taste senses are heightened and you get a burst of juiciness. If I close my eyes and sniff test, I cannot tell it is strawberry flavoured. With the taste you definitely can. The slight drawback is that they do leave a slightly dry aftertaste in your mouth.

          ~O~O~ Skinny Cow Nutrition ~O~O~
          I don't really need to lose weight and no one in our house needs to go on a diet. We eat plenty of things that are nice and fattening so I'm not averse to buying the odd low fat products either. I do rather like the sound of the ingredient inulin too. I also like the idea of a not too fattening treat to eat mid morning. Snacking between meals, whatever next?

          Each 110ml lolly contains 82 calories, 14.2 sugar and 1.0g fat and 3.1g protein. It is suitable for vegetarians. These lollies do have a high sugar content but if you compare them to a Crème Egg Ice Cream Lolly they sound a little better (Crème Egg Lolly: 240 calories, 21.4g sugar, 14.4g fat, 3.3g protein).

          ~O~O~ Where to Find Skinny Cow Sticks ~O~O~
          My box of Skinny Cow Strawberry Sticks came from Sainsbury's, a box of 4 110ml lollies normally cost £1.99 but are on offer at the moment at £1.33. They are available in most large supermarkets. See also www.skinnycow.co.uk. Skinny Cow products also include tubs of ice cream including one with the great name 'Completely Mintal'.

          Finally I would recommend Skinny Cow Strawberries & Cream sticks. There are other flavours available which I have not yet tried including Triple Chocolate and Cookies and Cream. The latter are available in my local Sainsbury's, I don't fancy the look or sound of them so I won't be buying. Over to you to review if you do!

          And as a last note, I cannot finish this review without including a themed joke:

          ~O~O~ Can fat people go skinny dipping? ~O~O~

          Whyever not?
          Thanks for reading.


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