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Super Cook Writing Icing

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Type: Other Desserts

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    5 Reviews
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      07.06.2010 21:14
      Very helpful



      An effective and time saving product

      I love making cakes, whether they are celebration, birthday, christening, or Christmas cakes, but I always hated messing around with Royal Icing and a piping bag just to write a couple of words on each cake. Then I discovered these ready to use tubes of writing icing...

      Dr Oetker writing icing is sold in a 95g cardboard box. The front of the box has pictures of cookies and cakes that have been decorated with the writing icing. One side of the box has the ingredients (primarily sugar) and storage instructions. The back of the box has hints and tips and directions for use.

      When you open the box there are 5 tubes of writing icing inside. The colours are red, yellow, black, green and white.
      Each tube is made from transparent flexible plastic, is about 4 inches long from nozzle to tip and 1 inch wide. Each tube has a small screw cap, so they can easily be re-sealed and used again at a later date. The screw caps are very small so should be kept away from young children.

      For best results, you need to knead the tube gently for 1 minute before use.

      When you squeeze the tube for the first time you need to do it gently, or over a piece of kitchen roll as it has a tendency to spurt out. Once it starts flowing though it is very effective. The icing pipes out in a thickness of about 2mm, so perfect for writing names or messages on cakes. It doesn't set immediately, so if you make a mistake you can wipe it off without it staining or damaging the icing underneath.
      After a couple of hours it sets hard.

      It doesn't have any particular taste - just a bit sugary. Once opened, as long as the caps are put back on properly I've found that it stores well and keeps for several months or just until you've used it all up.

      The cost of this product varies. I've been able to pick it up in my local Home and Bargain a couple of times for about 99p. In the supermarkets it's normally priced around £1.85.

      This Is a really handy cake decorating product at a very reasonable price.


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      21.03.2010 12:13
      Very helpful



      A kithen cupboard essential.

      School holidays...and how the heck do you entertain the little blighters? Worry no more..you only need a box of Supercook Writing icing tubes, and some biscuits, and your troubles are over...for about half an hour...then I'm out of ideas!

      Seriously though, this stuff is great! Supercook writing icing comes in a 75g box containing 4 tubes of icing for about £1.85 from all major supermarkets. The box contains red, yellow, black and green icing tubes, which are very easy to use. The front of the box is adorned with pictures of beautifully decorated iced biscuits to give you inspiration, but there are literally hundreds of uses for this fantastic product.

      We usually buy those big packs of gingerbread men that you can get in the bakery section of the supermarket. They contain about 30 undecorated gingerbread men and cost about £1.50 for a clear plastic container full. We then set to work clothing them and giving them faces! The icing comes in lovely and bright colours and is ready to use straight from the tubes. You simply remove the cap and squeeze the tube, applying even pressure. Even kids find it easy to do. The icing is dispensed through a narrow nozzle, which gives a thin even line. The icing takes a few minutes to set hard, but we never wait that long and always eat it while it is still gooey! The icing is sweet, but not sickly, and holds its shape when piped out. It has a slight glossy sheen to it.

      We have found that a great use for this is at kids parties, when things are getting a bit noisy and you want them to calm down. Just get a few tubes of writing icing, and a load of cheap digestive biscuits and let them make edible artworks, maybe having a competition to see who can draw the funniest face.

      There is no nutritional information on the box, presumably because this isn't, strictly speaking, an actual food that you would consume in any kind of quantity. The ingredients are listed on the side of the box and mainly consists of sugars and E numbers. The box also has a warning that the product contains Milk and Soya, in case someone has allergies to these things. It is suitable for vegetarians.

      The tubes are easy to store once opened. You wipe the nozzle,replace the cap and put them back in the box, to be stored in a kitchen cupboard where they can be kept until you next need them. The box warns about refrigerating the tubes.

      A box of icing tubes lasts our family quite a while, depending on use, although some colours get used quicker than others. As I have said, they have many uses, and I have even used them to personalise anniversary cakes, as the result is so good. You get better with practice!

      In summary, this is a perfect product to have in the kitchen cupboard, as it is great for keeping kids quiet, or for making a special occasion cake extra special.


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        26.02.2010 16:04
        Very helpful
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        Loads More Interesting Than The Plain Bright Writing Icing That Super Cook Do

        I have used the Writing Icing from Super Cook before and have always got on well with it because the tube is shaped good and the icing comes out dead smooth. Last week though I was looking for some in Sainsburys and saw they've brought a new one out that is sponsored by Barbie. It's the same thing but more girly colours than the original Writing Icing tubes and comes in a pink box with a picture of Barbie on the front.

        You get 4 tubes of icing in purple, pink, silver and blue. They've got glittery bits in and that makes the icing look proper glossy even though it's not actually shiney or glittery like I thought it would.

        When the tubes were brand new I had to knead them a bit to get the icing smooth enough to squeeze out of the tub. I like how easy it is to get the icing out when you've done that even though it's quite thick. The nozzle on the end of each tube is narrow so you can put proper detail into the topping on your cake or biscuits. I thought it would be hard to get the icing out because of how thin the nozzle is but it flows out dead easy once you've got the nack of squeezing the tube right.

        The colours are lovely, loads more interesting than plain red or blue icing. My fave is the pink because it's lovely and shiney and has got a proper girly look to it, we decorated some digestives the other day and my little sister kept going for the pink too so I think this is the one she likes the best too!

        The purple is nice as well but I reckon that one would be best on top of white icing because it looked a bit washed out on the biscuits, so did the silver one but I think you could get a brill effect on a special cake with the silver icing.

        I like the blue colour icing too but blue isn't my fave colour so it wasn't one I used that much, it looks wicked with the pink one though and deffo both of them together look lovely and girly and deffo more interesting than plain icing.

        The only bad thing about these is that the lids are TINY and a bit fiddley to put back on once you've finished using the icing and if you don't screw the lids on properly then the icing dries up and clogs up in the nozzle.

        Recommended.... looks wicked and loads more exciting than plain icing!!!


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          07.03.2009 17:22
          Very helpful
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          These are great for decorating cakes and biscuits, they come in box of 4 and come in red, yellow, black, white and green colours, this is a good range of colours and makes a good range of designs, pictures and writing possible to create.

          The bottom of the icing tubes are smaller to allow you to decorate the desserts more accurately.

          The icing is thick so it is easy to decorate the desserts and also there is minimal mess made as they arent messy or runny in texture.

          I bought these for around £3 in tescos, I think that this is a resonable price as there is enough icing inside to decorate lots of different desserts and you can really get great detail with them too.

          The taste of these mini icing tubes isnt too overpowering and wont ruin your dessert or cake, they taste sweet though they wont add too much to the flavour or ruin your cakes or biscuits.

          These are great for the kids to bake with as they are fun and have fun bright colours available, they are not too messy and they are appropriate for decorating cakes, buns and biscuits.

          There is 95g worth of icing in the pack so roughly 20g of icing per colour in the tubes each, this is plenty for decorating your sweets and treats.

          Overall these icing tubes are really easy to use and create designs, writing and pictures and great fun to add a special touch to your cakes and other sweets.


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            25.03.2008 16:16
            Very helpful



            Great writing icing for fun with baking!

            Super Cook Writing Icing tubes are brilliant for decorating biscuits and cakes and guarantee great fun with baking, personalising your efforts in the kitchen.

            ~ Packaging ~

            These come in a box with examples of some of the art work that can be achieved with the icing, just don't expect such neatness when doodling with them with young children!

            Inside the box there are four tubes: red, yellow, black and green. The tubes have a screw top lid which I have to admit is quite fiddly for little hands to replace without adult help.

            Each tube is approx 10cm long so quite easily controlled by little hands.

            ~ Price ~

            I have seen these in a number of major supermarkets but I got these from Asda a while ago for £1.84.

            ~ How to use them ~

            On the back of the box there are directions for use:
            They suggest that you knead the tube gently for one minute before using it.

            After use, wipe the end of the tube and replace the cap.
            The tubes should NOT be put in the fridge.

            ~ My Experience ~

            As I've already stated, these are easy to handle by both big and little people's hands.

            The first time I used these I did precisely as directed on the back of the box and kneaded the tubes, in all honesty I personally don't think that this makes much difference at all!

            The icing isn't that easy to get out when first used but once it begins to come out then it is easily dispensed and not much pressure is required on the tube. The nozzle is quite thin so if required, more detailed decorating is possible although detail and neatness doesn't always come in to the equation when using these with 3 - 4 year olds!

            Sometimes a little bit of the icing still continues to come out after use so there is a tiny little bit of waste but not so much to have a huge moan about! It's quite important that you remember to wipe the end of each nozzle after use and replacing the cap so that it doesn't block the end of the tube.

            These tubes can decorate a whole lot of biscuits and small cakes although they don't look very big at all and are quite deceiving in the fact that they last so long!

            For those of who that are interested, these are suitable for vegetarians.

            ~ Super Cook Products ~

            Super Cook has a very comprehensive website,
            www. supercook.co.uk. I have listed some of the products below some of which I have used and been very impressed with:
            * Edible Decorations:
            ~ Alphabet icing
            ~ Chocolate letters and numbers
            ~ Fun sugar decorations
            * Character Sprinkles
            ~ Barbie, Scooby Doo & Simpsons

            * Decorating Icings
            ~ Barbie glitter writing gel
            ~ Easy writer
            ~ Designer Icing
            * Sugar Sprinkles
            ~ Silver Balls
            ~ Hundreds and Thousands
            ~ Animal sprinkles

            ~ My Verdict ~

            These are great and it has to be said that the little ones in the family love to use these, adding funny faces to biscuits etc, personalising their baking exploits!

            They don't create too much mess at all, certainly less than the baking session, they also don't spoil the taste of any cakes, they have a little bit of a sweet taste to them but not so much that they overpower any essential flavour of what has been baked.

            Well worth the £1.84, for the fun that can be gained from them!


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