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Spelga Low Fat Yoghurt

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Brand: Spelga / Type: Yoghurts

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2009 14:19
      Very helpful



      Great tasting yoghurt

      Spelga Yoghurts

      I wouldn't be all that fussy when it comes to yoghurts. I would most normally pick up the pack that it on offer just to add something extra to my packed lunches. Last week however I ended up with Tesco finest yoghurts and whilst it tasted fantastic it came in at over 200 calories. This week I made a concerted effort to look for a lower fat option and as a result I stumbled upon Spelga yogurts.

      A bit about Spelga

      Spelga is a brand of yoghurts made in Northern Ireland. Ultimately they are a sub division of Dale Farm. Dale Farm is the largest diary business in Northern Ireland and their tentacles reach into each diary category. Their two leading brands are Spelga (yoghurts) and Dromona (cheeses).

      Price and where to buy?

      I can't really comment on England, Wales and Scotland but in Northern Ireland these products are widely available in all supermarkets, corner shops and even many garages. The yoghurts come in a white 125g pack with a picture of the fruit or flavour that they are on the front and also on the lid. Currently my local Tesco sells a four pack of these yoghurts for £1.33 but I now notice that it has an offer whereby you can get four individual pots for £1.00. There are 11 different varieties of this yoghurt including toffee, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry and peach.


      These yoghurts are made free from artificial flavours and colourings and contain less that two per cent of fat. They are not an organic product but they do claim that the yoghurts will help to aid digestion. Each 100ml contains the following:
      96 Kcal, 4.0 grams of protein, 17.3g of carbohydrate, and 1.2g of fat

      As these products are diary they should be kept and served chilled. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

      My Opinion

      So far this week I have tried the cherry, strawberry and peach flavours and I have been impressed by all three. The yogurt has a good consistency. A blob of yoghurt will easily stick but yet it is viscous enough that it could be poured (albeit slowly) as a drink.

      Each flavour has almost been the same colour (white) with a bit of the fruit that that helps flavour the yoghurt. The bits are relatively small and not as chunky as other brand. The flavour and aroma however is very good. Each product I have tried tasted like it should have i.e. cherry tasted and smelt of cherries. Overall I have been left impressed by this product and I will definitely buy again.

      More information

      For more information visit http://www.dalefarm.co.uk/pages/spelga/Home


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