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Skinny Cow Truly Lovin' Toffee Ice Cream

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Brand: Skinny Cow / Type: Ice Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2009 16:04
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      I don't think it should be allowed to use the name icecream

      This is not a product for ice cream fans as it is quite frankly a very poor substitute for ice cream. It is rather disappointing. It comes in a fancy tube like the other luxury ice creams like Ben and Jerry's and the clever branding of skinny cow draws you in to the product. In reality it is some what disappointing. It texture isn't smooth and creamy its more icy and the flavour is rather synthetic you'll defiantly know that this is low cal low fat ice cream as it tasty nothing like toffee ice cream should as its clearly missing the cream and sugar and everything else naughty that make ice cream taste yummy. I do however still buy and eat this product as when I'm dieting and been very strict I find it helps take the edge off my ice cream craving as its cold and eaten with a spoon out of a tub I think that's the only resemblances to ice cream that it has it is an acquired taste that I have now become used to but it takes time.


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        08.01.2008 18:55
        Very helpful



        Sod it, where's the Haagen Dazs?

        I try my hardest to live a healthy lifestyle. I'm more interested in eating healthy things than chowing down on unhealthy diet foods full of chemicals. However I do admit that sometimes my ice cream habit (along with my partying habit) gets out of control. I love creamy ice cream rather than the sweet kind, so I suppose I was always destined to feel a bit blah about Skinny Cow.

        About Skinny Cow

        Skinny cow creates low fat ice creamy desserts for the weight obsessed sugar addict. Buying into the accelerating media trend that Victoria Beckham has the ideal figure (not that I'm insulting people who are naturally like that, but I think dieting yourself into that body shape is plain stupid), they pedal sickly sweet gooey treats to Richie wannabes.

        The hard sell

        "A truly lovin mix of creamy toffee flavoured ice desert [why dont they call it ice cream??? How suspicious] swirled with a sensational sticky toffee flavoured sauce [toffee flavoured, not toffee. Aha!] and toffee honeycomb pieces.

        The packaging

        So far, so good. Skinny Cow is a black-and-white cow print packaged tub. Personally, I am a big fan of animal prints, and the cow print is one of my fave. The tub manages to look slightly sophisticated and also cute and quirky. The label has a saucy looking cartoon moo-er with a measuring tape round her waist. The label proudly claims only 102 calories per 100g (does that mean I can eat the whole tub instead of a 510 calorie dinner?, awesome!) and the baby pink and soft green shades are clearly designed to attract women. I give the packaging a five out of five...even if it does offend me slightly (a cow with a measuring tape? COME ON!)

        The look

        Yummy brown creamy gooey stuff with even gooeier toffee bits. Looks like typical yummy indulgent ice cream...mmm.

        The smell

        A slightly coffee-ish toffee smell. Not bad. Thats about it really. No overwhelming whiff of chemicals just yet!

        The taste

        On first taste, this tastes heavenly. Sweet and sugary and deliciously toffee-esque. After a few mouthfuls, however, the overwhelming not indulgentness of the ice cream comes to the fore.The skimmed milk used the in the recipe results in the stuff being more ice than cream, and I am very much a fan of creamy tasting ice cream. The taste becomes too cloying, too sweet and even slightly gritty at points, The little balls of toffee-ish stuff are sickly and a bit too crunchy for my liking. having said that, the bits of toffee sauce throughout the ice cream are actually quite nice. People keep saying to me this stuff is great cos it doesnt taste like diet, however they have taken all the creaminess (ie, fattiness) and replaced with sugar and sweeteners. Tastes exactly like diet to me. Blergh. Given me the white stuff over rotten teeth any day. This is too sickly sweet even for me (and I eat Caramacs, for Goddess' sake).

        The ingredients

        I'm not going to list them all, because I'm lazy. Top three of the list are partly reconstituted skimmed milk (ew. If I'd read that first I wouldnt have bought the stuff) toffee flavoured sauce (the mean ingredient of which is scary sounding...inulin???) and of course sugar, which is followed by glucose syrup...or more sugar. Why am I not surpised?

        The price

        Asda is currently selling these for about £2.00. Which is a bargain given that a tub of Ben & Jerry's costs £3.99 for the same amount of ice cream...good for the waistline and the pocket!


        To the shock of obsessed women everywhere, I am giving skinny cow a 3. Taste wise I am not that impressed, and I'd much rather consume a smaller amount of normal icecream than this stuff. Its not bad and if I was having a "fat day" I'd buy it, but its nowhere near as yummy as normal ice cream. Some people might be fooled by its sickly sweetness, but tell me if I'm wrong, but the point of ice cream is for it to be CREAMY. I suspect this stuff is probably filled with the usual crap put into diet foods...e numbers and what not, although the ingredients list does look fairly innocuous, I dont tend to trust them...and I'll take a jelly belly over my skin turning green any day.


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